Footage shows lava flow after volcano erupts in Democratic Republic of Congo 1

Footage shows lava flow after volcano erupts in Democratic Republic of Congo


Around 8,000 people crossed into Rwanda from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to seek refuge following the eruption of the Mount Nyiragongo volcano, Rwanda's Emergency Management Ministry said.
"This morning, after lava flows from Nyiragongo volcano have stopped, most of Congolese evacuated to Rubavu are returning back home. Rwanda received around 8000 people last night," the ministry said on its official Twitter account.
Thousands of residents in Goma, a major city in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, spent the night outdoors following eruption, according to a spokesman for the Norwegian Refugee Council.
"There has not been a massive panic movement, but people are really worried," said Tom Peyre-Costa, the council's spokesman for west and central Africa.
The volcanic eruption seems to have subsided, according to the Goma Volcano Observatory, which monitors the volcano. Authorities in the city activated an evacuation plan as a precaution.
"We arrived quickly, we didn't expect these kinds of things which just happened to us," Theophile Tulinabo, a resident who fled his home after the eruption, told CNN in Buhene, a neighborhood north of Goma. "And where are we going to live now? At the moment, we don't know."

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  1. After looking at this look like mother nature is going to be quite unpredictable this year

    1. @Zachary Bergman The degrees of separation between the two are pretty big. But I do agree that Trump did indeed provoke that particular sorry attempt at a… well, it was always more of a fart in the wind than anything. Much like what put ol’ Adolf in jail and gave him enough time to brew his anger and write Mein Kampf…in the same jail, no less. The difference is that Adolf marched side by side with his people while getting shot at and seeing his friends die by his side. Whereas Trump just told everybody that he’ll be there with them and just went home.

    2. @Ivares Kesner this is true, but you can see that the fanaticism is still there. His direct involvement doesn’t matter to his supporters so much as they believe he’s diligently working for their “better America.” At least, that’s what I’ve noticed

    3. @Zachary Bergman You’re not wrong in your observations. There will always be angry cultists on both sides eager to scream at people and try to enforce their version of what constitutes good values. The bottom line here seems to be that we shouldn’t let *any* particular opinion make us feel like we can be nasty to people. As you go around the world, you’ll find that pretty much everybody just wants what’s best for society. They simply disagree on the way to do it. We must hear each other out. We must try to understand each other. Because war is the ultimate failure in communication.

    1. @clane clane

      Weather has been the one thing that has kicked our asses over and over and over again throughout history.

      As for us controlling the earth, that’s kind of like saying one day our nasal hairs will rise up and take over our central nervous system.

      We are tiny, tiny little life forms on a big, big planet in an infinite universe. We should start every day by looking up at the clouds and reciting that fact .

    2. @San Geet they’ve gotten a lot better. The issue is that governments don’t see their work as necessary to be funded… until it’s too late. And it’s not just in Congo or the volcanologists that are responsible for that keep getting their funding cut. My brother works meteorology in the US and he says that when the government needs to cut funds, his department is the first to receive the cut.

  2. Once again my heart goes out to these people and I feel sorry for her I don’t want to sound cold and uncaring I care a lot these last 6 years have been terrible they have broken me so you know what’s going on in our country breaks my heart I cried a lot and I don’t know what to do about it like I said if I could reach out to everybody who needed help I just wish somebody can reach out and help me

    1. I can’t feel sorry for stupid people that want to live by a active volcano..
      Time to pack up & resettle away from mother nature raft..
      Common sense go’s along way..

    2. @Mike Smith these people are not kings and queens. They are dirt poor. How the f can they just move away

  3. I’m such a geographical dope that I’ve not consciously realized there was a live volcano in Congo
    Bless these poor people and provide them with safety and relief and humanitarian intervention

    1. Yes, there are active volcanos there. Also the mineral called ‘ coltan ‘ that is most probably powering up your cellphone or tablet chip right now

    2. Actually, there are several huge ones — at least 8 active/dormant volcanoes lie within 50 mi of Goma.
      The area lies on the very active, western rim of Africa’s Great Rift Valley.

      Check out the area on Google Maps using Terrain view and you’ll see a clear picture of a large volcanic field (hidden from the satellite view by jungle) of stratovolcanoes, cones, and crater lakes spreading from the northern shores of Lake Kivu in a general north-eastward direction.
      Three huge volcanoes (including Nyiragongo) lie wholly within the DRC and the peaks of half-dozen others define the its border with Rwanda.
      The field also extends into Uganda.
      Much of the region’s volcanism has taken place during the current Holocene epoch, which began at end of the last Ice Age 11,700 years ago.

    1. It is an actual ocean of lava … pretty impacting if you never seen something like before.

    1. Bidii,ukakamavu na kujitolea hupeleka MTU mbali na kufanikisha malengo yake

  4. Dam PLEASE don’t be another 2020 that’s starting up late,,I think the world can’t take that again GOD we all LOVE U SO MUCH & PLEASE BLESS THESE PEOPLE & GIVE THEM THE HELP & STRENGTH THAT THEY NEED TO GET THROUGH THX U

    1. @Van Lepthien If enough ash gets into the atmosphere to block the sun, mass extinction could happen. It has happened before on this planet.

    1. @opium 08
      The dinosaurs existed for millions of years. Humanity has only existed for a few thousand years. Humanity is only a speck in the history of Earth. Arrogant of you to think humans will last forever.

    2. Humans will survive only if they find other suitable places to colonize besides the earth. But that will require travelling faster than light. Light is far too slow as it takes several years even from the closest neighboring star, and several centuries from others.

    1. Google it, 60 KM per hour how can anyone run from that specially those near it. Thanks for sharing that knowledge.

  5. Grey heavens, no light shed
    Bleak day, change is ahead
    Oval mountainside, naked cold
    Unreleased powers, no fright
    Slide down sorrow, smell what comes with the breeze
    Cold chambers, punishment awaits
    Hollow tone haunts, anticipation’s choir sings
    Turn around, face the depth of inner sanctum
    Autumn in the air, (the) smell of Black Metal 90-95
    World moves, in mysterious ways
    Body onwards, mind drifts
    You die, then we hail (to our relief)
    New age dawns
    Face all wrath
    Sickness; won’t understand,
    Burning first
    Grace falls
    Volcano shaking
    Fates are being sealed
    Heavens blunder,
    No turning back
    Will you or will you not
    To heroism walk
    Black Lava, drifting down the mountainside
    Black Lava, you can’t fight

    Pernicious flow, redemptive perpetuity
    Unholy drive, the gods arrogant grin
    If my world’s a joke, do you see them smile?
    Hellbound me – on a throne of gold
    Wastelands prey on dying cattle
    Desert sucks on poor man’s thirst
    Glimpse of glory, walk ahead
    Slaves of Nazareth, can not be fed
    Black Lava, drifting down the mountainside
    Black Lava, you can’t fight

  6. Volcanoes in Africa, takes back old land. Volcanoes in Hawaii (Goddess Pele), makes new land. Mother Nature and Father Time, what a awesome force.

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