Fmr. CIA Intelligence Officer Details Struggle With ‘Havana Syndrome’

Former senior CIA intelligence service officer Marc Polymeropoulos details his struggle with the mystery illness known as 'Havana Syndrome' that has affected U.S. diplomats and government workers overseas. Polymeropoulos also discusses his new book 'Clarity in Crisis'.

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Fmr. CIA Intelligence Officer Details Struggle With 'Havana Syndrome'


    1. Actually, Direct Energy high- radio frequency or microwave device has been in used for awhile here in the USA, Like LRAD by the militar and some fishing Industries.

  1. I didn’t appreciate having to watch a second commercial before seeing .5 seconds of Willy signing off.

    1. YouTube premium. It sucks having to pay 8 bucks a month but not having to see any ads is totally worth it.

  2. This situation sure smells Putinesque. Russia is a veritable crime state outside of their oil/gas reserves.

  3. This is an extremely old and continuing story through multiple Administrations. All this did was elevate the anti-Trump and anti-Russian drumbeat while promoting a book. Google: “Russian energy waves embassy”, reports go back as far as 2012 on just the first page of returns. The real concern: If the first Administration (Eisenhower) did something we wouldn’t have to regurgitate this every 4 years.

  4. How about the U.N. putting microwave attacks in the same category as chemical weapons attacks??

    1. How about it? Really silly idea. The way an emergency response, detection works is completely different. The air force and navy use high energy microwaves for radar. Do you cook with poisonous chemicals? Chemicals don’t go through walls, reflect off surfaces. Not to mention that your phone and wifi operate in the microwave band, so you’d be carrying a chemical weapons launcher.

  5. I just googled “Active Denial System” to study the use of microwave weapons in the military and the police force and received a “security offer” from Google to adjust my security settings. 😉
    p.s. The only way to reach such keywords is through using languages other than English, French, German, & Spanish as they are put under sophisticated misguiding algorithms.

  6. I believe they had cars go by with those new systems that stop you from posting.. how convenient for the power to control that. I wonder if that’s why my neighborhood swarmed with certain people. & yes I believe our cell phones are working along with it.

  7. Wow…congress has world class platinum health coverage & not one of them thinks out spy’s would need healthcare?? Yep…that sounds about right!!🤦‍♀️

  8. Officials need to be looked into along with their wives & husband’s because of the filtering in of people in the attack. Along with immediate family & the divorced from people & children of both !!! Every one of them that brought investigations up ..even Vance, Barr etc..

  9. All schools for anything related to these attacks including chemicals need to be checked for association.

  10. 2009 The U.S. military spent tens of millions of dollars and years of work developing a microwave “pain beam,” but a combination of technical difficulties and political concerns kept the Pentagon from fielding the thing. Now, an Israeli team says they’re working on their own own portable version. And it’ll cost just $250,000

    Blame Cuba, sure.

    1. Actually, Direct Energy high- radio frequency or microwave device has been in used for awhile here in the USA, Like LRAD by the militar and some fishing Industries.

  11. Given this form of attack has occurred to quite a few people over several years, haven’t we produced a sensor based instrument that detects both a wide range of microwave frequencies, as well as infrasonic sounds? Neither microwaves nor infrasonic sounds require exotic sensors in order to detect them.

  12. Kinda buried the lead there… I wanna know who the “blue guy or gal” is at the Morning Joe set… don’t you?

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