‘The Numbers Are Alarming,’ Says Head Of Texas Medical Center

President and CEO of the Texas Medical Center, Bill McKeon, joins Morning Joe to discuss how the coronavirus is impacting the state's hospitals, with dozens now out of ICU beds.

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'The Numbers Are Alarming,' Says Head Of Texas Medical Center


  1. Just imagine if everyone was on the same page from the start of the pandemic and politics didn’t play a role how much better off we would be today.

    1. @No Show Joe Lockdowns on the scale that Winston talked of absolutely would work. Whether or not it is constitutional or if the public would allow it is an entirely different thing. The “lockdowns” you refer to were nowhere near as thorough as he described.

    2. @Elmosweed I like to think of myself as independent, but we now have a slim majority coalition just to preserve democracy. I can work with people like the republican accountability project when we have to. Like now, man.

    3. @Louis Tully The vaccines reduce the odds of transmission. I just read this on the CDC website, “COVID-19 vaccines reduce the risk of people spreading the virus that causes COVID-19.” If enough people could get vaccinated, the disease would largely disappear, as did polio and smallpox.

    4. @Ben Morgan In times of war or a pandemic, we have to give up some freedoms. No one said 100 percent controlled.

  2. You think it’s bad in Texas? Louisiana has the highest infection rate per capita in the country.

    1. @Bryan You’re correct about NJ not being managed properly but NJ rates of hospitalization is not high. Death rates are not anywhere near where they were first time through. Do you need to be cautious? Yes, but stop with the fear tactics. The cdc just admitted they accidentally added 10 thousand to the case count in Florida.

    2. Research your numbers from local sources. The CDC just admitted they added 10,000 to the infection numbers to FL.

  3. Take the, “politics,” OUT of Covid. Get your advice from the EXPERT. That would be your DOCTOR! Covid does NOT vote! And the Grim Reaper? He won’t give you a vote!

    1. @George Benjamin Perhaps you should look up the comments of Larry Hogan, the Republican Governor of Maryland. His state was collateral damage early in the pandemic when Covid hit the coasts. Trump and Kuschner thought that Covid would only affect “Blue States”. Blue state governors traded ventilators. Trump was furious at Hogan for ordering the testing supplies from South Korea. The coastal states were on their own ordering their own testing then safeguarding what they ordered from being intercepted by the federal government and stolen. Thousands of health care providers died without proper PPE.

      It was not until Biden finally invoked the Defense Production Act in February that N95 masks were finally being produced. In April 2021 the FDA announced that we should stop the dangerous practice of reusing our SINGLE USE DISPOSABLE N95 masks sometimes for a week or more on multiple patients. Trump did not want to acknowledge the seriousness of Covid by making the supplies for doctors and nurses.He did not want to spook the stock market and adversely affect his re-election chances.

      Crawl back under your rock troll. You weren’t practicing medicine under the Trump administration.

    2. @Emmabee you seem super tolerant. Someone politely disagrees with you and you tell them to crawl under a rock. Ladies and gents “the tolerant left” 👏

    3. @George Benjamin Actually, when New York, and other blue state requested respirators, and other supplies from the federal government, their request was denied by Kushner. When Texas and Florida just requested similar supplies from Biden, their requests were granted.

    4. @Deborah Freedman thank you for answering politely. I will definitely research that. PPE and life-saving equipment should go to everyone, regardless of politics. If that is actually improving under Biden, then I’m grateful. I don’t care who is in power. Good things are good things. I certainly didn’t agree with everything Trump did, but I think it’s a lazy argument to say everything is Trump’s fault. Especially since we are now onto new variants that didn’t exist while trump was in office. State and local governments are always going to have a bigger impact on people’s daily lives than the White House.

  4. In 1964, GM released the Corvair, a car with the trunk in front and the engine in the back. That was the same year that Ralph Nader appeared before Congress getting them to pass the seatbelt legislation. Unfortunately, I was driving a GM company car and sitting at a light when a young woman, who was angry with her male partner, decided to drive into my car. Without a seatbelt, my knee was destroyed. I’m still paying for her tantrum 57 years later. And she dramatically changed the course of my future. However, GM stopped the “trunk in the front” model the next year. I’ve been wearing seatbelts ever since they’ve become available. The beauty of human beings is our ability to adapt to change as necessary. Covid has certainly required change on the part of all of us. Do we accept it calmly, or do we resist it like grumpy old men? That is the crucial question?

    1. @SaltyHamSlam You left out a word before “news”. You’re talking about Fox News, right? Then why not put in the word Fox? I still have no idea who “they” is.

    2. @Gnirol Namlerf really you can not understand who they is? Maybe you are just so smart that you lack common sense? 🤔 maybe. They is the news and every forum of media that is shutting down the conversation on this topic and try as hard as possible to keep all sources of information on their (news/media) platforms stepping in line with their(news/media) narrative. But some how I think you understood that smart dumb guy.
      I mean even the dummy Abraham understood what I was saying and he actually believes a face diaper can stop a viaurus. (Yes I spelled it wrong grammar popo or it will be deleted)

    1. This is “Democracy” at the finest for the world to see. One person’s power over EVERYONE! I mean Everyone! Wait… wrong video.

    1. @# not my PEDO 
      Yeah, and??
      Biden has save your country for you and given the USA a degree of credibility all around the world again.
      Under Trump the whole world seen the USA as a complete joke, Trump needs locking up for decades, the man is a tyrant who led an army of terrorists to try and overthrow the government, the whole world breathed a sigh of relief the day that Donald Trump lost the election in a landslide victory for Joe Biden.
      God bless America but not if Trump is allowed to live.

  5. And let’s guess who ole Bill voted for in Texas? ‘I never thought leopards would eat MY face,’ sobs woman who voted for the Leopards Eating People’s Faces Party.”

    1. WELL, WE ARE ALL DEBT-FREE AS FAR AS WE SEE, THE GOVERNMENT IS NOT FREE OF THIS GUILT, WE CALL FRAUD, EITHER. <3 For re-organizing corruption using the corruption itself. <3 With titles or narrations like this it's easy to distract others from the fact that the whole thing is ORGANIZED BY THE ONES NOT PLAYING PUPPET, AKA "PRESIDENT." <3 HOW DOES ANYONE REPRESENT PEACE, WHEN YOU FIGHT IT WITH IGNORANCE, CLAIMING YOU HAVE A PEACEFUL SANCTUARY FOR US NOW? SOUNDS MORE LIKE A PRISON. <3

  6. why doesn’t the Governor and the Senators do anything to help this situation? Because they are Republican idiots. Accordingly, you don’t see Fox reporting truthfully on this.

  7. Cult 45ers should also insist that their dentist and/ or surgeon does not wear a mask when they are performing surgery. That would be consistent with their beliefs about how bad masks are.

    1. Their deep sea divers and firemen should also go maskless to maintain consistency with their views…😝🤣🤣

    2. Never understand when they say mask are bad for you 🤦🏻‍♀️ surgery, dentist , icu etc etc always wear them !,!! Idiots people 😡

  8. When are people going to realize that you don’t choose an illness, it chooses you, it does not discriminate.

    1. Especially doctors in the red states, whether you like to admit it or not they do. I experienced this first hand.

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