How A Vaccine Mandate Helped Defeat Small Pox At The Start Of The 20th Century 1

How A Vaccine Mandate Helped Defeat Small Pox At The Start Of The 20th Century


Ali Velshi looks back at the implementation of a small pox vaccine mandate in Boston in 1901 and how successful the program was at eradicating the disease and resilient the mandate was to legal challenge in the Supreme Court. 
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  1. That was a sane world, consisting less of karens, kens and Faux News, and more of emphatic people caring for their fellow neighbours.

    1. Yeah, they locked up Typhoid Mary too. Nowadays, she’d have her own web channel, and millions of fans, and of course, she’d be a trump fan . . . until they all died out of course . . . 😉👍

    2. @Matty L0ve 👈 bleated the 🐑, on her way to the slaughter house . . . 🤦‍♂️ What a Karen 🙄

    1. @Jim River Understand how algorithms work? Are you laughing at the deth you caused for yourself? 😂

    2. @Sarah F. 4.2 Your mouth runs and acts tough, but you better pray your Gov’t protects you and the evil you support/protect. There will be no mercy. The evil will be rid of on this 🌎.

    1. Thanks E.

      Covid has a similar death rate to polio.

      Covid has a similar rate of transforming survivors from healthy people into people with long-term health problems we can not cure.

      Without the viral research on Sars Covid, we wouldn’t have a vaccine for Covid 19 and we’d be in a march of dimes situation, funding a decade of research to get us a vaccine.

      The NIH and the CDC funded it though.

      I wouldn’t wish the nightmares about drowning alone on anyone else.

      Especially not children who are not approved to get the vaccine currently.

      Mask up for them.

      Get the shot for them.

      Stop the spread. ❤

    2. @Lilly Anderson absolutely when I get out of work should tell all these cowards working from home the same thing

    1. Rachel did an awesome piece, right at the start of the pandemic, about that. Worth of watch for those who like her epic history lessons? You know, those were the days when they actually jailed Typhoid Mary too, or not that long after . . . Just imagine if Typhoid Mary was around today? She’d have a web channel and a booth right next to Alex Jones’s desk (ceiled and airtight, no doubt?) and about a million, soon to be dead, followers . . . All Typhoid Deniers. How things have changed 🙄✌️

    2. Small pox has a 30% fatality rate, the vaccine was made from attenuated virus. They didn’t have seatbelts back then either, are you advocating going without one now?

    3. @Mr A : Maybe finish reading that Wikipedia article, BEFORE coming on YouTube to prove you didn’t learn anything from it, huh, Karen? 🙄🤦‍♂️

  2. If I get long covid after all this I will sue the Republican Party and Jane and John does 1-100,000,000

    1. I’m afraid you’re wrong .. the Conservative controlled U.S.Supreme Court just found that Arizona could do whatever they wanted to do with their election rules and processes … setting precedent which allows the 200 plus voter repression bills all over our country to stay in place … so if the Conservative controlled U.S.Supreme Court thinks it’s ok for states to throw out democrat votes so they can steal any election they want …. it’s silly to think that they would be ok with a federal mandate on vaccinations …they would just tell you it’s a states rights issue which the feds are constitutionally bound to stay away from …

  3. Unless Covid-19 becomes as lethal as smallpox, i doubt you could get
    a Federal mandate without Scotus knocking it down.

    1. @misindiatify out of 328 million you never won the lottery and i bet you won’t win the covid death lottery either.

    2. @john doe I’ve had covid before it was deemed covid. It spread like wild fire throughout my office back in 01-2020.. My sister in law and family members are currently in the hospital with it now from traveling to Texas!! Your statics are null and void simply bc that’s not how a virus works!!!

    3. 328 million people haven’t been infected in America. Epic math fail.


      When covid was at 35 million global infections we hit 1 million deaths…

      That’s roughly 1 in 35 for death, the same odds of winning your dollar back on a scratch ticket dollar lottery.

      However the primary risk of covid is not death its being one of the 5 to 30 percent of people that get long covid long-term health conditions.

      Conditions we don’t know how to cure.

      The odds on long covid are one in twenty to one in three… Depending upon which variant you get and how acute your case is.

      100 million Americans having problems breathing and walking long-term is not something I want to see.

    1. @ThE DuCk the fact that you felt the need to actually come back with a copy/paste definition says alot about you.
      You’re right I could have looked it up but I didn’t actually need it explained. They’re pretty basic and self explanatory to anybody with a decent handle on the English language.
      Good effort though.

    2. @ThE DuCk
      Where is the (dis)information in my statements and when has (mis)information been cancelled?

    3. I will NEVER get vaccinated, and you can’t make me ! Nyah, nyah, nyah, COUGHCOUGH COUGH!! Gaaaaaasssp………………..

  4. I dont trust WHYTE people OR ANYTHING FROM THEM


  5. Masterclass in divisive, fear-mongering gaslighting. These are sick days we’re living in.

    Just leave those that don’t want an experimental vaccine alone.

    1. They’d rather enforce a “final solution” and just be done with their neighbors.

  6. “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety and will lose both.”  -Benjamin Franklin

    I will never accept being forcibly injected with a vaccine. I am an American. Who are YOU is the real question. Don’t take your freedom from granted.

    1. No one’s gonna force you to get a vaccine, champ. But pretty soon you will be barred from public spaces, event venues, restaurants, bars, airplanes, etc. So you can have all the freedom you like to sit at home and be angry. But you will never have the freedom to put other people’s health at risk.

    2. Oh are being asked to use your freedom to make the right, caring decision…think of someone outside yourself..many gave their lives for your freedom you abuse…

    3. You have the freedom to cheat on your partner. Doesn’t mean you should do it.
      You have the freedom to eat McDonalds every day of your life. Doesn’t mean you should do it.
      And you have the freedom not to get vaccinated. Doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get vaccinated.

      Just because something isn’t mandated (yet) doesn’t mean there isn’t an objectivly right way to act. Stop being selfish. Get vaccinated.

    4. How is not taking EU approved vaccines giving up essential liberty?

      I don’t see a liberty related issue there at all.

      I actually got covid in February of 2020 before it made the news…

      It did do long-term damage to my lungs…

      I still have trouble walking, and when I do walk I have to stop stand and gasp a while to get enough oxygen to continue walking multiple times to get a days worth of food….

      Then I have to sit for a couple hours to be strong enough to walk again.

      I literally have to plan bathroom visits so I have the ability to walk to one when I’ll need it.

      That’s definitely eating into my liberty to do anything.

      Get vaccinated before you find out what long covid is like. There’s zero treatments so far that are anything other than eat lots of vitamins and pray for recovery.

      You don’t want this one.

  7. That sounds good but in truth the % of people who died from small pox is other worldly compaired to this.something that sounds good but is highly misleading givin the example.

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