San Antonio Schools Enact Mask Mandate After Judge Rules Against Ban 1

San Antonio Schools Enact Mask Mandate After Judge Rules Against Ban


Ron Nirenberg, Mayor of San Antonio, Texas, joins Morning Joe to discuss challenging Gov. Greg Abbott's authority to suspend local emergency orders during the pandemic.

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San Antonio Schools Enact Mask Mandate After Judge Rules Against Ban


    1. @reality remember when the former guy said ” Hitler did a lot of good things”??? That is where the republiNazi Party is at….T R A I T O R S!!!

    2. @Louis Tully and the spread is so bad in Ireland they are asking for no one to travel there. Science.

    1. @Shadow Vox I love how you attribute this strictly to President Trump when he was a proponent and advocate of vaccines..You wouldn’t have the vaccines without President Trump..
      Not too smart about what is really going on, are you ? Maybe stop trying to be a parrot of the leftist propoganda you listen to and actually use that brain that God gave you..

    2. @J W NO, personal responsiblity is also making sure people around you are safe,
      the mask are used to slow the spread moron NOT stop it, but when you have idiots out there whining about masks well they just spread it more,

    3. @J W trump played NO role in the production of the vaccines, like Pfizer who got their money from germany. trump’s roll out of the vaccine was a failure and thanks to Biden more people have been vaccinated. Maybe you should quit assuming the left parrots the media you only show your stupidity

    4. There is the chance that someone will lose a child as a result of the nonsensical behaviour by the likes of Abbott and DeSantis and they will “lose it”, take matters into their own hand and a senior official may wind up dead or very badly injured. And I would not be surprised if that parent turned out to be an anti masker because it is those who “have faith” get most upset when they feel they have been mislead by their messiah or one of his disciples. If that happens you will see very quickly that sober thinking will become the order of the day. As things stand for those promoting their bizarre agenda the problem is somewhere out there but out there is where the door to door campaigning has to take place for 2022. Good luck to those who are in charge now and plan to run for re-election. MTG’s comment about people down South loving their Second Amendment rights might play out in a way she does not envisage.

    1. Give Texas to the Dominican Republic – lock stock and barrel. One free AR15 & 1000 rounds to every Dominican that wants to move to Texas. Oh yes, Florida too. FU red states.

    2. @Cynthia Kozikowski I’m in me, I won’t forget.. no more terms for Abbott, I will be part of the fight to remove him, even if it has to wait for election..

    1. @sam-online Little boy you won’t understand anything i say because I??? Well wait!!!!! I got hairy legs that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that that turn blonde in the sun !!!!!!!

    1. @goulash64 I’m from the UK. I know we can’t say anything after election Boris aka mini Trump. But why do Americans keep voting these people in when they’re voting against their own interests?

    1. @Patriotz Finder yes, the anti mask folks are 6x worse than drunk drivers and yet some people think their beliefs should be respected. Pretty crazy huh

    2. @THYCR3ATOR
      Seatbelts save lives and you should wear one but if you don’t have a seatbelt you can make one out of any cloth you have laying about the house.

      that would be a more appropriate comparison for the issue at hand.
      Imagine if they told you to make your seatbelt at home.
      Would you fall for that as well?

    1. @Tyrell Anderson They are conservatives, thats whats wrong. Remember when ronald reagan called black people monkeys? I do.

    2. Every one of the GOP leaders (ex POTUS included) were the first in line for the vaccine…..the height of hypocrisy!!!

  1. I feel for this Mayor. He is between a rock and a hard place just trying to protect his people from illness.

    1. @Elmosweed the problem is, there’s way too many ppl who think they should have control over what U do in life. And the most problematic of those are in govt. COVID will accelerate the decline.

    2. @Elmosweed You may not be from this country… Mayors run towns and cities, Governors run States. This is a Mayor of one city and he has no authority in any other city in Texas. The Governor has done what you are typing about. He supercedes all the local government. The next layer would be the Federal Government.

    3. He doesn’t speak for everyone in San Antonio… and I’m from the South Side…. he trying to make himself look good…

    4. I’m from San Antonio as well and the overwhelming majority agree with him and the job he’s doing. That’s why he got elected again. He’s not trying to make himself look good, he’s just trying to keep his constituents safe. It’s not that hard to understand.

