Internal CDC Doc. Outlines Increased Danger Of Delta Variant: WaPo

Yasmeen Abutaleb, health reporter for the Washington Post, talks about new Washington Post reporting on an internal CDC document that describes the delta variant's greater transmissibility, including by vaccinated people, and greater severity of infection. 
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  1. Look at that UK. Delta is 98% of covid cases, but the recent spike they had was mostly among the young and unvaccinated.
    The vaccines made a big difference, even with Delta variant.


    2. @Conservative, Interrupted Well, better make sure you get vaccinated, to protect yourself from all those Democrat unvaccinated. Then it won’t be your problem, will it?

    3. @My opinions are secretly facts I’m already protected. I identify as Covid immune. 🙂

    4. @D WINEVER Dr. Fauci: We never funded gain of function research.

      Also Dr. Fauci: We did fund gain of function research but let me explain…..🤥🤣

  2. Medical 🏥 workers are being inundated with new cases daily.

    My heart ♥️goes out to them.

    1. No they are not. The 3 big hospitals near me, of which I know 2 people who works at 2 of them, says they have had no influx of Wuhan cases.

    2. @Demetria Karnavas African Americans and Hispanic people are the largest groups not getting vaccinated.They predominantly vote Democrat.It’s a Democrat problem. 👏

    3. My sister works at Beth Israel. Third best hospital in the WORLD. Barely any cases. The media owns you with fear. You have to stop listening.

    4. Cynthia Copland, I have 5 doctors in my family, and they are in constant contact with friendscolleagues who are working at hospitals in red districts (HOT ZONES). These Doctors and Nurses are physically, emotionally, and mentally EXHAUSTED. Another concern they have is with the enormous amount of anti-vaccinated and anti-mask individuals. These people will cause the virus to evolve several times over and at a higher transmittal rate. The Medical community fears if things continue at this rate (anti vaccine & mask), this virus will evolve into something UNMANAGEABLE…

    5. @Demetria Karnavas Your overgeneralization is ridiculous. There are a myriad of reasons why people are not getting vaccinated. Some people can’t be vaccinated because of underlying health issues. Some people have legitimate concerns and questions about the vaccine. Not all unvaccinated belong in the same category. Get off your obedient vaccination pedestal.

    1. @Sharyn Baldwinson The China Wuhan viruses are not so serious. India refused to lock down major cities. The Indian viruses are mutations many times over from the original Wuhan viruses. China viruses had now seems to disappeared. They can’t survive for 12-month. Delta variants are the most dangerous viruses in many countries. That’s why it is very horrible and scary.

    2. @philip chay From ABC Australia June 2021. (This is the Delta variant one and a half months ago, nothing to do with the original strain, nor the Alpha strain.)
      *The footage shows two people briefly walk past each other while out shopping – both of them now infected with COVID-19.
      Dr Chant suspects two other people were infected with COVID in the same fashion. 
      “We know that there’s been three people that have been exposed on both June 12 and June 13,” Dr Chant said.
      “In one, we actually have CCTV footage of the encounter and it is basically a crossover of individuals. They are clearly facing each other but it is literally someone moving across from each other for a moment, close, but momentary.”*
      At the time there was only a handful of cases in Sydney. And with contact tracing and genomic sequencing it was possible to trace the lines of transmission. It will probably be one of the only times in the world where a wild transmission is filmed.
      If the CDC hasn’t seen that video, then they should have.

    3. @philip chay The biggest reason why India did not do lockdown on their major cities is because vast population of their poorest people in those cities are hugely relies on daily wages. Which means that if they did not go to work that day then they’ll not have any money for buying their daily needs. Even when they tried to lockdown their major cities a year before delta variant appear, those poorest people are rioting like crazy here and there complaining that they did not have any money to survive the lockdown. While when they tried to lockdown cities after delta surge, those poorest people are simply run away back to their home villages because they tought that lockdown means they losing their job. Similar scenarios also happened in other countries in Asia. Which i’m pretty sure even the best US presidents will be very2 confused to seek solutions if they must face that kind of perfect storm scenario.

    4. It doesn’t live on surfaces long, the problem is it’s such a small particle that it is an aerosol and is spread long distances just flowing in the air.

