Fmr. DHS Chief On Trump Deploying Federal Officers: ‘It’s Wrong’ | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC

One former Homeland Security Secretary is condemning the Trump administration for sending federal agents into cities. Former DHS Secretary and former Pennsylvania Governor Tom Ridge joins Stephanie Ruhle to explain why he said it would be a “cold day in hell” before he’d let uninvited federal agents into one of his cities. Aired on 07/23/2020.
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Fmr. DHS Chief On Trump Deploying Federal Officers: ‘It’s Wrong’ | Stephanie Ruhle | MSNBC


  1. Calling what is going on in this country “proper” fascist behavior is not hyperbole.

    In 2020 only freedom & fascism are on the ballot, please vote for freedom.

    1. @libsrtraitors So tell us loser, have you made a list of which of your neighbors that you plan to eat first? Remember, Be Prepared.

    2. ​@Mox Avenger but Mox, baby, you are a racist. You have this fantasy about owning black people. The rest of us have to discount you from the reality vortex. This is the only place that anyone will ever take notice of you. But don’t worry, after the election, you can still hide here in the dark and scream and shout all you want. Your fearless leader, Bunker Baby Bonespurs will most likely be willing to join you. No doubt he will instruct you to raise money for his attorneys, as I doubt he wants to spend any of his own money, if he actually has any. Just think you can spend hours watching Giuliani and Dershowitz on the tube, well, maybe not the later, he may be facing charges for child molestation, along with the Triple B.

    3. @Mox Avenger Listen. If you are a Republican, or someone who supports Trump, then you are embracing corruption, ignorance, racism, xenophobia, white supremacy and populism. You are rejecting the rule of law, the Constitution and the entire American system of checks and balances. The choices cannot be starker. It is typical for those like you to be unable to defend your amoral, unethical and disgusting points of view. Your opinions are toxic and dangerous to the future of your fellow citizens. *You* are reprehensible.

    4. And so is his erratic behaviour he’s becoming more dangerous by the day he’s a lunatic racist dictator and he needs to be stopped ASAP to be honest with you I’m surprised he’s still breathing how someone in the Republican Party or even the military hasn’t said enough is enough and done something about him it’s unbelievable what he’s doing to America a country that was a respected superpower throughout the world but under trumps leadership America has become the biggest embarrassment, liability and laughing stock on the planet only what trumps doing isn’t funny at all take care of yourself my best wishes to you and your family from Stevie boy in Britain

  2. Why, oh why, does a single person approve of the orange-faced baboon (or Yeti as I have heard him referred as), I can not understand. Besides his TWENTY THOUSAND PLUS LIES, he has every evil attribute of a serial killer, a greedy one at that. DISGUSTING that he doesn’t care one iota about America or Americans and the 142,000 deaths so far in America means nothing to him. He actually stated he will do virus briefings again because of the ‘great ratings’ they get him. OMG!

    1. Isn’t that their own people? You think police are the enemy and criminals are “the people”? You sound as bright as a shattered light bulb.

    2. The Whitehouse administration, including that orange thug you call a president, need to be removed by any means necessary, not the 90% of peaceful protesters exercising their basic human right to protest, especially when the protests are against a completely corrupt criminal enterprise.

    1. Not after we bag and tag a few thousand leftists.

      Already gotta good head start 🤣😂🤣

    2. @jeff mcgowan How about he deaths of 150,000 US citizens from a lack of logical coordinated response to something he called a hoax!! When do you acknowledge enough is enough? 135 Australians have dies and that is 135 too many. Who in their “right mind” thinks 200-250K is acceptable. Seriously look outside America and see what logical empathetic leaders are doing.

    3. @paul cheadle what about you dems calling trump a racist for acting and stopping flights from china..and what about the dems open borders.. you dems let the china virus just walk right across our borders.. the dems are to blame ..the hoax was when nancy.p. was telling folks to come out to china town its safe..

    4. you cant point fingers when you have dirty hands..3 years and not 1 crime or collusion..but allot of set ups..

    1. I’d be willing to bet you would be afraid to walk alone through my neighborhood at night here in Chicago.

    2. @Cheng Lim trump is calling for “citizens”to train and learn how to arrest “illegal immigrants” in addition to border patrol. (Let’s face it he can look too his white supremacist friends you fill the ranks. They would be eagar to.) This would currently free up agents to bolster the brown shirts he is sending in. I am concerned that, in the future, should he lose the election, he would be able to use these trained “citizens” to fill the ranks of an army to support him in his determination to stay in office.

  3. So I’m hearing rumors that Trump and Putin met today and Trump didn’t mention russian bounties once. Is this true?

    1. @The Blue Wave Like with the green men in Ukraine. That was a lie. And the bounties. And other killings. And the meddling. But Putin doesn’t lie. Absolutely not.

  4. The Republicans will earn a Benedict Arnold place in history for their failure to come to the defense of the Constitution. Their names will go into history as co-conspirators. Whether it’s 10 mos. or 10 yrs. This insidious act will be exposed for what it is. Their children and children’s children will bear the shame for them ending democracy for a pathetic con man.

    1. @Mark Lewis I’m not the nazi … you’re the nazi, I’m not the racist … you’re the racist, I’m not anti-democracy … you’re anti-democratic, I’m not the fascist … you’re the fascist … Tired deflections from the right. At the end of the day, it was right-wing Boogaloo fanatics who threw pipe bombs at police KILLING one and injuring 4 others. That was after they did a drive-by killing of a security guard GFYS

  5. Don’t you guys get it Trump want you talking about anything else but his failure with covid 19

    1. @ms 3533 If you really believe that, can I interest you in a fantastic investment opportunity- this bridge here … ? (IOW, you’ve been played.)

    2. @ms 3533 He lied nonstop when trying to cover up the real problem and has slowed down testing, when we need more testing. He downplayed it and discouraged his cult followers from wearing masks until recently. He held rallies and even call the virus “the new hoax”. He could of acted like a real leader and helped make sure everyone got what they needed instead of complaining and playing victim.

    3. Vincent Salamatino Headstuck

      The draft dodging conman-n-thief of the excuse -n-finger pointing administration is not someone I would look to for leadership.

      was that would or wouldn’t?

    4. @Vincent Salamatino Give it a rest, listen to others. You’re not getting any traction, mostly because your main munchkin donnie is a soul-less, ethics-free high-volume-lying grifter. Seriously damaged pendejo putz.

  6. Everyone agrees this is a stunt.
    A fake war. Wasn’t there a movie w/
    Dustin Hoffman making a fake war?

  7. It’s the National guards and the police Jobs in each STATES to take care of the Problems


  9. Ya, think. Unannounced and unbadged SS troopers should be immediately detained, with prejudice. Trump is acting like hitler

  10. 2nd Amendment: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. it’s time

    1. Son of a vet I think it is a little early for that, but it may be necessary in January. I just hope that all of the people who purchased firearms for the first time at the start of this have been practicing. I will never willingly support violence, but life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness are worth taking a stand for. Interestingly enough, I don’t see security in that list. We must seek the “common good ” and that means standing against tyranny and fascism.

    1. Yes! They sent their socialist goons to smash store windows and defund the police. Then the “new police” took over.

  11. Who is paying for Trumps Secret Police State? Most unAmerican and undemocratic President in history.

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