FDA Approval Of Vaccines Can’t Come Soon Enough, Says Doctor

Dr. Shereef Elnahal of University Hospital discusses the importance of FDA approval for coronavirus vaccines and the importance of convincing vaccine hesitant individuals to get vaccinated.

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FDA Approval Of Vaccines Can't Come Soon Enough, Says Doctor


    1. @Trump will never be President again Q is stupid the least vaccinated demographic are afro-americans. It seems the dem’s know exactly what they’re doing and is the same reason they support BLM. It’s always been about making them extinct… Nothing has changed since the Civil War in the Confederate Party…. 😢

    2. @delr merti Do you really think that? Anti-vaxxers are either non-voters or Republican voters. 81 million votes for Biden… 74 million for Trump… 80 million didn’t vote… This isn’t about race – it’s about voters.

    3. @CooCoo Coo Why do you think five years of data is needed? It was never needed in any previous vaccine approval. You’re just making nonsense up to justify an unjustifiable position.

    4. @Deborah Freedman I apologize, you must be from an alternate universe. Because in this one, the only vaccine approved in four years was for mumps, and the majority take 10 to 15 years. Thanks for playing, goodbye!

    5. Making such a priori decisions is foolish, whether it be in the positive or negative. Automatic belief or disbelief are both not valid ways to evaluate claims.

    1. @Jeff Pendergrass “what is foolish is taking a vaccine that has been proven not to work”
      “it is a virus not a contagious disease”
      From these two comments you prove you are an absolute fool whom no one should take seriously in any sort of discussion.

    2. @Mr. Nobody That was amazing. I was floored at that virus, not a contagious disease thing. What do you think he believes contagious means? I cannot imagine.

    3. @Mike Barry You are the joke. I’ll stand by my naturally immune brothers and sisters who do not need a jab.

    1. @Trump will never be President again Q is stupid jeez, and I thought only hard leftist’s and right winger’s perceptions could be that twisted through msm outlets and rank ordered “citational” search engines that are designed to circle their users back to their original positions!!😅 jk I know better…its been happening more and more frequently in the age of ai/algorithms. No worries, I just hoped you would have been able to read between the lines and maybe have been intrigued enough to question your current assumptions and theories. I wouldn’t worry much about any censorship…quite the opposite since your programming seems to be working as intended. You’re probably a pretty nice guy just going through a militant or activist stage in your life due to a lack of taking on any true personal responsibility. Maybe read more/netflix-yt less?? I don’t know..? Take care, be safe. Peace

    2. Eric Zee I think these trump haters are agitators, they just opened these yt accounts to post hateful comments.They must think we are really stupid.

    3. Vaccines usually take 5 to 10 years to approve according to John Hopkins. So they are rushing to make it and rushing to approve it. This will surely win over the confidence of the unvaccinated.

    1. @David Ah, so you’ve given up on the human race? Have fun with that…
      Nihilism is so 19th century.

    2. @delr merti Why would you not believe what they’re telling you?! Do you also not believe that the vaccines went thru all the normal trials and that they are 100% safe and effective?! What don’t you understand about how they conducted long term, five year clinical trials, in three months?! Clearly they have equipment that let’s them manipulate the space/time continuum in order to achieve this! I’m so sick of people who don’t follow the science or better said, the science fiction!

    3. And who are you to second guess the doctors that approve this? It’s already approved in many countries snd over a billion shots administered dummy!!

    4. @delr merti And this is the first vaccine that has been administered to over a billion people starting 1 1/2 years ago. Who are you to invent your own process to get this approved in a pandemic and 2nd guess the facts! Dummy!! As no by the way it’s been approved by many other countries already…

    5. @Helena Hall who cares some in the past have taken years. Vaccines been around 100 years with no long term affects. We also have technology to approve these faster now you stupid.

  1. Fully approve without long term testing … “brilliant.” Why should people immune to the virus take a vaccine when the vaccinated are allegedly getting infected?

    1. @American Bulldog  @American Bulldog  I’m 58 years old, so I fail to see the relevance of whatever you’re attempting to get at with the “pushing 60” reference. Facts are facts, sir: of the U.S. deaths attributed to, or annotated as having a possible connection to, Covid, only 6%, according to our own CDC, can be ascribed as factual Covid deaths. The other 94% were cases of comorbidities, usually multiple, and in some cases, Covid had zero to do with said deaths (gunshot wounds, fatal accidents, drug overdoses, and suicides … do some digging as more than “a few” cases were reported as “Covid deaths” during 2020). Overall, the death toll, including any and all questionable codings as referenced above, only accounts for 0.18% of our population. That’s under two tenths of 1%. Let that sink in. Also … in late May of last year, the same week the CDC first attempted to release the 6% report, another report was issued by a group of immunological experts that had been doing large scale antibody tests, had concluded that somewhere between 35 and 80 TIMES the number of U.S. citizens had been exposed to the virus compared to CDC and WHO estimates. Interestingly enough, the public was never informed of this as the next day, and for over 100 days following that, all we saw at heard about was, “I can’t breathe”

    2. They may still be getting sick, but only a handful of hospitalizations from vaccinated people. I’m pro choice, so if people don’t trust it, disagree with it, or whatever, I’m good with that.

  2. All Im going 2 say is that this feels more like an attack as the days pass by. And nobody’s holding these mofos accountable!!!

  3. Anyone else feel like what they see on the news and what they see in real life doesn’t line up?

  4. FAD has approved lots of things that ended up being recalled as dangerous so rushing it to make Biden look good won’t help.

    1. @Major Problems these shots aren’t either. No one’s stopping you from getting as many as you like. However unlike every other medication on earth these haven’t had to list possible side effects or likelihood of death.

  5. “The vaccines safety doesn’t matter, the facts don’t matter, just approve it quickly!” -the “doctor”

  6. “This sky will pass away, and the one above it will also pass away. The dead have no life, and the living have no death. On days when you ate what was dead, you made it alive. When you are in the light, what will you do? When you were One, you created two. But now that you are two, what will you do?” – Yeshua

  7. If the effectiveness is “indisputable”, why do they make you sign a liability waiver when you get the shot?

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