Fires threaten historic sites in Greece

While Greece is battling blazes across the country, Turkey is fighting devastating fires caused by extreme heat. CNN's Kim Brunhuber reports on the wildfires plaguing parts of southern Europe.

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  1. The animals. I can’t help but be worried for all the animals caught up in these fires. It crushes my soul.

    1. So instead of seeing all the evidence of climate change as proof of climate change, you see it as propaganda proving climate change isn’t real? That’s some next-level conspiracy logic.

    2. @Robert J. Williamson Climate has changed 10 000 times over million years. What’s your point exactly?

  2. I went to Rhodes, Greece in 1991. I noticed there virtually no trees or any other flora. I asked the taxicab driver why. He said, “Huge fires.” History repeats itself but now it’s even worse.

    1. Greece get burned every year for more than 50 years. Huge wildfires in every part of country. Soon will became desert

  3. In Northern California where I’m at there’s fires everywhere. I’m not in a fire zone but the smoke is impossible. You can’t stay outside for more than a few minutes.

    1. @Jimmy Timmy I live over in Boulder and had to go inside the moment I got home from work. This smoke is just awful

    2. @Salina LaCroix Yeah, and today the meteorologists said it will get worst. It will probably last various weeks until the fires are contained.

    3. Not too long ago, PNW was the only place on fire. Now many places around the world look like my town. It isnt fun.

  4. Crazy reminds of the fire that happened a couple years ago here in ventura County. It looked like the world was ending

  5. in Athens the fire broke out because the Power Company responsible for cleaning the forest beneath the power lines hasn’t done so in, forever. There is responsibility beyond climate change on this, but good reporting(sarcasm)

    1. @Confutatis Maledictis
      🙄. How can you possibly be in doubt, _when the weather extremes are shattering records worldwide in exactly the way predicted?_

    2. This is arson the Greek news reported they have found evidence just like the previous fires only this time it’s much worse

    3. @M K Arson would be damned difficulty in a moist, healthy forest. The climate is heating up turning ever more forest into kindling. When it gets this dry, it can be ignited even by other means than arson.

  6. I grew up in Greece and this clip saddens me to no end. Obviously, this isn’t just a Greece issue when there’s so many of these catastrophic events all around the world. There’s something bad happening.

    1. @jay adams yes ! is as if the earth is cleaning itself by burning around definitely feed up with the bullshit

  7. Looking at historical records, the *1987 heat wave* was much worse with substantially higher temperatures
    and many elderly dying in their apartments (more than 1,000 deaths). Not many ACs back then.

  8. Ένα πράγμα δεν καταλαβαίνω το ανεβάζουν που το ανεβάζουν αλλά δεν έρχονται να βοηθήσουν

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