Foreign Relations Committee Passes Measure To Repeal AUMF 1

Foreign Relations Committee Passes Measure To Repeal AUMF


This week, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee passed legislation to repeal the AUMF against Iraq, and Sen. Tim Kaine, D-Va., joins Morning Joe to discuss.

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Foreign Relations Committee Passes Measure To Repeal AUMF


  1. President Obama tried to encourage congress to deal with the AUMF in 2013 and now it’s finally been repealed.

    1. @Wisconsin Man where do you get your information because it’s not the facts? Do you blindly believe whatever trump says?

    2. @Wisconsin Man Trump…award as worst American president, and most vile human being on this planet.

    3. @Elaine Burnett Thats right, I forgot, RACIST words are just any words that you leftist don’t like.

  2. Senator Tim Kaine has a great journalistic voice and I can picture him doing foreign correspondence news assignments. Kindest Regards, Aiden Alamo.

  3. So happy to hear. Measur we vto repeal authorization for use of military passed finally. Thank you Tim Kaine for persevering on this issue. Keep up your persistent good work sir.

    1. You have been reported for talking sense but not looking to see who the democrats are dealing with.

  4. About time, we were NEVER going to make a stable government there or in Afghanistan. Colonialism screwed those countries up long before we came along.

    1. The war in Mesopotamia has been going on for 10,000 years. Since the establishment of the oldest city of Ur. We can’t help.

    2. We the Brits couldn’t make it work – all we did was block the Russians from taking over. The Russians invaded then couldn’t sort it and left and we have been side by side with you trying to sort it to no avail. Pakistan has been fuelling the Taliban and providing them with shelter. This will rebound on them sooner rather than later.

    3. Like he’s right out of Central Casting. Who better to push lies like “we’ve done good in Iraq”

    4. @Dennis Strahm YUP, by bring the military home……We have are on problems since dtrumpf turn on the Kurds………the Pandora box he open up for his greed and the uneducated that got dumb down.

  5. Well, AUMF and other congressional abrogations seemed like a good thing at the time. Sic transit gloria violentiae.

    Cyberattack, water supply, infrastructure? Tell medieval walled cities and moated castles under siege they weren’t at war.

    It ain’t just about boots on the ground, boats in the water, and wings and rotors in the air.

    Neither is it about warchief-in-chief in perpetuity.

  6. Nobody stole anything, Kaine is right, Congress have up their responsibility. Congress needs to get a pair of maloogies!
    Will Congress stop hiding behind the President in re go to war when needed?

  7. All the old white men pontificating about Iran-Iraq, without an acknowledgement of the US overthrow of Iranian democracy to install the Shah, or our arming of Saddam against Iran. Nobody gave the mullahs of Iran more to resent than we did, except the colonial powers that drew national boundaries to weaken and divide and allow greater exploitation of resources.

  8. iraq dont wanna be our partner …….they want the terror force to leave….and i cant say i much blame them

  9. How do the congress members get rid of the rash of obvious sociopaths, psychopaths, currently in office ? Or, have we become
    a nation of sociopaths ourselves ?

  10. again, please allow anyone other than a.m. joe to speak – he monopolizes any “conversation” – spewing his thoughts and not allowing guests to express their views.

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