FL Doctor On Those Doubting Covid Surge: 'This Is Happening' 1

FL Doctor On Those Doubting Covid Surge: ‘This Is Happening’


Dr. Samer Fahmy, the chief medical officer of a Florida hospital, says vaccinations are the key to defeating the Delta surge of Covid-19 and has a message for those who don't believe the virus is surging again: 'This is happening.'
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    1. @kayanihati It is not a one world government. it is centered around israel. the beast is israel that came back from the dead and it will happen when Jeursalem is in their hands.

    2. @Truth91 Trump got he jab just like you. True Christians on the other hand don’t worship men.

    3. @e w You are blind and a liar. You know nothing . The mark is the right hand which represents goodness and truth…you know the right hand of the Father where Jesus sits. The forehead represents mind and intelligence…you know the God given gift of thought that you are not using at the moment. Those who try to save their lives will lose them. The meek shall inherit the Earth.

    4. Just stop. You are so lost. You are antichrist if you can’t see that this world has become inverted into Satans image.

  1. That’s what viruses do: find a host and multiply, mutate and find other hosts. Predictable outcome.

    1. @Mark Michael Thank you so much! You are too! Proper and consistent testing is vital! I am a firm believer that everyone is just as important in the care chain whether they are providing direct care, testing samples in the lab, or approving retroactive SSI to an ill patient who cannot work anymore.
      It is definitely a team effort!

    2. @Mary Beth yes it is! It’s ALL going to be ok! I would prefer more focus on health consciousness than what we are getting. Poor nutrition and Co-morbidities are killing people! This is a golden opportunity to promote great nutrition, exercise and weight loss

  2. How long do you expect your healthcare workers to last? It’s going on 18 months. People have a limit.

    1. So much for flattening the curve. Those of you who will have accidents and those of you with chronic or acute illnes do not expect to receive hospital care during these coming weeks or months. And don’t forget to thank the anti-vax idiots and fool for that.

    2. @Devin mccloud big pharma had always killed for profit.

      Nothing they give us works.

      Except for antibiotics.

  3. A wise man once said,”A fool only realizes they have been fooled once their soul begins to ascend away from their body”

    1. They sold them to join the Republican Party. Everyone does.

    2. @Mike Glenn the death rates from the vaccine are not almost zero. There are currently around 55,000 cases on the vaers website right now and it’s projected about 1% get reported to vaers, funny how the media is silent on that.

    3. @Marion Moog viruses don’t get stronger as they mutate, then often transmit easier, but do not get stronger.

    4. @Mike Glenn  @Mike Glenn  the death rates from the vaccine is around 55,000 cases on the vaers website right now and it’s projected about 1% get reported to vaers. That is just this year, and only in the USA. The fact is hundreds of thousands have died around the world, it’s not safe.

    1. @B• B•B It’s so easy when you can make up your own numbers to justify your own argument, isn’t it? And for sure, you have no way of knowing what the cartels are saying.

    2. @B• B•B Funny how the people who complain that an Indian study is not peer reviewed are the same people trying to cite the unregulated VAERS as evidence against the vaccine.

    3. @Dean Ellis If recent history is anything to go by it is 2 weeks to contract Covid. 2 weeks until hospitalization and 2-3 weeks before death.

    4. @Dean Ellis what about 2 weeks before that and 2 weeks before that…and so on… deaths have been declining for months now, your comment makes no sense

    1. @Proverbs 3:5-6 it’s not sad it’s demonic!
      September 1st 2021
      Global Freedom Purge

    2. @Nanker Phelge well the last time we all check we had our own body our own brain and our own decisions who the f*** are you devil

    3. @Paul GodsReal Parker You are worshiping the cult of personal freedom. What about being our brothers keeper? Have you no responsibility to your fellows?

    4. @Nanker Phelge what’s makes them health officials….we didn’t elect them….we don’t even know who they are or if they are credible.

      Who tf is running the CDC.

      Cuz fauci looks like he is dieing

    5. @Abel Jacobo Exactly Abel. These people have the jobs at the CDC, not because they won a popularity contest. They got those jobs due to expertise in their fields. They don’t hand those jobs out to talking heads or reality TV stars. If Fauci looks stressed it is because he knows people are needlessly dying. They are dying because they are too proud to admit that someone else might know what is good for them.

    1. @Debbie Roslan He’s just a politician. He’s not a Messiah. Don’t exaggerate his credentials. You’re deifying him so he seems like more of an actual threat. He’s not. Weaksauce.

