Fires started as riot breaks out in St. Louis city jail 1

Fires started as riot breaks out in St. Louis city jail


A riot erupted at a St. Louis jail on April 4, with inmates smashing windows, setting fires and demanding court dates.

Court proceedings in the city have been delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

At least four uprisings have been reported at the jail since December.

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  1. Right to a SPEEDY TRIAL.
    Sixth amendment.
    We have to obey the constitution.
    Not the government?

    1. @light bulb there is a St. Louis in Quebec and this is a Canadian station so I was curious why they wouldn’t specify what country this is in

    2. @Leah Fugere That is true, my bad. News in general is horrible for announcing specifics but in this case I would have assumed it was Missouri. My apologies!

  2. Swear if this channel ever starts reporting on Canadian government corruption their ratings will go thrpugh the roof. Go to Ottawa. Tons of crime to report on there too!

    1. They’re on the fed’s take. They’re not going to talk bad about the government cause the government keeps them fat and happy.

  3. Burning your bed and home. Sure. Fire Hose and cold floor till they go to (Bed and Baths.)

  4. They don’t have court dates, so the situation was not “brought under control”. They have a right to a speedy trial as defined by the 6th amendment. COVID does not nullify basic rights.

    1. Really does confuse me how a virus has anything to do with how quick they get seen by a judge

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