Former defense secretary breaks down Putin’s ‘big mistake’

Former US Defense Secretary William Cohen reacts to reports that Russian President Vladimir Putin has taken on more tactical decision-making in the Russian invasion into Ukraine.
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  1. Anyone else remember the Russians saying that the “Special Military Operation” was on schedule and that the timeline was for the 18th way back in March? Yet here we are on May 22.🤣

    1. @Hunter&Gatherer Adolf Hitler had more military experience than Putin does, and he was also a terrible strategist.

  2. “The world is in more peril from those who tolerate evil or encourage evil than from those who actually commit it.” -Dr. Albert Einstein, March 30 1953

    1. @Dan Wright If you’re referring to the attribution of the Einstein quote, I checked and it seems to be correctly attributed to Einstein. What makes you think otherwise?

    2. @Amy Walton well .. Bob would take umbrage in your research ! Amy I’m just joking ! Are you having any fun here ? Hope so . Vic Eisenstein ,( Bob’s brother once said : “ those who forget history are condemned to relive it.” Lest we forget . ( this isn’t very funny. I’m trying.).

  3. Sounds very similar to Hitler taking over tactical decisions in WW2 when he fired the generals

    1. @Starcraft Player ​ You are both correct. There were a couple of purges under Stalin. The one before he signed the pact with Hitler and another one during the war (because of the failures of the military…)

    2. @CLUELESS JOE also, why would you tie your whole online persona to your hatred for a specific politician? Don’t you have a life?

    3. Yep, in St Petersburg there are a probably a lot of fellow citizens who agree with you.

  4. RIP to all the innocent lives lost in Ukraine.
    Everyday someone is going to die in Ukraine

    1. @Caden Rolland lol you can’t even write correctly there you “genius”.

    2. @so dumb that i think for myself if you haven’t seen the videos of Russian troops opening fire on Ukrainian civilians idk what to tell you my guy, dozens if not hundreds of incidents, from 37 fleeing civilians gunned down by Russian tank crew as they tried to escape on the highway just outside kyiv caught on both cctv and drone in the early days of the invasion to the 300+ civilians including dozens of children now buried under the Mariupol church that was being used as a bomb shelter. Not to mention Russian artillery tactics are the same as they used in Syria- bomb civilian housing, infrastructure and humanitarian efforts, except in this case they just want to drive the population away to make it easier to annex.

      Taking the dollar off the gold standard was one of the biggest failures of the Reagan administration, and the dollar is saved by the us military industrial complex which the economy has relied on since the world wars which is why the US government loves wars and printing money

      Yes, the Chinese economy is currently growing at a faster rate, a rate that’s projected to stagnate, so again, we’ll see because I don’t doubt it going either way

  5. Pain and suffering to Putin and his supporters 10 Fold. Peace and healing to strong Ukraine 💯 Fold.

    1. Right 👌as if you’re not responsible for the destruction and death in Ukraine

    1. One of the things that makes this situation hard is that it is over for Putin and he knows it. As soon as he admits defeat not only will he be removed from office, but he will most certainly face war crime charges. That makes it much harder for him to admit defeat. There is an off ramp for Russia, they overthrow Putin and admit their fault, and reform. For Russia it could easily be like Germany and Japan after WW2. But in order for that to happen, the Emperor and Hitler had to die.

  6. Like we need now to point Putin’s mistakes, so he can correct them? Should wait till this thing is over.

  7. The United States should “treat Vladimir Putin for what he is: a KGB colonel who wants to restore the Russian empire,” Senator John McCain said in 2014.

    1. @Roger Pennel I agree, Roger. The only thing Putin understands is physical force. Submission is all we will accept.

    2. @JD my take on the neutrality of PM Modi in India is that the most of their infantry arms, munitions, and ground AOS is Russian and they need a replacement, so hopefully they’re going to work with us to develop solutions for them that don’t encourage Chinese expansionism. Look at the Indian border incident in which for Chinese officers were killed for linestepping.

    3. @NUNU Official 👈 reported numerous times by myself ,, but still hasn’t been removed ?

  8. Putin: We will move 4th Guards Tank here.
    General: Mr. Putin, 4th Guards Tank has been decimated. It cannot attack.
    Putin: Then we will use 5th Guards Tank
    General: There is no 5th Guards Tank
    Putin: Make one! They attack at dawn!

    1. @Bill Jones What is the connection for you between people all over Ukraine speaking Russian if they want to, and russia trying to invade Ukraine because the 1 thousand people on the Azov battalion are in one area?

  9. When he said special military operation he meant occupying Ukraine smoothly but this operation has not been smooth for Mr Putin. It has and will be a rocky, embarrassing road for him.

    1. @Blair Haffly it means what it says.. Russia’s objective is not to conquer Ukraine.. sorry that’s what your media tells you

    1. “How many more dictators must be woed, appeased, given immense privileges before we learn, you cannot reason with a tiger when your head is in it’s mouth!!!”

      -Winston Churchill.

  10. His biggest mistake was thinking he had a military that was superior and that they wanted to fight for him.

    1. @ANDY VAN KERKHOVE 🤣 If Putin steps on the gas, the little Bonaparte arrives in Waterloo in two.

    1. @Andrey Bogunov : Ukraine hasn’t even faced the full might of the Russian army yet. If they mobilise fully, calling up all reservists, they will soon have hundreds of thousands more troops to send against you. Yes, they will be poorly trained and equipped with Soviet era weapons, but their sheer numbers will be a huge problem.

  11. The true definition of madness,” Einstein reportedly said, “is repeating the same action, over and over, hoping for a different result.” