1. Typical Politician who somehow gets wealthy serving the public. Maybe that is a commission we should actually put together. See how it’s possible to become worth 10’s and 100’s of millions as a politician.

  2. Biden needs to take it cognitive skills test the American people don’t trust him no one does his handlers are running the show it’s sad

    1. Really? Are you effin serious? A little twerp like you that writes on a third grade level, pretending to be qualified to judge someone ‘s cognitive ability or trustworthiness just won the most ludicrous comment on YT for the day.

    1. and now a russian spy ship is sitting just of off of North Oahu (Hawaii) just within international waters. First in US history….on Biden’s watch, just after his meeting with Putin.

  3. Boy,MSNBC is having to dig up literal fossils trying to convince everyone we aren’t seeing what we are seeing..🤣🤣

  4. So when trump tries to keep Russia and China from controlling to much he was seen as bad. But Biden gives Russia and China the keys to imperialism and all of the sudden he’s the messiah

  5. Biden’s followers try to keep him standing like a drunk that just walked out of a bar.
    “hey, fella it’s closing time, so get up and get out”.

    Biden – “huh, what, it’s time to go a can’t I stay here a little longer”.

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