Faulty Medical Equipment in Jamaica's Private & Public Medical Facilities - January 11 2021 1

Faulty Medical Equipment in Jamaica’s Private & Public Medical Facilities – January 11 2021


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  1. The Bureau of standard need to look at its own standards to which it holds people, how is it they haven’t hold the two corrupt political parties to higher standard.

    1. @Michael Leighton yes they are if the instruments are not working right in the hospital or any facility the government have a duty to make sure all equipment work

    2. @Michael Leighton You are correct, political parties, through government holds everyone accountable, with laws, and not even the constitution hold political parties accountable, no wonder they behave the way they do.

  2. You don’t sayyyyy.

    I visited a relative in a Jamaican…..well….they called it a hospital, but it was more like.
    I don’t know.
    But it wasn’t what we would call a hospital, where I live. Vets are better equipped here.

    Jamaicans need to put down the bible, and dUncehall and get thems lives some sense.

  3. I went to give blood at CRH… The nurse refused my donation because my blood pressure was “high”… I went to a doctors office to check my blood pressure and it was “normal”. Really wished i could have given that blood though if my pressure was normal. Had a friend in the hospital that needed it.

  4. Mi know long time ting most a dem place ya deh pon some ol faulty,noo good equipment dem ave a work wid beta dem dash out e pressure machine n get some cash pot machine.kmt

  5. Longtime mi a cuss about doing temperature checks before entering businesses… Jamaica people just frehfreh….. Same way like how the want you to was hands or sanitize and the bottles dem dutty…….
    Go video some dutty bottle and show the country tvj….

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