Florida's 'Mini-Trump' Loses Teacher Clash: 'I Don't Have That Power' 1

Florida’s ‘Mini-Trump’ Loses Teacher Clash: ‘I Don’t Have That Power’


As cases of the coronavirus rise in Florida, MAGA Gov. Ron DeSantis has maintained his crusade against safety measures. After banning mask mandates and threatening to withhold the salaries of officials who enforced them, DeSantis is now backtracking and admitting he does not have the power to take away those salaries. MSNBC's Ari Melber reports on the situation. 

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    1. @Leroy 100 nope I dont believe in trump, TDS is for deranged people that believe trump was good after he lied, stole and destroyed the economy

    2. @Micheal Fox know is glorifying them. we’re speaking for the dead” because they never do”. the country must never forget, the lives lost through their incompetence”.

    1. @jim mayors
      if you are, all vaccinated …
      the survival rate would be a f lot higher ….than all not vaccinated …

    2. @Gordon Peacman He, who? Biden?? For the military?? If he signed an order requiring every serviceman get a vaccine, that is likely unlawful, which is why he has to order it since so many soldiers/sailors didn’t do it VOLUNTARILY. Can Biden order every female soldier take the pill?
      Would that be a lawful order? Particularly when their isn’t really any real science behind this or any of these decisions! Everything is politically motivated, not scientifically motivated.

  1. let me make sure I understand this right: this guy went to Harvard and Yale. He’s a great advertisement for a community college education!

    1. @D O of course there are exceptions……but from a financial point of view …..it’s the prestige of an ivy league degree that propels many students with the same or less intelligence to higher levels they wouldn’t get from degrees from an institution with lesser status …..it’s why many students want to go there…..if they’re competing for a job with someone with the credentials of having a degree from an ivy league school …..it’s always assumed that they will be a bigger asset …..even if they aren’t as adept mentally as an individual from a smaller lesser known institution.

    2. The Ivy League seems to need some pruning of benefactors. These idiots didn’t get in on merits as much as money.

    3. @Charles L Jones right, so does DeSantis, only thing is, leftist and (your) news media pretend he doesn’t because they are full of hate for Republicans and want to destroy them. None of you will ever see good in DeSantis because your full of hate and bias

  2. A person can be very intelligent, go to the best universities, have doctorates, but it does not mean being a good person and their intelligence and charisma are used for evil. A wise person is one who seeks the common good of all, because he knows that if everyone is well, he will be well.

    1. @Scott Hollander

      Yet requiring an I.D. in no way limits individual liberty. Using that logic human rights are limited by purchasing alcohol and cigarettes.

      It is incredibly racist and dishonest to assume blacks are incapable of acquiring a license.

      You also don’t seem to understand. The masks or the vaccine are not the problem. The problem rests with the government when they attach the word mandate to both.

      The government counts on you to run interference.

    2. @Jesus is alive and cares! There is NOTHING in that puke chunk called De Santis that would even remotely be classified as a hero. NOTHING!!!!!

    3. @Jonathan Sterling ummm. No. You don’t blame the mortician or the doctor for the cause of death. They just diagnose and present the results thereof.


    5. @Scott Hollander

      I would ask you to provide any examples of your claim…

      But we both know that you would red herring fallacy your way out of providing solid evidence.

      Your only play would be to insist that I accept your argument at face value. And when I expressed skepticism you would rationalize that as me being gullible because I didn’t fall for your bull$hit.

  3. You’d think mini-me would be at least smart enough to have his legal team research his powers before doing something so stupid.

    1. @Taken Took Your comments were well stated until you got to the monoclonal antibodies comment, which is pure speculation. By going there, you are reducing the legitimacy of your otherwise thoughtful comments to the level of the Trumpians and their ridiculous statements.