      I’d recommend trying to speak to an average Maga Populist and seeing what you hear. Keep in mind Haidt’s research on moral axes and remember they have more moral axes than you do, so that might help you understand why they care about things you find unimportant, like national sovereignty or violent crime.

    2. @Mean Bean Comedy Oh, if only the GQP understood that Mango Unchained is not a Messiah. Sadly they do not.

    3. @Angela Siegfried You should find out how many MAGA Populists support Q. It’s about 1% or less. Try talking to people.

    4. In two weeks you will have two choices:
      Admit that you’ve been fooled and finally join the rest of us in reality again.
      OR just deny, deny, deny and push your next “prediction” to a later date… again.

      I wish you will have the maturity to do the first one. Although unfortunatelly, most people like you will go for the second one 🙁

    5. “Mask off, mask on, lock down, two weeks, close the schools, dont hug your mother, stay home, open up, go to work, you can’t say that, take a shot, your cat has covid, stand over there, mask off, close your business, take another shot, you’re banned, you’re not essential, mask on, two masks, show your papers, lock down, take a shot, etc.” – The Science

    1. @Dee Cee I’m sure you followed every “guideline” without fail for the past 18 months without exception. You don’t need to be honest with me, but you know what you did. But keep blaming “the other.”

    2. In the pandemic movies people weren’t packed in restaurants and stores as a virus is surging. I guess they need to make these movies just around hospitals.

    3. @Video et Taceo lemmme guess you took the same vaccine he and his daughter did and pushed through warp speed. Even people who supported Trump originally wisely said no kool-aid for me. God is to be trusted not fallible human leaders. Looks like you are the one who trusts him.

  4. A pandemic so real they have to remind you non stop otherwise you would forget it was even happening.

    1. @Who Man turdface? Really? Yes if someone gives a disease to someone who ends up getting sicker, that is the sick person’s problem. We never used to place blame and contact trace when old people died from the flu (before all flu deaths were attributed to covid). Getting sick is part of life…. if you are at excess risk due to being immunocompromised, it’s on you to take precautions.

      Let’s say you get cold very easily. Is it EVERYONE else’s responsibility to turn the heat up despite the fact that everyone else is comfortable? No…. it’s your responsibility to bring a sweater.

      I hope this clears things up for you. I don’t want to be your enemy but it’s hard when YOU want to be mine. Lay off the insults and stop forcing your will onto other people.

    2. @Roman Yes, really. So you’re a libertarian. How precious! Do you detest traffic laws because everyone should be solely responsible for their own safety as they drive? Or, are you selective in what you support or don’t. Pssst, another word for that is hypocritical.

      It’s called civilization for a reason: We’re all in this together. If you have an obvious cold, it’s your duty to avoid infecting others to the extent practicable. And sweaters don’t prevent colds. Sheesh, how ignorant. If you do infect others, I have some news for you: Yes, they blame you.

    3. @Nanker Phelge, I’m a member of the scientific community. I haven’t been be vaccinated.

    1. @mike briganti Indeed. Thank goodness most people (aside from the GQP) understand that science is ever evolving.

    2. @Truth91 You took the same shot that he did and endorsed…whose the bot now? The wise and faithful used their God given intelligence and saw through the mass deception of this delusion the world is in right now. Jesus is King. Trump is just a man and so is Joe.

    3. @courtyard77 Jesus doesnt exist. The Bible was written by men to make people be nice too each other (since human by nature are selfish) or to justify their evils, like allowing slavery or selling your daughters for marriage. If you need to believe in an outside source to do the right thing, you are not a righteous man.

  5. Its like a method head that won’t quit. Just let them be. Everything will be sorted out over time. Restricting access to functions is the best policy.

    1. @LLG Gunderson
      But the vast majority of the fraction of a percent of deaths from Covid are too old to breed to begin with

    2. @Yourmum Ghey One of the myriad of strange side effects of the vax are post menopause bleeding. Maybe they can breed again?

  6. Here we go again. More masks mandates, more isolation, more death, more sadness , more frustration, more stupidity, all because people fail to follow what’s best for them, their families and for others.

    1. People don’t get vaccine, the virus spreads. No different then any other virus that you get a vaccine for.

  7. Every person who refuses to get vaccinated is responsible for this new rise in cases. And governors like de Santis have much to answer for.

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