    1. Well the light at the end of this very dark tunnel is that in Florida the number of deaths has exceeded the margin of voters that got DeSantis elected . That means he technically just killed his chances at winning another term. . And I am sorry not sorry because they are committing political suicide and the only thing that is heartbreaking is the number of our citizens these lunatics are taking with them. But THEY ARE REFUSING TO GET VACCINATED WHAT CAN YOU DO

  2. Republican governor is contradicting his own thinking. Wants help from the federal but doesn’t want to take the steps needed.

    1. @Tim Thomson The only president sleazy enough to do something like this has been expelled from the White House. Lol

    1. @mike brigs Do you think only women care about humanity? You’re in touch with the wrong Men. widen your circle there’s a lot of caring intelligent Men.

    2. @mike brigs its not about keeping texas red! Its about our children getting to be safe in school! Red or blue i expect my children to be safe!!!!

  3. I agree. Don’t ask for outside assistance when you won’t do anything to help yourselves and in fact PREVENT communities from enacting mitigation measures.

    1. @Dino she can ask what she wants, freedom of speech, personal choice and all. Or did the idiots you revere forget to mention it’s a two way street.

    2. @Scott Harrison Trump made masks a political issue when he mocked those wearing them. Americans died then and they’re dying now. Save your political b.s. for those who will buy it.

    3. @Susan Teeter – Actually, you Leftists made it a political issue when you mocked Trump. LOL!!
      Americans are NOT dying now!
      Americans were dying then because you idiiiOTS mocked Trump about the Hydroxichlorinquine + Zinc therapy that turned out in a recently published study that shows that more than 50% of of the elderly who would have received the therapy would have LIVED!!!

      You are a murderer.

      LOL!! You say I’m making this political? LOL!!
      Biden is allowing COVID in at the border creating THE Super Spreader event of all time

      Please shut your brainwashed mouth! You lost all rights to your opinion. You are killing people.

    4. @Susan Teeter the governor’s office is fully aware and critical in the asking for equipment otherwise it does not happen. Now if the governor’s office tries to block the ventilators and other equipment then that’s a whole different issue to be resolved very quickly.

    5. @Dino why should I stand up for individual choice with respect to vaccination? It’s a group effort. If not enough people comply the unvaccinated become breeding grounds for variants that can put us through the whole thing again. And make no mistake, if we go back into lockdowns we WILL be pointing the finger at the unvaccinated. I hope you’re ready to take the heat.

      Edit to add: I hope insurance companies start denying antivaxers life insurance claims for COvID deaths and health care starts raising your premiums like they do for smokers. Your choice right? The rest of society shouldn’t have to pay for your choice.

  4. Never trust the judgment of a man who cuts down a tree on himself, crippling himself, then sues his neighbor for owning the tree. That’s Greg Abbott.

    1. Taking it further, after collecting his million he signed legislation putting a reward cap on similar lawsuits. “I got mine, sucks to be you” personified. Our state is wholly represented by grifting, self-serving Trumplicans who legislate solely to benefit themselves and their corporate donors.

    2. @Cardiac Arrest If all this is true it is just like what he is doing in Texas. Surprise surprise…and used his ill gotten gains to get there. That DA Paxton has a felony criminal indictment, no?

    1. @Sandi Harris Abbott and DeSantis are not scientist. They are politicians and should only be helping move local funds to the places that need it during the pandemic. Not giving their opinions on things they don’t know.

    2. It is not just a right, but a responsibility. Look at the preamble of the Constitution. One of the mandates in the preamble is to “promote the general welfare” of the citizens. This means that at least the Federal Government needs to consider the health and welfare of the citizens in everything they do.

    3. @William Geiser Unfortunately people only focus on their rights. Most don’t care about personal and community responsibility.

    4. @Sandi Harris It’s not about science, it’s a legal thing about safety. It already was settled in 1922. Supreme Court ruling 260 U.S.174, Chief Justice William H. Taft (Republican). School may reject children from school when they are not vaccinated. Zucht vs King et al. Zucht a mother babbled, yelled and ranted against smallpox vaccination. Her child had no smallpox vaccination. The school didn’t want her child in class because school has to be a safe surrounding for children. She was whining about what she called freedom. Anyway she lost. The school had the freedom backed by a municipal law to reject her child. This is it… No mask? No vaccination? Then no school.

  5. “Protect the children! Get the schools open!”
    Sure, we just need you to wear a mask and get vaccinated.
    “HoW DaRe YoU iNfRiNgE oN mUh RiGhTs!”

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