Feds Investigating Matt Gaetz Travel With Women To Bahamas | All In | MSNBC


    1. @Roger C : Of course, for lack of arguments, here come the insults… You Still Don’t Comprehend that YOU and Trump LOST… Cry cry cry LOSER.🖕🤣

    2. @Roger C are you really telling someone to learn to read when you cant even accept the fact that trump indeed called it a Democrat hoax actually said it was the “new hoax” and that is ALL over the internet…… my question is can you read?? Or maybe try watching something other than fox or oan! I’d be coming for my 50 G’S lol

    3. @Kevin Nelson Now moron. Since it’s obvious he never said Coronavirus is a hoax and every fact checking site on the planet states clearly that he was saying the Democrat response was the new hoax, and since you wanted to step in and put your big mouth in it. When are you going to pay me the $50,000? Let me guess you don’t have it. Hahahaha loser

  1. Please keep in mind, that this investigation started under the Barr DOJ And not the current Biden DOJ There’s definitely some there there!

    1. So what half the people under him were working together to impeach him. Smh yall are what’s wrong with our country, you have allowed the media to brainwash you

    2. @mandybelle p If we are to be considered brainwashed……..then you would be classified as brain dead!

  2. Trivia Question: Who is the only person in Congress to vote against a bill that combats 5exTrafficking?

    That’s right, it was Matt Gaetz, the same guy who is currently under investigation for 5exTrafficking.

    Coincidence? I think not.

    1. @HS Breaking News: The killer of George Floyd will without a doubt stay behind bars for killing an innocent U.S. citizen.

    2. @Karl West the question for me is – why was he the only one who voted against the bill? Highly unusual.

    1. @Roger C why look at all the Florida spring breakers, ani-vaccinators,, republicans, Qanon,new varieties out there..

    2. @Mark N dummy democratic states feed the national. Republican states don’t raise enough money. So of course democratic states are getting a bailout

    3. @Louise Dost why look at Biden saying the handling was horrible and he had a plan to stop it. You were duped again. Like idiots.

    1. @Jeff Padgett thanks. You know, a while back my girls sat me down and talked to me (I think they were only 12 and 7 at the time) and said I was being over protective. I did my research, read the story about the lady who let her 10 yo boy ride the subway, read the stats and realized the kids had science on their side and I didn’t. So I slowly started giving them more freedom.
      When I was in my early teens mopeds were big in my neighborhood but I was the only one without one. My mom forbid it. Now motorcycles are an obsession.

    2. @kathy mcallister are we just mentioning irrelevant persons. I’ll raise your Hunter Biden with Ricky Ricardo and Kelso from That’s 70s show.

    3. @jaygee Remember Daddy, or don’t you remember, because of daddy’s name, for MILLIONS of our U.S. tax money.

  3. Trump: Gaetz never directly asked for a pardon.

    Trump behind closed doors: Gaetz indirectly asked for a pardon.

    1. @Galen S There were 10 million infections or coronavirus on nov 6 when Biden was elected
      Now there are over 31 million infections and not a word from the media.

    2. @Roger C Every morning there are covid infection numbers reported on the news. Every single day, for over a year now.

    3. @Roger C Biden didn’t take office until January, and then has had to deal with the clusterfuck your cult leader left behind.

      Given the circumstances he ain’t doing bad……not brilliantly, but not bad.

    1. Honestly, does it matter how he phrased it? It’s not like there’s any reason to believe a word Trump is saying, no matter how broad his denial of his own an his associates’ misconduct is.

    2. and gaetz ACTUALLY said “I, as an adult man, have not slept with a 17-year-old.” as an adult man? strictly a 17 year old only? parsed the CRAP out of that ~denial~, didn’t he?

    1. @Roger C Bottom line: The cancer was caused by Trump’s lie and negligence to combat Covid. Don’t blame the people who are simply trying to minimize the damage.

    2. You can back up and look at Hillary, Obama, Brennan , or any other politican, even your own state’s gov. Do you really look to politicians for a moral standard? I have my own set of morals.

    3. @omik redarhcs True. Agree. But then there is a standard not to be: Trump and Gaetz without doubt, qualify.