  4. Hopefully the applause when DeSantis speaks is just a sound track…its disturbing to think people are stupid enough to agree with him

    1. @Michael Brinkers But none of the aforementioned people are clean. That’s the problem. If Gillum runs again he would win. Also, by the time the race comes around again, thousands of voters will be dead. The thing that puzzles me is how come none of these politicians ever get covid….well none of the main ones anyway.

    2. @A Place For My Stuff What makes you think that? Is that just another factless accusation?

    3. @Jesus is alive and cares! “What makes you think that? ”
      What makes me think what? Without context I have no idea what you are asking me since I made more than 1 point in my comment. See, that’s a fact too.

  5. The Trumpists have this bad habit of making threats and THEN checking the law. 😑

    DeSantis truly is a mini-Trump and Trump’s getting smaller, day by day.

    1. Seems like you have an unhealthy obsession. You should seek medical attention immediately. I’m sure there’s a pill to help you.

    2. @SeanPat1001
      Story page 1
      Retraction page 26 buried between a hemorrhoid ad and a bug spray ad.
      In very small print

  6. FOUR educators dead within a day of one another. Where’s the Union response to Deathsantis and his irresponsible behaviour?

    1. @Sherrie LaaksonenWhere did it say they were not in school? It just said “just days before classes began” which made me think this was during teacher planning you know when teachers return generally a week before the kids come back. I am aware of the two week quarantine. And yes school just started and teachers are testing positive (so far the ones I know of were not vaccinated either).

    2. @RMJ yes that’s a detail that has been omitted in this and some of the reports , but this is a detail published and spoken of in other reports. Protocols are to track their contacts once testing positive so it is good to know they were not in school recently before school opened, other than that its private information

  7. Every parent, teachers, educators, principals, all the school districts in the state of Florida should file a lawsuit against Desantis due to the threats he made.

    1. It should happen and I would gladly sign up to get DeSantis removed out of office. HOWEVER, the lawsuits will only be using up the taxpayer money. Nothing will come out of his personal money. 🙁 Florida is going to get hurt healthwise and financially.

    2. @RMJ right. We’re screwed. I don’t normally donate to politicians but I might donate to Charlie Crist so we can have someone new in 2022.

    3. @Wanda Cardec I was not a fan of Crist either, but whoever runs against DeSantis (assuming they are better which they clearly will be at this point) I will vote for them. He is totally screwing over Floridians and the school system.

    4. @cc 1k In Florida it is impossible to recall the Governor. The Republicans made sure of that. Its in the State Constitution that the only way to get rid of a bad Governor is by impeachment, and republicans control, or at the ballot box. The only recourse is to vote against him with numbers so large in spite of all the voter suppression laws they just passed.

  8. As you stand over the side of your child’s grave in Florida, remember to thank Governor DeSantis for the privilege of feeling the breeze blowing across your unmasked face!

    1. As you stand over the grave of your dead grandma in New York, remember Cuomo was feeling up the help before he then forced her to die in the nursing home.

    1. Sure he does, for dereliction of Duty, they get paid a State salary, and there obfuscating there duty, to do there job, which is teach and nothing more, then he has that right. Look up the actual law in Florida’s constitution and get back to me. If the Federal “government” want to force something on the people, they need to produce actual evidence that a “virus” exists, not the number of cases, but the actual virus, you can say all you want, but without proof, it’s useless. The one who makes the claim has burden of proof? Prove it? In every area of the claim, 100% proof, not hearsay,, rumor or innuendo, that’s not admissable in an actual court of law.

