1. Absolutely disgusting! I hope that father/son get prison time soon and D’Monterrio finds a better job than FedEx.

  2. Unpaid leave!!!???? And then they tried to put him back on the SAME ROUTE THE NEXT DAY!!! 😡😡😡😡

    1. @flamingo boot I can tell you are a Trump lying troll did you ever hear of common evidence it’s called who why when where what and if this happened from a bigot like you it would have been on fox to help support your Bs since you mention CNN and left out Fox who you really love ❤ you see the real problem is you don’t like these privileged animals being exposed unlike the non privileged animals but the most dangerous are 45 people’s in congress believing his Bigly lies gerrymandering for these rebels wants to control the country through States instead of Federal government just open your eyes and see the light

    2. @Arch Footballman lol. Because the Federal government makes everything better? It’s called the United STATES for a reason. We wouldn’t need states if everything was under 1 control. I’m sure someone in DC would know what’s best for Nebraska. 🙄

  3. Fed ex needs to be paying this man’s leave time and supplying him with lawyers and demanding action from the police and FBI. Shame on fed ex.

    1. @Cjh1985 da bears Excuses and playing victim? Isn’t that what you’re doing though?

      Of course everyone can be racist towards other people regardless what race they are from and to which race they’re doing it to. You can be black and be racist towards white, Asian, Indian, native American, etc and vice versa.

      When we talk about privileges from a racial perspective, more often than not, we’re talking about the race that is the majority vs the minorities. White privilege is prevalent in the US because white people is the majority race in the US. Hence white Americans can have more access to certain things that other minorities don’t, because other people who are part of the majority are willing to be more helpful and cooperative to their fellow white people.

    2. @Cjh1985 da bears White privilege is also a global thing because we have clear examples in countries where white people can still enjoy more privilege than the locals eventhough they are the minorities in those countries. It is especially rife in countries with colonization history such as South Africa, India, etc.

      In China and Saudi Arabia, however, they will likely lose most of the privileges they usually enjoy as a white people living in America. They will be treated as a minority, but they will still enjoy more privilege than if they’re not white.

      Yes, poor people get harassed by cops. Like I said, privilege comes in many ways, including wealth. But not just from wealth. There are always other aspects that are attached to it. As a result, poor black people are *MORE LIKELY* getting harassed by the cops than your average poor white people. The same goes to rich white people are far less likely to get harassed compared to rich black people when they’re shopping and driving.

      That is why we have plenty of instances where a rich black person came out of an expensive boutique carrying their shopping bags and they immediately stopped by the police, and treated as if they stole the things they were carrying. That’s also why there have been plenty of cases where a rich black person driving a nice car got pulled over because the police assumes they stole the car.

    3. @Cjh1985 da bears Let’s take away the ‘CRT’ jargon out of the conversation.

      Do you agree or not if the school children are being taught about American history (the good and the bad) in full, including how slavery shaped the America we see today?

  4. Apparently FedEx has now given this man his backpay….after initially handling this VERY STUPIDLY.
    The case needs to be handled by the state and fed governments, NOT the local hayseeds.
    Side note: this happened in the hometown of the thoroughly despicable Cindy Hyde-Smith. 🤢

    1. Hi Josaphat, you just made me chuckle. (Without wanting to sound patronising). ‘disgustable’ isn’t a word, though it definitely should be! Maybe you meant ‘disgusting’? Otherwise you are bang on.

  5. I don’t know what I’d do without my delivery drivers! They are a lifeline to a lot of folks out there. FedEx needs to step up and treat their people right!

  6. I just read that FedEx has reinstated pay for this driver after a substantial public outcry. How pitiful that they didn’t do the right thing in the first place

    1. FedEx is my least favorite. They are not reliable and not responsible when things get lost I always ask if my delivery can be switched to the u.s. post office or UPS.

    2. If this is true too little too late he should sue FedEx as well. These color coded crimes with no consequences Hell awaits!

  7. The judge, state’s attorney, and the officers this man first reported this haneous crime to, need to all be arrested and prosecuted!

  8. This story makes me so sad!,
    Why the HELL is he on UNPAID leave!!!!
    “Possible” hate crime? 🙄🙄🙄
    This is messed up…..

  9. The driver’s failure to complete his route has PTSD written all over it. When this has finally blown over and the dust has settled he had best have been looking for another job. They don’t sound like a company I’d ever want to work for. There is not a single executive working for FedEx that wouldn’t wet their pants if a gun were discharged near them; let alone aimed their way first!
    When I was in high school I was mistaken for an animal and shot at while bird hunting in camo. Despite having loved it, I didn’t bird hunt again for several years… and I don’t ever wear all camo when hunting even today. I don’t mind being in the ‘right’. I just don’t want to ever be ‘dead right’.
    I offer you the best of my prayers, kid. You’ll likely be needing them before this is over.

  10. That guy is traumatized. You can see it in his face, hear it in his voice. I feel so bad for him. This is going to be a burden on him for the rest of his life. Fed ex or the defendants need to pay for him to get therapy

  11. Oh man – this poor young man’s been mistreated by the shooters, the police and Fed -Ex . Unpaid leave ? Unbelievable ! And the same route while those men are out on bind ?

  12. The officers who refused to take him seriously and refused to look into the matter should be fired immediately and lose all benefits.

    1. If a cop was shot at well then Swat team helicopters tanks 24 cop cars flying everywhere but not for this young man ? Cops = tets on a boar.

  13. And people have the nerve to say “America is the greatest nation on earth!”

    America is “great” alright, great in all the wrong categories. And yet this is allowed to go unchecked and unpunished.
    This is utterly sickening!

  14. I’m so sorry this poor young man had to go through such a terrifying experience. For the police to not taken seriously, this tragically will stick sigh him for the rest of his life in the form of PTSD. It is most definitely a hate crime, and to be on unpaid leavek? That’s insanity. I hope this young man is able to work through this

  15. It’s so sad that law enforcement only “takes cases seriously” when there’s a chance to put a black man in jail. The hypocrisy in this country is mind numbing.

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