    4. @HS WTF. Really? I guess the fact that Floyd stopped breathing after the police officer held his knee on Floyd’s neck for over 8 minutes had nothing to do with the situation?

  4. Baby gate? What a fitting name for a scandal involving a spoiled child that shouldn’t be in Congress let alone a dog catcher.

    1. @Recently Communist the bartender is honest and that job is legal, unlike the child molesting CRIMINALS. AOC is doing an excellent job and continues to make an honest living unlike the Repuke criminals

  5. I’ve been a Florida resident for over 20 years. Believe me, politics & politicians in this state are “the swamp”.

    1. Florida is proof that ignorance & gullibility are genetic traits, and that humans are no longer subject to natural selection.

    1. @ms operator Nah daddy definitely still funding him. Why spend yours when these fools will let you steal their’s

    2. @HS news alert!

      Mythical missing long form found beyond the great mexico paid wall.
      Yall should donate some money to get it back–donald and bannon can help ya.

  6. “When you are a star, they let you do anything, grab them by the…” birds of a feather stick together.

    1. @Scott Raider there is evidence. In rudy’s pants. Watch that Borat video and learn something for a change.

    2. @Minute Meditations Not to mention there are women who have testified, or at least have accused, Trump of touching them inappropriately.

    3. @Scott Raider right? A legal and LEO expert such as you should set a new precedent. Recorded words shouldnt be considered proof.

      Bet yall’s mythical missing long form is beyond the great Mexico paid wall.
      GL. Your decades long search is about to end.

  7. that tucker interview he said that he didnt do a pay for play. having a guy who is paying for his trip to a sunny place with almost naked women sure sounds like pay for play to me.

    1. I’ve lost count of the rich guys that fly me to a sunny island on his private jet with female escorts free of charge.. totally innocent I’m sure

    2. NEWS ALERTThe evidence now proves that George Floyd was an addict and career criminal who died of an OD.

      His family is $27 million richer off the backs of taxpayers whose businesses were crushed.

      He was given a head of state’s funeral while your relatives died alone.

    3. DAYBROK3
      did you know that all politician’s do the pay for play scam? We pay them with our money and they have the fun to play.
      The ironic thing is this. They make the rules so they pretty much can do what they desire with our money and we have no say in it.

  8. Trump – ” gaetz did not ask me for a pardon “. gaetz ask trump’s assistants to tell trump to give him a pardon !

    1. @Nick M Trump is gone sweetie….except in your obsessive fantasies. I would say that we have a classic Moron in the Whitehouse right now. A Houseplant…mocked by our allies and viewed as feeble, weak and demented.

  9. Welp since Rick Scott and Desantis Florida is not just built in a Swamp it’s the largest political swamp of Republicons in America.

    1. That is a fitting place for Trumptler. I’m sure he feels right at home. His neighbours’ objections are small potatoes to him.

  10. I guess we can safely say why Trump was never a prosecutor ” Well your honor he strongly denies the charges, so I guess case closed”

    1. All Matt Gaetz needs to do to get rid of the press and the investigations is to say he’s a Democrat now…and then maybe hang out with Cuomo.

  11. So they were basically trying to help him steal 4 more yrs so that they can do crimes and get away with it.

    1. YEP! You got it & the former guy wanted it for himself! If he was reelected the statute of limitations would run out! 🙄

    2. NEWS ALERTThe evidence now proves that George Floyd was an addict and career criminal who died of an OD.

      His family is $27 million richer off the backs of taxpayers whose businesses were crushed.

      He was given a head of state’s funeral while your relatives died alone.

  12. Supervillain face man is guilty. He is the classic frat boy. Protected by his dad and wealth all his life.

  13. If Matt looks anymore douchey he’ll have to change his last name to Summer’s Eve. It’s almost like he’s evolving—physically evolving—like the painting in Dorian Gray’s attic.

    1. Good one. He looks so much like the trope cartoon villains it’s hard to take him seriously, like he’s playing a part. It isn’t far from truth either, he’s obviously pretending to be a public servant but actually just being a media hound (cleaned up the descriptive noun there), much like Marjorie & Lauren, his nutjob cohorts.

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