Ford on vaccine passports: ‘Temporary and exceptional measure’ 1

Ford on vaccine passports: ‘Temporary and exceptional measure’


Ont. Premier Doug Ford says the government will work closely with small businesses as vaccine passports take effect.

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    1. @Max Weinbach public health is an illusion. Almost everybody is poked and 4 th wave is here. Shots didn’t work

    2. @Max Weinbach then why aren’t you outraged that Doug Ford is morbidly obese? Obesity, and all the illnesses that come with it, will put you in the hospital with Covid whether jabbed or not.

  1. “We will only use these certificates for as long as they are needed” Who determines how long they are needed? There will always be cases no matter what we do.

    1. @Jumbo Me Trudeau already said the provincial passes would be temporary. Until the federal one is ready next year. Why so much infrastructure for a “temporary” measure? One predicted to be in place for at least two more years. Not by doctors but by a politician.

  2. When is this “temporary and exceptional measure” going to end Doug? What is the clear and unmovable criteria that needs to be met for this draconian measure to be lifted?

    1. @Wild Oglala the gst tax was an effort to keep income taxes down. Due to government over spending they either had to increase income tax or create a sales tax. It’s all the same.

    2. @Wild Oglala if memory serves it was also the last conservative government that lowered the GST down to 5 percent from 7. I would rather have a tax that is somewhat optional ( the original gst did not apply to most grocery items and still does not apply to items purchased in private deals) than have to pay extra income tax.

    3. @David Noirot I guess that’s not so bad considering they created the tax to begin with. I’ve never seen so many defend the GST Tax before. Almost makes me think I’m talking to a Liberal or Lucien Bouchard or Mulroney

    4. @David Noirot In 1989, Brian Mulroney removed the 13.5% manufacturing tax from his corporate buddies. To make up for that tax shortfall, he wanted to install an 11% GST. He didn’t have enough votes because many conservatives were against it. So he used section 29 of the constitution, petitioning the queen, allowing him to handpick 8 “temporary” senate seats to force the legislation through. And even with his 8 new yes men. They would only agree to give him an 8% GST.

    1. Big f***in’ deal. You line up for ten minutes twice and you’re done. It’s more of a hassle getting into a college football game.

    2. @PatchesRips Have fun carrying around a movement passport and digital government ID tied to a social credit system for the rest of your life, bud.

    1. Do you remember the last government we had? I don’t think Doug is going anywhere thanks to liberal corruption at BOTH levels of government.

    2. Mark my word, because of everything Ford has done during this pandemic will re-elect him. I’ve never ever voted PC, but I will vote for him at the next provincial election.

    1. @Cat in the Hat a prediction is a theory if more than one subscribe to it it’s conspiracy by definition. So what’s your point

  3. Back in WW1, they implemented a “temporary sales tax” on all goods. We still pay it. Anything that benefits the government is not temporary.

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