John Kirby: 'The Situation In Afghanistan Continues To Deteriorate' 1

John Kirby: ‘The Situation In Afghanistan Continues To Deteriorate’

Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby discusses the Taliban offensive continuing across Afghanistan and says the Biden admin. is not seeing the level of resistance from Afghan security forces they expected 

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  1. When some Americans talk about our Special Forces they just wrongly think “trained killers”. What gets over looked is how educated and intelligent our men and women in the militar really are.

    1. UFC bets, so why don’t we?

      I go with the Afghan army, because they have the Taliban concentrated on the capital just like they wanted, since the Afghan army outnumbers them by 4 to 1. Please list your bet. Thanks.

    2. @Adam Taylor Imagine our Special Forces that relies on analyzing massive amounts of data covering extremely complex situations in diverse cultures ever want intellectuals? Mmm..

    3. The driver in my crew was an astrophysicist. I asked him why he joined, his reply: “I was bored.”

  2. 6 months ago there was only 2500 US troops in all of Afghanistan, now there’s 3000 after the withdrawal! You seriously want me to believe that you’ve been planning this for months?

  3. If the country is corrupt there is nothing to do really. We stuck there for 20 years enough is enough. Let them sort themselves out.

    1. @nebulus I agree. No US court convicted any of the Trump adminstration for collussion with your Russia. And A Washington jury in November 2019 convicted Roger Stone on all seven criminal counts of obstruction of a congressional investigation, five counts of making false statements to Congress, and tampering with a witness. But Putin and you? Say this did not happen. Paul Manafort? Micheal Cohen? Micheal Flynn? Rick Gates? George Nader? George Papadopoulous? Were NOT convicted by a US court for any collussion with Russia. According to you Russians? It all never happened right?

    2. @Veronique One communist backing up the lies of another communist. That is so funny. We the People however? Can read the US court conviction of all the Russian puppets people who worked in his administration. Your Putino can only tell you to deny that. But the entire free world can read the US courts conviction word for word. Except in Russia ofcourse. See how my mighty red, white and blue still stands at the light of the dawn? You Russian trolls completely failed to take down the US court and justice system.

  4. “Air strikes to help the Afghan security forces.” Oh if that were only the case. Our air forces could catch all of those fanatics out in the open and decimate them.

  5. 20 years spending $Billions to get Americans killed, while training and arming the Taliban. Well done America.

    1. Could have called it 20yrs ago. We should have been out long ago. The region has been the undoing of many civilizations

    2. @Jacob Olness Literally this has been going on for over 100 years. Brutal dictator takes over, Western forces come in and try to claim this will never happen again.

  6. “The Afghans” are made up of several different tribes, none of which care about what happens to the others. They’re not a unified nation. When the Taliban reaches their cities they surrender and turn over all their equipment to protect their families. They know that gear will be used to slaughter others, but if they’re not of their tribe, then it doesn’t matter.

    America has never once gotten that.

  7. It was planned to remove all U.S troops and then send 3,000 back in? Sounds pretty dumb to me. And the hesitating this guy is doing is not giving me confidence.

    1. Oh well, all in a day’s work… these people in America want their sons home, and those Afghans – whew!

  8. “they have an opportunity.”

    To die. That’s the part he didnt say out loud. They have an opportunity to die.

    Slow by torture, or quick by suicide.

  9. There will be more taxpayers money, more weapons flowing into Afghanistan to prevent Kabul from falling apart for years to come. A new foreign policy in place by the current WH.

  10. The US needs to bring in the interpreters, translators, drivers all those of risked there lives along side Americans should not be abandoned

  11. They knew it was going to unfold like this. The US actually wants an endlessly chaotic Afghanistan. A stable Afghanistan will ally itself with Pakistan disrupting the power balance and increasing tensions in the area.

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