Pelosi Condemns Rep. Yoho’s ‘Condescending’ Remarks To AOC | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi condemned Rep. Ted Yoho for allegedly calling Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez an obscene name. NBC News' Kasie Hunt reports from Capitol Hill where Rep. Ocasio-Cortez also spoke on the House floor about the incident. Aired on 07/23/2020.
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Pelosi Condemns Rep. Yoho's 'Condescending' Remarks To AOC | Andrea Mitchell | MSNBC


    1. @0penthaugtz Sorry, I expect better from civilized human beings, especially elected representatives. I thought the Republican Party stood for decent values.

    2. @Gar Sm
      You can expect better from humans, but on the flipside they have free will.
      So if it doesn’t happen, then it is what it is.

      You thought the Republican party stood for decent values?
      Well that completely contradicts your previous comment.
      Get your arguments straight!
      You can’t claim they’re all terrible people, and then turn around and say that they support decent values.
      Therefore your argument is flawed and false.

    1. Republicians see them
      as a threat to whatever republicians deem right,
      which is probably immoral,
      criminal or thoughtsless,
      to say the least.

    2. It has been stated that
      we’ve evolved to name calling.Perhaps so in some cases,but dat lustrious dunb,aka bunker boi,
      most live-upto the name,i.e.
      donald jackazz trump.

    1. He’s more then he such a coward. He could be trump son. Can wait to see all this evil people out the White House. Build by slaves.

  1. The older they are the more disrespectful they are. Disgraceful. He should resign. SAD. SMH.

  2. Male white privilege… it’s the way they have demean and intimidated for thousands of years … enough

    1. There’s a reason why whites dominate. Has anyone seen my white privilege? Maybe it’s in the car.

    2. @apauls and why are 90% of serial killers and mass murders.
      Its not restricted to men, but more predominant. Its not their fault; its genetic. .. genetic testing for the neaderthal gene needs to become
      routine. Its fact that psychopaths have no empathy…. no remorse, no guilt. They are incapable due to absence of the amygdala system, responsible for compassion.
      Sociopaths and others have the same evolutionary defect in varying degree. its not their fault, but they have to be kept out of government, policing, health care.

    1. We need to call out ALL fragile, sexist, powerful men on patriarchal bs like this, otherwise we’re being as racist as the old white Republican senators that are destroying this country. Hate doesn’t defeat hate, it can only propagate itself.

    2. @Walter White Trump is king
      windmills cause cancer
      Obama is a Kenyan and bugged his office
      3 million illegal votes
      Does Great Britain have a nuclear deterrent?
      ww2 was a beautiful war
      etc. etc.

    3. @dyan tebrinke ….obamagate is real. not like your fake news……cause its fake. so theres that. obama, biden, hillary, and especially comey & FBI is being investigated right now as we speak. 4 months ago I told everybody the pandemic is fake. Facts are Facts. Now everybody is asking how I knew. I just did. facts are facts.

    4. @dyan tebrinke …..fellow comrade. Greetings! We can vote our leader Trump back in for another 4 years and after that Don Jr. for an additional 8 years. Thank you Dyan. Trump 2020!

    1. @David Johnson Biden dominates trump by 13% in Florida now. Wonder why? Oh, could be the morgue overflow refrigeration trucks.

    2. He called her this in the open out on the street, no normal job would fire a person for sweating at someone on their own time.

    3. @0penthaugtz Not exactly. Happened on the steps of their workplace and then again inside. In most work spaces that’s harassment. He would be fired.

    4. @Rebekah N
      Where are you getting that he did this inside?
      The news stories said he did this outside on the steps near reporters.

    5. Yet you support AOC an Anti-American who wants to take away your vehicle, animals – because they cause greenhouse gases and Socialist – Islamist.

  3. The verbal abuse is not only for AOC, because she is a democrat, is for all women, included women in the GOP.

    1. @Rod Calling someone s..of is not verbal abuse? I want to know witch language do you speak.

    2. Rod yes it is. Calling women b—ches when you disagree with them is sexist and he should be cared out for it.

    1. @Mads Simonsen 👏 wow…bellwether the leading sheep of a flock, with a bell on its neck, Excuse bad havior with other bad behavior..🤔

    2. So he better quit right? and the friend that was next to him too for tolerating it and share views obviously.
      With one rude unapologetical brat , trump is enough.

    3. Yoho is not man enough to think and speak properly in first place. He’s a subhuman Neanderthal.

    1. @2 weeks ago WTF kind of man does this to a woman anyway? He is shameful and disgusting just like most of the other SELL-OUT rethuglicans

    2. actually ….. he does honors it….becasue those are the true values of “middle America” Hillary big mistake was backing off and not having the balls to stick by her deplorable basket comments.

      they are deplorable.

    3. @Walter White yes I do use my keyboard to respond to the people who make non sense with there comments

    1. Walter White You’re late for your COVID-19 party at your local bar. Be sure to pile in nice and tight.

  4. Yahoo’s acting like a big ole bully.AOC’s younger than both his daughters.Stop the name calling and pass a bill

  5. No shortage of Republicans insulting women. This cowardly behavior is appalling and incredibly unattractive in any male but leadership in particular.

    1. @Jason C. Great, cite an example of another congress person (non-white, female for example) calling another member of congress something profane. Since it happens so equally?

    2. @0penthaugtz right…since the b-word isn’t gendered please cite any OTHER example, in all of American history,, of a congressman calling another congressman a b***h in front of media. I’ll wait.

    3. @Leah Archambault
      A female reporter, just called the new blonde house speaker a lying Bword, on air.
      You’re welcome and yes it is the same thing!

    4. @0penthaugtz Poor boy, you think congressman Yoho is a reporter 😂🤣?

      Also, only Hannity claims that’s what she said 😂🤣, if you listen to the audio she clearly says “ok, you don’t want to engage”. But surprise, the white house lied. Maybe check alternate sources to fox?

      So, in other news, you CANNOT find a single example of another member of congress using profane language towards a fellow congressman?.  
      Again, any example in congress….still waiting.  

      I mean, If it has nothing to do with gender, you should have LOADS of examples of congressmen calling each other b**** with witnesses. But you can’t find one, hmmmm 🤔.

      A reporter is a different job from a member of congress, but both have far more education than you who confuses the two 🤣

    5. She’s sooo dramatic, then turned this it into an attack on ALL women and is now fundraising off of it. Cortez is a professional victim

  6. Yoho will be in church on Sunday. All is well in the christian anti science Republican party.

    1. @Paul Wilson obviously another fine intelligent graduate of the trump university😀😝😂😂😂😂😂

    1. It was intentional and common place especially for this KLAN member. I dont buy that he cannot be removed. HE CAN BE IF THERE IS ENOUGH PRESSURE….202-225-5744

    1. I wonder how he would
      address a mad,frustrated,
      down on her luck woman,whom has nothing,
      to loose by putting her fist
      in his coward azz mouth.

  7. Yoho is frustrated because he can’t bully a woman. Plus the reporter backed AOC story on the words he used.

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