    1. @Kat loves dogs I do not mean to be rude , but your wording is confusing . This generation has been taught lies so badly in our government indoctrination camps that there is a generation who says that the Republicans are communists. Then this same generation wants communism. Yet this same generation hates Republicans. Honestly , I don’t think gen Z or Millinials have any idea what facism , communism ( socialism) , democracy , a Democrat or a Republican are . NOr any truth. Truth about our founding fathers , truth about GOD or truth about history. Our nation is never ever going to have democracy. Alot of gen z and millinials have been taught pure lies, and very very bad lies the last 40 years. Why do you watch this news ? it is the very top very bad 😞

    2. ​@Emerald He obviously prohibits responsible educated parents… (those who believe in health science and epidemiology and not crooked Trump wannabe politicians)….from sending their children to a school that is safe for all the children and teachers, as evaluated by the CDC. The Delta variant is a whole new ball game when it comes to Covid19 . 225% more transmissable and more deadly. And in fact while the old cloth masks that everyone is still using were quite good at preventing the spread of original Covid, they are not near as good at preventing the spread of the Delta variant. Especially in a crowded class room of 30 kids with now a much higher viral load and safe social distancing now probably much greater tnan 6 feet. And many health experts are now actually recommending people wear the N95 masks, that are now more available to everyone. But Governor Deathsentence won’t even require everyone to wear the cloth facemasks making infection even more likely. Even if just one infected asymptomatic kid doesn’t wear one he can pass it on to the unvaccinated younger kids who are close by for even a short period of time and those further away after a longer period of time. Sort of like one kid peeing in a pool, but much more deadly. Responsible parents who don’t want to send there kids to a dangerous school where to be safe according to the CDC, requires EVERYONE to either be vaccinated or masked, have the right to demand so . Gov. Deathsentence and all the clueless who follow politicians instead of the health experts give them no choice to do that. Unless they can afford to pack up and move to another state. We all have the right to choose to not wear a mask or socially distanc, but not when it endangers or harms others. All states have laws requiring kids to be vaccinated for diseases like polio, tetanus, diphtheria, hepatitis, chicken pox and now probably when fully approved by the FDA, Covid. Because those who ignorantly refuse to get vaccinated extends the infection indefinitely as more mutations create more and more lethal strains, herd immunity gets further and further away. With original Covid they estimated herd immunity at about 70% vaccination. With the Delta variant it is now probably 85-90%. Soon there will be no herd immunity (100%). And we will have to get vaccinations regularly like the flu. Until the vaccinations are approved for all age groups the only way to slow the spread and mutation rate is by vaccinating all we can, social distancing and masking the best we can. Hopefully we can get everyone vaccinated in time to reach herd immunity. But time is running out. And our pathetic willfull ignorance, and irresponsible politicalization of a pandemic, health science, vaccines, masks etc. makes us a pitiful society for the history books.

    3. We need MSNBC and CNN to show the world the crisis at the border and not DeSantis and Trump all the time

    1. ‘The better to hug you with.🏌️‍♀️🏌️‍♂️⛳️🎯🥅🥋🥊

    2. “Oh, but masks hurt my sensitive, itty-bitty face,” sniff, sniff. But liberals are the “snowflakes.” Yeah, sure.

  9. How can the governor still feel this way after these four teachers died. Very disrespectful and uncaring. He also did not acknowledge the loss of the loyal teachers who lost their lives.

    1. @Anja Oldnettle You TALK to Fox News Viewers? Why? They’ve rejected the validity of evidence, science, and even basic arithmetic. You can’t reason with people like that. Notice their replies. The replies are “what aboutisms” that change the subject because zygotes and fetuses are NOT living children. The replies are name-calling. There’s just no point in talking to them at all.

    2. And he won’t, the same way trump never acknowledged the deaths of the over 500,000 that he murdered.

    3. @D O Yes the replies are name calling. I am sure there are paid people who are getting money to get rid of people who let their sheep get a doubt in the demonizing of democrats, immigrants and the empty phrases they all repeat like chants in rallies. There are Professional writers, some are like fiction writers and are far to intelligent to be true. It would be possible to convince people they are lied to, therefore they have soldiers to protect the lies. It is sad and wicked.

  10. Sounds really familiar, threatening to do something without having the power to so,sounds exactly like Donnie doofus alright,you nailed it,he’s a mini trump…

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