Ole Miss Football Program Has 100 Percent Vaccination Rate 1

Ole Miss Football Program Has 100 Percent Vaccination Rate

While Mississippi has one of the lowest vaccination rates in the country, the entire Ole Miss football program is fully vaccinated. Ole Miss Rebels football coach Lane Kiffin joins Morning Joe to discuss.

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Ole Miss Football Program Has 100 Percent Vaccination Rate


  1. Good job!! I hope other colleges will be like “Hey! Let’s get vaccinated too. We can’t be outdone by Ole Miss!”

    1. @YouMakeMeDoIt Xxx I can make you do a lot of things, baby. Come on over. And make sure you’re wearing a speedo.

  2. You mean old fashioned education was all it took? Huh, hopefully becoming educated is as contagious as the virus.

  3. MEANWHILE: Stanford will require weekly COVID-19 testing beginning Aug. 15, regardless of vaccination status. The University is potentially the first in the country to mandate testing for fully vaccinated individuals. Wonder what this does to vaccination rates.

  4. As an alum of Mississippi State University, I’m very proud of coach Kiffin and his staff setting an example to the community.

  5. I’m a Brit, over in Wales, UK and i have just seen this story and it makes me think, ‘Thank god that not all the stories out of the USA this week are not all doom and gloom’ Big Love from Wales for this team taking a stand and leading there community by example.
    At least you all now know that if you do happen to catch Covid19 then you are not going to end up on a ventilator or even in ICU ward in the local hospital, good on you!
    Much respect from Wales 🙂

  6. I wonder if the team can do a campus campaign. The university probably has a television station and a short video can be uploaded to the university website. Imagine fans positively influenced by this story as well. This could be repeated across the country. Americans love sports, and many of the resistant watch sports.

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