Figliuzzi Is ‘Increasingly Concerned That Politics Has Entered Into Security Policy And Posture’

Figliuzzi Is ‘Increasingly Concerned That Politics Has Entered Into Security Policy And Posture’ 1


  1. Big difference from the president who would say ” He was just hugging and kissing the capitol police”.. Wake up Republicans! so sad.

    1. I hope you remember what Senators Ron Russian Johnson, Cruz and Hawley said about the Capitol attack on January 6th.

    2. Not a day has gone by since President Biden took office have I not thanked the universe that the Former Guy is out, almost forgotten.

  2. The Capitol…wait a minute, isn’t that where Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr. and Rudy Giuliani encouraged Trump supporters to attack and commit insurrection against The United States of America?

    1. @Gargoyle That was on January 6th, in public, and the whole world saw it happen.
      Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr. and Rudy Giuliani encouraged Trump supporters to attack and commit insurrection against The United States of America, on January 6th, 2021.

    2. WOW you dont know your history! I usually dont do others homework, but because your comment is soooooooooooooo unrelated and unhinged-find below and hope it helps!
      The U.S. Capitol Building is one of the most recognizable buildings in the world and the center of American democracy. The world-famous domed building is home to the United States House of Representatives and Senate; where America’s congressmen and congresswomen conduct business, debate laws and pass bills on behalf of the American people.

  3. “They drove a dump truck full of money to my house and dumped it out on the lawn! What was I supposed to do?” -Crusty the Clown 🤡

  4. Is it not obvious by now that Moscow Mitch, is totally out of touch with the current temperature in the United States? He has no interest in knowing. I don’t actually think his , Mitch’s, interests are even political. I believe it’s financial. RIP Officer Evans.

    1. No… Mitch is interested in fostering FEAR AND INSECURITY in anything but the Republican agenda… this is the way Putin works..

    2. You mean the same Moscow Mitch whose wife is from an elite family deeply involved with the CCP? Yes, his interests have nothing to do with the wellbeing of the American people. May God bless Officer Evans.

    1. Yup…..over seventy million voted for the previous to continue in office….a work has been ongoing three years now….yet to be reported on… is meant to address the overall problem emphasis on OVERALL


    2. Well there is a sense of peace in our souls… now that president Biden is our leader … and I am a Republican

  5. Put the security fencing back up until the Capitol is fully secured. That Officer deserved to go home to his loved ones RIP Officer

    1. @Kor Kalba We don’t WANT walls….we NEED them to protect us from all the right wing TERRORISTS.

    2. @Nancy Ross Having good immigration security is not hatred.
      You’re probably crazy and I say that because you can almost certainly not provide me with cases of these fascist bigots.
      If people wanted to take over the country they would not attack the capital and if they were going to take over the capital they would have brought guns. The military will not save the current leader of any country when that country’s citizens have weapons.

    3. @Gage King They did bring guns. And molotov cocktails, dynamite, tear has, and anything they thought could be used as a weapon. These people did not want to take over the country, as you put it. They wanted to illegally install their false idol as president after he lost a legitimate election. There was no fraud to change the results of the election. Be careful who you call crazy. You may find out you are looking in a mirror.

    4. @Gage King Oh get off the internet posting ancillary comments. If you want to teach people, go get a job at a college or a school. Certainly unqualified for either job…just go away. You cant teach a soul a thing about democracy

  6. It should be someone’s job to flick mitch on his beak whenever he tries to poke his head out of his shell.
    Make him stay in there until Nature takes its inevitable course.👍

  7. Comments statement’s McConnell, Cruz, Kemp. Your silence is speaking volumes. 💯🇺🇲

  8. At the same time, while hiring these men and women, make sure they aren’t affiliated with any extremist, racist, or conspiracy groups. Weed ’em out from the start. Just a suggestion.

  9. *All the decent people in the US:* “So sorry for him and his family.”

    *Trump:* He only got out to give hugs and kisses to the beautiful officers.

  10. This is very sad. Our world needs healing and strong leadership and intuition in essential today. God bless us all!

  11. I think this guy was at the end of his rope from his postings and wanted to go out in a place where you get the most publicity. I remember people setting themselves on fire there and another guy got killed for trying to climb a fence. The usual suspects. Sadly. He killed a cop but we still don’t know how by car or knife? Very tragic all around. 😭

  12. I think there will now be a permanent fence around the Capitol just like there’s now a permanent fence around the base of the Eiffel Tower. Sad.

  13. Oh my word, at last we have a President with compassion and empathy. Sending prayers for all who are suffering in our wold, regardless of their job, their nationality, or their political affiliation.

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