Flash Grenades, Tear Gas Deployed On Exterior Capitol Balcony | MSNBC 1

Flash Grenades, Tear Gas Deployed On Exterior Capitol Balcony | MSNBC


Yasmin Vossoughian reports from outside the U.S. Capitol, where smoke grenades and tear gas have been deployed among the mob gathered on the building's balcony. Aired on 01/06/2021.
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Flash Grenades, Tear Gas Deployed On Exterior Capitol Balcony | MSNBC


    1. @Ryan True
      Is that what Trump told you gramps?
      You’re just another Putin parrot soldier.
      How’s your new account working out for you?

    2. Twitter has just announced Trump’s account will be locked for the next 12 hours due to his tweets about the election earlier today.

    3. @Logic Police Remember the Ebola scare a while back? Obama organized a worldwide effort to keep it contained and … they did it. It could have been bad, but it was not because we had an adult in the white house.

    4. @Ryan True Republicans failed to contain or even attempt to contain a lethal virus – because Trump doesn’t like masks? The US economy is trashed because of Republicans inaction not Democratic actions.

    1. @Vicente Navejar No they are not. They are protesters, they have every right to protest. This whole radical right terrorism non sense is being pushed by those who want to direct attention away from Antifa/BLM. Use your heads, cities were literally burning, people were killed, and lives/businesses were destroyed. Months of this took place and when the right does anything they get labeled as terrorists/rioters. You just don’t like it when people you don’t agree with play by your own rules.


    3. Second that. The time for tolerating these people is over. Change is needed. Change is imperative.

      It needs to start with making lies, lies again. Instead of alternative f_cking facts.

  1. Trump said that these type of protestors should all be charged and I think 10 years??? Tweet for every lie and contradiction.

    1. Twitter has just announced Trump’s account will be locked for the next 12 hours due to his tweets about the election earlier today.

    2. @You Tabe I was thinking that there are about 150 others who should be arrested, and they all have the same thing in common: Republican members of Congress.

    1. Elect a clown….Expect a circus.
      Trump and GOP.
      Imbecile Trump says he will never concede…he has LOST again and again, his whole life he is a LOSER.

    1. Actually if you think about this carefully and always remember what a bunch of evil sneaky snakes the Republicans and Trump are …you just might want to see this whole thing as a bit of political theater …where you have the scenario of Trump and his spin doctors coming up with the strategy to act more and more unstable …so that your friends in the Republican Party who are in on this bit of political theater start talking about it might just be time remove Trump … when that happens Pence takes over for a short time as interim President … and lo and behold he starts talking about the evil democrats who made his friend Trumps life miserable for 4 years ..and says that this stress got to Trump and as a ‘good christian’ he has no other choice then to pardon Trump ….
      IE.you have no need for Trump to self-pardon himself when you set up the scenario for using stress and mental incapacity as a reason for your buddies to come to your aid… …

    1. @Vincent Falsitta no one is dragging the president out of anywhere. They wouldn’t even get close. The way it should be. A Democrat wouldn’t act like trump has so we wouldn’t be in this position

    2. @Aldebaran Balthazar tired bs that has been debunked. Don’t be so afraid. Fox conditioned you to be scared of whatever boogie man fits but you can change. Have faith

    1. Pence could only make that order if he has been sworn in as president. I wonder if they invoked the 25th amendment while they were in waiting at the secure location?

    2. @Aldebaran Balthazar wow. Awesome thing to brag about. What an embarrassment and disgrace you must be to your family. If they haven’t disowned you yet. Smh

    3. @Missy Citty you are in denial. You love monsters too.
      I see in your shadow the monster sniffing your hair,

    1. We don’t have to imagine. We’ve seen how the cops handle BLM protests. But Trump-Terrorists get a free pass.

  2. This is exactly what Donald Trump wants. The Mad King and we need Jaime Lannister now.
    Or at least the 25 Amendment.

    1. Twitter has now suspended Trump’s account and may ban him. Then hopefully, he will be sent to prison …


    2. @Aldebaran Balthazar I believe the recommended sentence for treason is just a bit longer than that .

  3. “The party of law and order”…they can’t produce any legitimate evidence of their supposedly stolen election in a court of law and can’t even protest peacefully and orderly…pathetic.

  4. Trump and his deplorable supporters have brought the US down to the level of a two bit bannana republic.

    1. It would appear that the bloated tangerine is no longer in charge, and now White House staffers are beginning to resign.

  5. Trump must be removed from the people’s house immediately. There is no going forward with him still being president.

  6. Presidential reality show season 2 – Insurrection! – brought to you courtesy the president and party of “law and order”

    1. But…but, they are WHIIIIIITTTTE!
      If this protesters was more diverse or majority made up of African Americans, then the police will shoot and then ask forgiveness and pardons from Trump afterwards. Trumpists will just say “our thoughts and prayers” yada yada.

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