Florida Public School District Responds To Threat Of Loss Of Funding

Alachua County Public Schools Superintendent Dr. Carlee Simon joins Morning Joe to discuss why the school district is defying Florida’s ban on mask mandates even if it results in a loss of funding.

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Florida Public School District Responds To Threat Of Loss Of Funding


    1. Just simple common scense wich parent will send their child to an all smoking school. Lord there would be a caose.

    2. It’s not just the children. It affects everyone in the community. Freedumb is not a substitute for responsible regulations.

  1. These Republicans seem to think that everyone is in love with money the way they are. I’d say since educators already don’t make enough pay, they’re not doing it for the money.

    1. @Miranda are you a doctor? Did you hear him speak yesterday. He did just fine. Never once did he say to inject bleach or that stealth jets were invisible. He never call our country the United Schates, or called a state park Yo semite. But I guess you would know better. Covfefe!

    2. @Miranda – I think you fail to understand that people didn’t vote for Biden as much as they voted against Trump.

    3. @Kath Casey trump cultists cant comprehend that average people do not worship politicians or public figures… its just weirdos and cult members who do that..

    4. @Lynne Taylor if that was all I’d agree I’m down for new roads but that isn’t the case now is it… why don’t you read what’s attached to the infrastructure bill.
      Keep on spending look at the prices for everyday good now, rent,gas, even death is more expensive

    1. I’m happy they’re doing this. But the reality is that a school that banned masks should be forced to require them

    2. @YouTube Censorship Sux time with teachers is the only time Floridian children aren’t surrounded by total morons

  2. I hope the crazed crooked DeSantis responsible for several deaths in his state will be forced to pay the piper in the not too distant future. Possibly in 2022 or 2024, but preferanbly before.

    1. If he keeps killing of stupid Republicans voters he will not have anyone to vote for him, unless they use dead people to vote for him like Trump loyalists tried to do.

    2. How do you feel about the governor’s that killed the elderly by putting COVID individuals in nursing homes?

    1. @Joseph Stanhope I don’t know about anyone else( I love Florida)but Im disgusted with their governor.

    2. @Don Acacia If you know you are infected.That is a crime. If there breaking a law,I don’t know but it should be against the law to knowing passing a deadly virus. It was when typhoid Mary was around because she wouldn’t stop going out knowing she was infecting people. She was never aloud to leave her house ever again,after they realized that was the only way to stop her from spreading it to other people.

  3. Desantis cares so little for children that not only does he fail to take measures to keep them safe but he is also prepared to reduce funding for their education.

    1. @Sandi Harris It will not magically disappear. Not in April or any other month. Vaccination is our only option to stop the spread at the moment if we dont want more lockdowns.

    2. @Show Me Garage keep avoiding vaccines and wearing masks..that’s just what you should do , just s.t.f.home and stop possibly making your neighbors sick.

    1. @AJ Kendro – So you think counties will secede from States? I highly doubt that. But it won’t be a peaceful affair of that I have no doubt.

    2. @Kath Casey They are already trying to do it. Northern California and southern Oregon are trying to form the independent state of Jefferson.

    3. @AJ Kendro – Oh dear. Did you know that California has the 7th largest economy in the world right now. What will those southern states do when they don’t get the tax money California is giving to the Feds for distribution to poor states like Kentucky? How will the south even be able to afford a working military?

    4. @AJ Kendro Hey Trump Administration witheld needed help to Cuomo, Jared kusher even confessed to it saying “It is their problem”.

      Plus Desantis is spreading misinformation and NOW threatening school officials over pay just because they’re implementing mask mandates against his order.

      Did Cuomo did that? I’ll wait. You say you’re neither Dem or Rep but yet you’re sounding more Trumpist than Rep.

    5. @Harold Moore It was was clearly stolen.Liberals Open your eyes and ears you may be supprised by the truth.

  4. The “Pro life” party who stops caring the min a child leaves the womb,one might think they only care about abortion to wrangle the evangelical vote…

    1. They don’t care about the fetus either. It’s just about control and enforcing religious beliefs through a secular political system.

    2. WHAT!!!!! I am shocked, simply shocked! Republicans using hot button cultural issues as a front to cut the taxes of their donors and corporate overlords while not doing anything about what they campaign on because they could actually care less about what the rubes who voted for them wants!?!?
      On consideration, Im not shocked in the least.

