Focus On Unvaccinated Who Can Be Persuaded To Get It, Says Writer 1

Focus On Unvaccinated Who Can Be Persuaded To Get It, Says Writer


Writer and professor Zeynep Tufekci discusses the importance of focusing on individuals who have yet to be vaccinated but can be convinced to get the Covid-19 vaccine.

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Focus On Unvaccinated Who Can Be Persuaded To Get It, Says Writer


  1. Yes, stop wasting resources on people who can’t be convinced. Convince the ones on the fence who are willing to get one but have some hesitancy

    1. Yeah, bullying and shaming has convinced the sheeple. Change your tactics for people who aren’t driven by fear and groupthink

    1. They have chosen death for themselves..but the issue is that. They are also choosing death for the rest of us!

    2. @PJ Celeste you believe what uneducated strangers who have no medical experience nor virology degrees tell you what to do? Would you ask a cab driver to interpret your brain scan?

    3. @Elaine Burnett Ummm…that is what my point was…why would anyone believe what the media, government etc., reports? I’m asking the same question.

    1. @Kern Albert You know Ivermectin + zinc can also be used prior to onset as a prophylactic? It prevents the virus from taking hold.

    2. @Peter Bills Oh yeah? You mean to tell me that instead of a vaccine mandate, we could mandate an anti-parasitic and some Zinc? Wow that’s pretty amazing!

    3. Increase in number of cases means increase in number of positive test, due to increase in amount of tests performed. The State with highest number of “cases” = 0.1% of population tested positive. Fatality rate across the US = less than 2% and declining. If you’re going to believe the media propaganda, keep it to yourself.

  2. I know many people here in the Philippines who now decide to get vaccinated for two reasons. 1) they are told that soon there will be fines up to $160 if they are caught outside without a vaccine cert, and 2) that the vaccination will cease being distributed free of charge and will cost $160. I don’t know about the veracity of either of those claims but the effect is that they get off their fence and go get the shot.

    1. In Thailand they are doing it from a combination of seeing people they respect in the villages not hesitate to get it but also because the government has banned travel around the country if you are not fully vaccinated.

    1. @DAVID You’re one of the jerks spreading false information and lies about the vaccines.. One thing that can be done is prevent liars, like you, from having a platform.

    2. @DAVID, great job. A real leader for sure… This is the reason why our vaccine numbers will stay too low.

    3. @DAVID No, Nazi Germany punished anyone who didn’t agree with their conspiracy theories. Funny that today’s Nazis oppose the vaccine.

  3. I have a feeling once the FDA approves these vaccines outside of the emergency use authorization, a lot of people will start taking them. Just a thought.

    1. @Alisa Taylor Lol then wear a mask or stay home.
      No one is forcing you to get it.
      You want to be unvaccinated?
      Then abide by the rules set for the unvaccinated.

    1. Ah…self righteous, arrogance abounds in the vaccinated. “Do like me or die – and good riddance.” Maybe it’s in the vaccine, not the koolaid! BTW, the Covid fatality rate is under 2% and declining, despite increase in positive tests.

    2. @TL M there’s no arguing with people like this .. they’re dumb enough to take it then slate people who haven’t had it … they deserve all they’re going to get, just very sad is all that people can be so dumb!

  4. I know my son would get it if the FDA approves it…he just doesn’t trust how fast it got developed . Others could be convinced with money. Send another stimulus to those of us who are vaccinated and offer the same to them . Fox News must be held accountable along with Newsmax and OANN. Class action lawsuits by family members who’ve lost loved ones from their blatant lies about the virus.

  5. So think about death by days long suffocation. Might be smart to avoid suffocation, nah. Go ahead avoid vaccine.

    1. The Covid fatality rate has been under 2% since June, 2021 and continues to decline, despite what the media tries to sell.

    1. I realize that there are immune compromised who are hesitant to get vaccinated.

      I feel that it’s in their best interest to speak to their actual doctors about it and not let random strangers in social media to make the choice for them on own personal safety. Their doctors know their medical status and history.

      For the rest … yeah, pretty much…

    2. I agree. It doesn’t help anything to say that all the dead covidiots will turn red states blue. When the left does that, they become the villains.

  6. True, they have drained all my precious moments / patience trying to reach out to those who will not listen no matter what….enough is enough these folks are now hopeless to help for they know and knowingly have made a choice and they have the right to be selfish and not be part of solving this pendamic in our communities. ” With freedom comes responsibility ” Joe Biden.

    1. My nice ran out in May… as far as I’m concerned every republican death is a step toward making the world a better place.

  7. So only if she could teach me something that I don’t already know it would be great and I would actually read the article.

  8. Lady if they don’t want to save their own lives it’s not my place to have to beg them to do the right thing if their not convinced now they never will be

  9. I waited a month cause I have a fear of needles as I well as wasn’t great at getting stuff done. I’m surprised I’ve heard few getting some money for the shot, the flew shot comes with a small gift card and has for years. A lil gift card is what got my mom ready to get it within this week

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