Fmr. HUD Sec. Castro On New Eviction Moratorium’s Impact On Renters, Landlords

Stephanie Ruhle reports on the CDC's new limited eviction moratorium for 60 days amid a surge in coronavirus cases. Former HUD Secretary Julián Castro and National Housing Provider Coalition realtor, Stacey Johnson-Cosby, discuss how it will impact both renters and landlords struggling financially. "Government needs to focus and get all hands on deck today," Johnson-Cosby says.
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  1. Hopefully they can work something out to pay the small landlords, I know quite a few who were dependent on the rent for their retirement plans.

  2. It’s funny how some people were able to get 10k to 100k in PPE loans within 2 to 3 weeks but landlords can’t get any thing and take months just to get a case worker for money owed to them..Just sad

    1. @Osterlaich so if they have nothing to offer of value evicting the ones living in there valueless property won’t be a problem then

    2. The Qnut Majorie Taylor Greene’s family was given PPE money and they put 67% of that money into paying for her campaign. No wonder why Trumpsters stopped having anyone looking into how that money was spent.

    3. Take the Money Back from the states and give it directly to the renters. Then if the renters don’t pay their rent, that’s something to look into. The states obviously Cannot be trusted with the money.

      Repent and believe the Gospel. Jesus Christ is Lord! Amen.

    4. @love Grace exactly! Cause it seems that the municipality of states aren’t giving help. I say there needs some investigation ongoing to see if the States allocating

  3. Fraud is always a “concern” when it comes to helping people- never seems to be a problem with financial institutions- unregulated credit default swaps, collateralized debt obligations, etc pre 2008 financial meltdown anyone

  4. The CDC needs to be abolished they are not a branch of Congress they do not have authority to make laws

    1. @Skankhunt36 A federal agency declaring mandates that blatantly ignores a supreme court ruling is authoritarianism.

    2. The CDC has not made any laws. They make recommendations that the feds have the authority to act on, and of course do. What kind of government would not have an agency like the CDC? We aren’t third world here. The CDC data is as reliable as any federal agency, which isn’t saying much. Besides, the feds can’t very well be telling us how bad Covid/Delta is and then throw families out on the street.

    3. @PJ Celeste why are you completely ignoring the fact that this was already ruled on by scotus and ruled unconstitutional and illegal? You copy and pasting this doesn’t change that fact that it is and will always be illegal.

    4. @Matt LOL! I didn’t copy and paste anything! As of July 28th the SCOTUS declined to block to eviction moratorium despite it being illegal. So what else is new? The government does all kinds of unconstitutional and illegal stuff. Blocking the press access to the southern border is unconstitutional. Heck, Biden signing the policy to open the border and release all detained illegal immigrants is unconstitutional. The people elected the House and Biden to make decisions on their behalf now the people have to live with those decisions.

    5. @PJ Celeste the CDC is a terrorists organization they have no authority to recommend anything you Democrat boot licker 🤣

    1. Ah yes, the old tired argument of “let the people who were making good money then got laid off from COVID be forced to take up part time shifts at Dairy Queen for minimum wage, because those jobs need to be filled”.

      Inflation is 5% but not raises. People are recognizing this and are demanding better quality pay. Low paying employers aren’t keeping up with the new workforce and inflation and are suffering the consequences

      Meanwhile while Bezos takes a joy ride in space. Who’s side are you on? Surely it’s not the side of the American working class

  5. If the government can decide to give away free rent in my buildings, then I can sell out — reinvesting into covid-proof stocks is a no brainer at this point.

  6. i can really only see this as a way to force property owners into selling off said properties to whoever (blackrock et al) to get out of the potential debt this would incur long term.

    1. Hedge funds are buying properties as they go for sale. Red states are with holding both monthly aid and rent. Typical. Rentals are insanely overpriced. It’s become disaster capitalism.

  7. Evict your tenants if they won’t pay rent. Let them take it to court. The Supreme Court already ruled that the CDC has no authority to order an eviction moratorium.

    1. As a government agency the CDC only makes recommendations and the feds enact the moratorium, all nice and legal. Besides, the feds can’t very well tell us how bad Delta is and then allow families to be thrown out on the street. Tenants, landlords, utility companies and financial institutions have funds available to them to offset losses.

    2. @PJ Celeste Supreme Court has said moratorium is not legal. Legislation would have to be passed which wasn’t. No other person or company in the United States has been required to provide a good (rental property) to another for free during this pandemic. If fear of transmission, why is the Southern border open with no screening whatsoever? You

    3. @Patricia McCutcheon On July 28th the Supreme Court decided not to block the eviction moratorium despite it being unconstitutional. This is nothing the government has not gotten away with many times before. Opening the border inviting illegal immigrants into the US and ordering detained illegal immigrants to be immediately released is unconstitutional. Banning the press fro the border is unconstitutional.

  8. It’s unconstitutional. Period. Even Biden said it. Yet they still did it. Lawlessness continues to run rampant.

  9. The cdc doesn’t have the right to strip Americans of their property. Because that’s what it is, taking my property and giving it to my renters.

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