    3. @H Basinhe If they are AGAINST infrastructure project, that will replace lead pipes. Cause, lead poisons these same children, who they claim so much they love…

  5. Someone should point out to Governor DeSantis that taking a stand while one is standing in quicksand is not wise.

    1. @jvsnyc And that is the sad part, people making ill informed decisions arrived at through their social media.
      I’m sure his family, friends and staff are all fully vaccinated.

    2. @Kepler186F Of course. He takes care of his own, that being his friends, family and staff (more than Trump did) but his voters are on their own, until and unless he becomes worried that so many will die he will lose the next election. Right up to that point it is THEIR problem.

    1. She is doing more than the governor she is trying to save people that no good governor is killing people!!!

  6. Well done to our educators. This nut Desantis has cracked and he needs to take his dirty paws off our schools, yes our schools principles,teachers, Union, parents and children. We are the decision makers

    1. Do all of you mean principles? A principal is the head of the school, a principle is a moral code. Such as You want a principal with principles.

    2. AND tell me why the overpaid, ridiculous football, baseball, soccer players get millions of dollars for hitting a ball or throwing a ball and our teachers, of our worlds children, get pittances. Its disgraceful! This needs to change!

    1. Although I am with you, WISE LOLLY, I think it is inappropriate to say that someone caring about kids is a great person. That’s just a *normal* person.
      The fact that we have to point it out when people care about others, including children, is ridiculous. This is the result of GOP brainwashing, and truly a stain on America that we have allowed the GOP to put us in such a situation where we consider the act of caring for others to be something worthy of praise rather than what it actually is: Just normal.
      The GOP is the worst thing ever to happen to America and it needs to be destroyed, for the sake of everyone on the planet.

    2. @max omus her job is to provide a safe and healthy learning environment and that’s EXACTLY what she is trying to do; she’s charged, by parents, to keep their children safe, and she’s doing just that, it’s the right thing to do and you know it…

  7. I praise this woman kudos to her, Dr. keep resisting, your governor is using you guys as pawns, and his political scheme of things.

    1. Wow, who does that sound like??? Could there possibly be another orange human being living in FL who this sounds like…

  8. Yes Desantis, lets take the salaries of Teachers trying to protect Your children in My state with the highest increase of covid among Children.

    1. Meanwhile his children’s private school has mask mandates. He needs to explain why the Federal bailout funds to the States for helping schools reopen safely has not been spent in Florida.

    2. Perhaps if DeSantis hadn’t tried so hard to impress trump by opening this state prematurely, we wouldn’t be setting here with, once again, some of the highest covid numbers in the country.
      So what happens when more and more kids starting getting the virus which will inevitably mean more and more kids dying from the virus. What then, what will DeSantis do. I’m pretty certain he won’t accept responsibility.
      More likely than not he’ll demand the states health officials not report on or even talk about the numbers. “If we just ignore it, it’ll just go away right”???????????
      DeSantis seems far more concerned with the border, which was in chaos throughout the trump presidency it’s not anything new, than he is with what is happening in our state the one he is supposed to govern.
      DeSantis idea of good leadership seems to be do what I say or I’ll strip you of all your funding, I’ll have you arrested in front of your children and point guns at your children’s heads.
      DeSantis isn’t about solutions he isn’t about working together for the betterment of all. No DeSantis is all about DeSantis. DeSantis needs to go and he needs to go soon before he can do anymore damage than what he has already done. He does not have the slightest idea about what to do about covid so he’ll follow the rights playbook and ignore the real crisis and make up easier problems to deal with.

  9. “This world will not be destroyed by those who do evil, but by those who watch them without doing anything.” – Albert Einstein. This is the perfect example of this quote. 😇🙏🏻

    1. “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for enough good men to do nothing”. — E. Burke 🙂

  10. That’s what u call a tyrant.
    “I don’t get what I want, I won’t pay u, I’ll stop school funding”

  11. IMPEACH the governor!!! What’s next? He’ll remove cars from people who insist on wearing a seat belt? He’s a lunatic.

    1. The MAGA TRASH pushed a recall Campaign against Gavin Newsom is CA. DeVirus is WAY, WAY Worse. Someone in Florida should start a DeathSandtits RECALL or have him impeached

  12. I’ve never heard of anything so ludicrous such as this, cutting funding and salaries of teachers if schools mandate protection. What a crazy messed up country

    1. It is actions he cannot do according to the law. He is an ignorant, tyrant. All the schools, teachers, administrators need to SUE DESANTIS!!

    2. The real tragedy is people often deserve the leaders they get! Texas and Florida are paying a heavy price for their politics!!

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