Progressives Speak Up On Demands In Order For Infrastructure Bills To Pass 1

Progressives Speak Up On Demands In Order For Infrastructure Bills To Pass

Rep. Pramila Jayapal, chair of the House Progressive Caucus, talks about the necessity of passing a reconciliation infrastructure bill that addresses the concerns of progressive Democrats or else the compromise bill designed to attract Republican votes will be for naught as it will not pass the House.
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    1. @A Ol And? The budget was the one chiefly controlled by republicans since Trump and McConnell controlled spending. Democrats only gained control in March and passed a 2 trillion spending bill. That is all Biden has done so far.

    2. @CC Chodkowski Biden has only spent 2 trillion. Also, no, Trump was not creating jobs. His policies let the economy stagnate because tax cuts for the rich don’t create economic growth.

    3. @C I Democrats passed a single 2 trillion dollar spending bill. You want to look at inflation? Look at Republicans, who okayed adding 13 trillion dollars in debt under Trump, almost all of which was just money they threw at rich people.

    4. @C I Stop voting for them! Hope you see what’s going on. Because they truly are anti-American & most the media gives a voice to are Communists & socialists. They only care about power, job security & money. Odd how silent they are now about the border conditions & kids in cages huh? All this through “science”.

    5. @C I Every republican voted to give Wall Street $450 billion in the first Cares Act with an option to leverage that up to 10X- that’s $450 trillion. Then in the second Covid relief bill they asked for $7 billion for fighter jets and $1.7 billion for new FBI building. They GOP is hardly innocent.

  1. If we shut down their spending for just one year, just imagine the Economic boom it would create.

    1. If you shut down crumbling infrastructure repairs and not build back smarter, it would be very costly, and a lot of people would die, you stoopid f. Go read what’s in it and try to use the few Bcells u have left up there.

    1. @Ryan Nash Everyone I know kept their existing healthcare plan.

      We just confirmed you’re a LIAR with your stolen valor comment, Soo how am I supposed to Believe anything you say now.

      I really just can’t talk to you anymore, I don’t associate with people that lie about their military service. Go get Lib Hunter maybe they can help you debate me.

    2. @Herbsewell I remember it like it was yesterday I was on my way home from iraq when he bailed out all the banks and sunk the economy. He didn’t even help the blacks in Chicago out in his own city my guy .those poor black folks don’t count for ya though.




    4. @Herbsewell I need to remind you the recession was first caused by clinton deregulating banks and obama suing banks for not loaning low income people money.. 9/11 started forming well before Bush, that was under clintons watch.. Bush had only been in office 9 months.. they had been allowed in our country two years and 1 year before Bush..

    1. @Margaret Nicol You obviously didn’t bother to read my entire post, otherwise you would have seen that I don’t object to any of the items in it as is, but I do realize that it will be changed for the worse before the final version is up for a vote. Who is the lazy one here?

    2. @george sakellaropoulos I did but if you check online you’ll see that they’ve already split the bill between the construction stuff and the people stuff to try to get bipartisan agreement. Why they think the GOP will agree is anyone’s guess. My guess is that Joe doesn’t want to do as much as he said he would and the GOP are his excuse for not doing it. Perhaps I’m being too cynical but between Biden and Pelosi you can’t get much more to the right of ‘democrats’. The only hope left is the progressives for the people rather than lining their own pockets.

    3. @Margaret Nicol You’ll understand if I want to wait until the final draft to start cheering. It’s been a long time since I’ve trusted anyone on the hill. Good luck.

    1. @netzoned Again.. Do you often wonder why others are laughing at jokes? Its ok naive sheep get slaughtered first.

    2. @Worm slaughtered? Guy you are an adolescent in an adults body. Move out of your moms basement and get off YouTube… it’s embarrassing

    3. @Micky M. anthing original? or just more of the same ignorant liberal childish insults that kids use against authority?

    1. @Diego Gomez They don’t know for sure. They’re spreading speculation from tucker carlson. They’re all still butt hurt that their “strong” “fearless” leader just up and vacated the White House after saying he really won and let Biden easily move in.

      They’re really mad at trump but insist on vetting their anger towards the other side instead. They like to project a lot.

    1. @Darius Meeks Obama care was good for low income people only. I’m a “middle class” worker. My family had to switch doctors and pay more. The upper class doesn’t matter because they can afford it. Obama care hurts the working class the most. And that’s the majority of America.

    2. @Nicky Krystals

      Don’t bother with these terrorists. I hope every democrat gets the jab. Well bye

  2. “Infrastructure Plan” uh huh how much of that money is actually going to infrastructure?

    1. @Roger 9 literally everything. You wouldn’t know Economics or policy if it hit you on the head with a bag of bricks. But hey if I watched msm 24/7 like you obviously do, I’d be uniformed just like you.

    2. @James McCabe I was going to respond with an explanation of how you do support human trafficking by the comment you made but that would be a waste considering your iq is well below the national average.

    3. @Roger 9 Ha ha, conservative. What have they ever conserved. Who cares what Tucker or that neocon, Zionist snake Shapiro says. The Dems are paid by the same lobbyists as the Reps. So yes the Dems should be blamed. They will make the same deals with their own lobbyists.

      The Koche brothers aren’t the only boogie men pushing for policies that hurt middle Americans. Try looking into the Rockafeller Foundation, Brookings Institute or the Rand Corporation, just to name a few.

    4. @Lenny Jenkins you forgot a few hundred billion in overruns for “accounting errors”. Plus a few more billions to China in loan payments. And the union bribes, money for the unions to bribe Democrats, bribes for inspectors, bribes for permits. Just lots of bribes.

    5. Knowing what liars and thieves the libsnots are, I would say little to none of the money will go to building roads, or repairs

  3. A first year Congresswoman, Sinema, has an opinion the bill amount is too large? Htf would she know?

    1. @Calvin R. Johnson Jr. Who told you that? …. Did MSNBC tell you that? Do they have a solid explanation for why every massive corporation bows to the Democratic Party and social media is willing to allow the new administration to censor their content for them?

    2. @R G look it up Depart of State flew the progressive flag over the DOS building in Washington DC with the USA flag

    3. @Pein Deus both party is the party of corporations. More republicans than thems for the entire republican party is on the take. They love that corporate money. And yes the top leaders of the Democratic party are also on the take. See the difference between progressives and the rest of you is we see both party’s corruption you guys just nic pic on whatever side you are on. We hold all accountable you just hold a collective few. Now what racists message has the Democratic party shown what evidence do you have to support this. And if you Say CRT then I know how BSC you really are, and know you know nothing about this country’s history and laws. Just whatever bs the party you affiliated with. Smh

  4. your taxes should already be going to things like this. if they are not then you need to start looking at the leadership of your states and country.

    1. Our taxes should be being used by the government modestly without pushing our country into further of trillions of dollars of debt.

    2. Leadership?!? That’s a new concept.
      But there’s a difference between state projects and Federal projects.

  5. Tell Jay Leno to kick in some of his own $$$

    I’m sick of how much of our $ the government wastes

  6. When we have potholes no one will fill…
    Just paint a pen~is around it & both will magically disappear.

  7. the plan has to go through we have been dicking around on infrastructure for about 30 yrs. Get it done NOW

  8. Most infrastructure is the responsibility of state governments. This is another Washington power grab.

  9. How’s that Medicare for All, and Student Loan Forgiveness coming along Democrats?
    I don’t recall an Infrastructure bill that will enrich corporations being mentioned during the campaign.

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