    5. @E E These aerosols can actually be picked up by air currents, up to 25000 feet in the air, travel across continents and oceans via dust storms and ocean sprays before being deposited back to Earth. *This virus, my friend, is blowing in the wind.*

  3. Mandate now mandate now mandate now mandate now mandate the vaccine right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Everyone promoting the Covid19, US Military’s bioweapon will be executed for crimes against humanity.

  4. I am genuinely exhausted in my attempts to live up to left and/or right idealistic standards. Seriously, if y’all can’t stand half the country, you can simply move to another country.

  5. I see no problem with this situation barring further mutations in the virus. Those who are vaccinated are for the most part protected. Those who are voluntarily unvaccinated are putting themselves at risk but are not a threat to vaccinated individuals. Every has made their choice and it is now up to natural selection to decide who lives and who dies. That is the way Republicans wanted it so they should be happy right now.

    1. @Mutton Chops If you got it, then you’ll be dead in less than 10 years. If you get boosters, then <5. Enjoy. ❤️

    2. @Adam I’ve been with 2 shots for nearly 6 months and still nothing. 1 more still won’t do anything. lol Your just a coward to scared to even get 1. You have no right to talk about it since your that scared of it.

    1. Republicans will magically go away now thanks to all this hahaha exactly what they deserve

    2. What a failure that orange fascist narcissist was he should of stuck to being a self glorified land lord but whatever gives him attention…

  6. Facts, please, we need nothing but the facts here. Difficult to know much about the bug if it is only a couple of month old. Guesses cause fear…and that is hindering our battle.

    1. The current outbreak in Sydney, Australia, a very early transmission in the outbreak was caught on CCTV. A man was found to have the disease and then later a woman found to have it with a genomic match to his. They did not know each other but contact tracing revealed they were at the same shopping centre at the same time. Going through the CCTV of the time both of them were there, the actual transmission was found to be on film. They walked passed each other, no speaking or acknowledgement. He must have breathed out and she breathed in. A matter of seconds. It is probably one of the only places or times in the world where that would be possible to see, because there were so few cases in Sydney at that time. It sent shock waves through the health departments here. So, how contagious is it? Frighteningly contagious.

    2. Making your best guess is actually a step in the scientific method. You continue to refine your hypothesis of course. But it starts with a guess.

    1. @JasonDrvmz learn what punctuation is and I’ll believe you’re intelligent enough to have this conversation kiddo.

  7. If you got your vaccine shot that protects you from sickness and death then don’t worry about who ain’t vaccinated and you took the risk of the experimental shot and people can choose to take the risk in nature instead

  8. Republicans still can’t understand why Fauci changed direction regarding masks over a 18 months ago, this new information will give them a nosebleed trying to understand it

    1. Conservatives explicitly lack critical thinking. Being incapable of critical thought is required to be a conservative.

    2. @No Show Joe children don’t speak about adult things 🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫🤫

    3. @No Show Joe like you have? Sure we’ve seen this movie before, sprout the drivel from lying GOP politicians, make as if you have done thorough research yourself and pass it on. Something for you to ponder, Trump warned that labs were not that secure in 2018, did nothing, in 2019 instead of doubling up CDC in China as oversite, he pulled them out of China, in 2020 when asked to investigate origin, he said to leave China alone they have enough problems, I would think you would want him held accountable

    4. @No Show Joe I have no doubt you read them. I have every doubt you understood a word of what they said.

  9. When are you going to start talking about the Lambda var!ant that freely streamed across our borders

    1. You mean legally flown in by businessmen and visa approved tourists?

      Why are you so racist that you have to blame all of your problems on refugees from our War on Drugs that brought life to the gangs and cartels they’re running from?

    1. So you say only 300 people will die.
      We passed that number a long time ago.
      Care to revise your prediction? Genius.

  10. Finally there’s some investigative adversarial journalism going on and we get a leaked document from inside the CDC but this just so happens to amplify the fear and gaslighting we’ve been putting up with for a year and a half!

    1. Why are you so afraid? I can’t understand why you experience so much fear.
      CDC makes a recommendation, we follow it.
      Where does the fear come in?

    2. @randal gibbons  @randal gibbons  God, I can’t stand the stupidity on these comments! I swear it’s like dealing with kids over and iver, who completely disregard questions and make up and answer their own questions because apparently those are the ones you should have asked.

      Whatever. Have a nice day.

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