Fauci Worried About Delta Variant Spread 'If We Don't Do The Right Thing' 1

Fauci Worried About Delta Variant Spread ‘If We Don’t Do The Right Thing’

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, talks with Rachel Maddow about why the role unvaccinated people play in generating new variants that can ultimately hurt even vaccinated people, and the best way to balance Covid safety with the need for children to return to school.
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  1. It only stands to reason that the breakthrough cases are vastly underreported, because obviously if somebody is fully vaccinated and has an asymptomatic infection, they’re not going to get tested. The CDC has absolutely no way of detecting those cases. This means that there are probably tens of thousands of vaccinated people with Covid that are not being reported. Even vaccinated people with mild symptoms may assume that because they’re vaccinated, they can’t get Covid, and so again, they will not get tested. So I would say the breakthrough cases are an order of magnitude higher than currently reported.

    1. @Shawn Brockway “The typical mask you buy in the drug store is not really effective in keeping out the virus, which is small enough to pass through the material. It might, however, provide some slight benefit in keeping out gross droplets if someone coughs or sneezes on you.” – Anthony Fauci

    2. @Shawn Brockway “We know today that many of the cloth face coverings people wear are not very effective in keeping any of the virus movement in or out.” – top epidemiologist and Biden Covid adviser Michael Osterholm on CNN. He went on to mention that n95’s are more effective.

      Like I said, if wearing a mask makes you feel better, go ahead.

    1. @nibor reed It has become a belief system. It’s not about science. You believe in Dr. Fauci and his white lab coat priest class.

    2. @pete gerard I saw Dr. Fauci come out of the hospital after a long shift. He has no interest in ruining his reputation for political gain. He has served democratic and republican administrations for decades. Yeah, I believe in him as to your two- penny republican politicians today who will use you to raise money. Yes, this is the kind of person I believe in, the hard working kind.

    1. @Rick Ramsey Dr Rand Paul has actually treated real patients. Dr Fauci has not treated a hospital patient in 30+ yrs. Book learning takes you just so far. However, during a novel virus pandemic, frontline experience, curiosity, observational studies, and looking at real stats, matter. Most of this..Dr. Fauci ignores. BTW, Dr. Paul has performed charitable work restoring eyesight as late as 2019

    2. Dr. Rand Paul is not a researcher of virology. Dr. Fauci is. Rand Paul has a giant chip on his shoulder and doesn’t listen. Dr. Paul is an eye doctor who has done good things, but he’s doing incredible damage by his half cocked arguments.

    1. America is not a Communist country for goodness sake, you always have a choice to protect yourself by taking the vaccine. You don’t need others to protect you, did you forget you are an adult?

    2. @adhi shakthi , You’re forgetting one part of the equation being in a free country gives you freedom, however, you also have responsibility for your fellow citizens.

    3. @william mcduff Taking a vaccine for covid as a preventive measure if you never had it is like taking a chemotherapy for cancer but you don’t have cancer. I never followed any guidelines, and I never fell ill. Only those with comorbidities, aka damaged immune system died. Who on the holy Earth told you taking a medical treatment is a responsibility, as a freakin citizen? If you think you are vulnerable and your immune system is inherently weak, you take it. Everything is a choice. Also this is a highly ineffective vaccine, more than 80% of the new cases in Israel are vaccinated. Do you think vaccines are the road to a covid free world? Vaccines are gonna create a lot more variants and this is gonna form a chain reaction of pandemics. This is a long planned, coldly calculated crisis to enslave the humanity and depopulate us by sterilizing us through vaccines.

  2. “Diet, injections, and injunctions, will make criticism of the powers-that-be psychologically impossible” – Bertrand Russell

  3. Judge lay down the hammer on Madcow… By law Madcow is officially decleared as non news. No ethics at all and only anonumous sources frankly because it’s illegal to lie and many circumstances during law and politics or propaganda programs who lies with impunity like madcow does… And now Nunes suing her for more lies

  4. I love in a small town in the south & since school started back this year over 700 students have been quarantined.

    1. @mike brigs Nope… I just care about students and our community. Go on with your trolling and have a great day!

  5. Enough of us Plague Inc players know well enough that transmission is the route to go before mutating into something worse. 😉

    1. @Diane the Spanish, swine and bird flu wana have a word with you
      Since THOSE mutations didn’t decrease in damage to the body but increased…

    2. @Diane By all means, if you have more than a quip to share on the topic, why don’t you elaborate on your comment.

    3. @John Smith Again not necessarily true… the example of the Spanish flu cited above is also a perfect counter to this still unproven hypothesis.

    1. @Aaron E Youtube Search: Covid-19 Vaccine reactions: Families describe adverse responses to shot. As a bonus which is old but still a RED FLAG is: Pfizer CEO explains why he hasn’t received a Vaccine yet. We all have a right to choose and disagree! These ” FACTS” are just ignored.

    2. My sister took Johnson and johnson and she was dead 48 hours later. Her daughter found her. She was only48 years old. She HAD NO UNDERLYING HEALTH ISSUES!

    3. @Jodie Skellie Don’t know you but my heart goes out to you. Its just not right at all that no one can hold these companies accountable, yet.

  6. If I could interview Fauci, I would ask these three questions.
    1. In terms of covid only, which border policy do you like better Trump’s or Biden’s?
    2. Did you ever contact Biden and urge him not to let all these migrants, who are potentially spreading covid, into the country?
    3. Why didn’t you go on TV and urge Biden to change his border policy for the health safety of the American people?

    1. Great questions. The problem is you’re dealing with a corrupt, psychopathic, compulsive, lying career bureaucrat that will just pivot from any logical questioning and squirm and wiggle his way out of the questioning, only to answer out of both sides of his mouth.

    2. The Delta variant arrived by airplane from people traveling to and from India. They did not come across the southern border on foot. And those that illegally did cross our border are just as much of a problem as American citizens who refuse to wear masks and are afraid of a shot that 163,000,000 Americans have already tested for them with very few cases of side effects. It is the same risk as any vaccine that is given to children before they attend school, for measles, mumps, rubella, polio, chicken pox, and meningitis.

    3. @M F the question is why are we choosing to let 200,000 a month in when we could choose to let in 20,000? What is the health benefit to this decision?

  7. Funny how this guy won’t comment on the thousands of deaths and counting, of the people who lost their lives with fatal reactions from the vaccine…

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