Feds Release New Videos Of Capitol Riot Mob Attacking Police 1

Feds Release New Videos Of Capitol Riot Mob Attacking Police


As officials in Washington face growing pressure to deal with the attacks on ballot box access, the Feds are releasing new shocking video of Capitol riot mobs attacking police. We discuss it with Eugene Daniels of POLITICO.
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    1. dont forget that drumpf are calling these “fine” people political prisoners that need to be free

    2. The big lie was a product of the real evil our country is seeing from these tratiors and proves no one is safe or immune from the radical rights terrorism. We have to protect ourselves and to make it out alive from this pre terrorist era of trump.

    1. @J this clip doesn’t explain why republican keep blocking investigation into these issues

    2. @nobody loves losers Also does not explain why your team keeps dodging BLM investigations. I guess we call that equality?

    1. Debating political terrorists – islamists and US fascists – is futile. They need to be neutralised, by any means necessary.

    1. Friend: Republicans/Trumpians (same thing these days) will turn on anyone who doesn’t tell them they are not just right, but perfect, entitled to be in the driver’s seat for all eternity so that the government can work for them and no one else. They. Turned. On. Pence. Pence, the pathetic sycophant standing motionless and emotionless, happy to be a mere prop behind the former president day after day after day for 1446 days until January 6th. Pence probably did a huge amount of the president’s work for four years, never complaining that he was running the government and Trump was getting all the credit from Fox and congressional Republicans for doing nothing but tweeting. And They. Turned. On. Pence. No surprise that they would turn on police officers who didn’t aid and abet them. They probably expected the police to help them and then the national guard would surround the Capitol and hold the Congress hostage. Fortunately, they miscalculated. The police and military stuck with their oaths of service, of which not a word mentioned Donald J. Trump.

    2. @Google User Brian Sicknick would still be alive today if it weren’t for those two murderous insurrectionists. I’ve said this to you before, they sprayed him in the face with a chemical agent, he had a severe allergic reaction, and then died of a heart attack as a direct result. That’s murder in my book, but you keep on spreading your propaganda cultist.

    3. @Google User how about the one who lost his eye, or the one that lost a couple fingers, or the one with 7 broken ribs. You people truly are deplorable filth.

    1. def not good enough.
      Every one of those 20,000 traitors must be executed for our country to survive.
      Not even one of them can be allowed to live.
      I’m boycotting the IRS until these terrorists are put to death.

    2. Personally, I’d rather not make indefinite military detention of American citizens a practice…if that’s what you mean by referring specifically to Guantanamo.

    1. Fact: .Dictators force their way into rule. He wants Deranged unfair justice. Dictators are not out for citizens. A country windes up in destitute with dictators

  1. Republicans only say they back the police so they can use them to overthrow anyone elected they do not like! Make them pay for police budget shortfall that the GOP is now stalling on.

    1. Actually they only say that because they’re racist and thought black people were out of line for saying their lives matter

    2. This video shows how radical and out of control the trump voters are and need to be stripped of voting rights because they’re far too devious and dangerous to be left alone.

  2. why are the senate house still waiting to remove those senators who say this was a normal tourist visit. take them out of the seat.

  3. Can someone please explain to me why these officers of the law are attacking all these tourists? Republikkkants are justified in defunding the police, like they have been since the last administration. What is this country coming to, if patriots can’t even tour the capitol peacefully? SMDH!

  4. The crime and chaos Republican Party demonstrating how to get the most of their vacation by savagely beating police officers.

  5. “Law and Order” in action……
    I still remember Trump’s statement, ; “When the looting starts the shooting starts”. Apparently that idea only applies to non-Republican individuals?

  6. I spoke to an old Dutch man today.. he said that this is similar to how the Nazis took Europe…, he said he was concerned for the US..

    1. I have friends in Europe. They are terrified for us. But these same people will be the ones most adversely affected by our dictators. They are merely tools. When they are of no more use, these corrupted politicians will discard them. Just like they did to supporters in Nazi occupied Europe. Many supporters who cheered on their brown shirts were murdered. They will see the tunnel at the end of the light.

  7. The GQP politicians should go through this tourism! Them cowards will be crying like the 2yr. Olds they are!

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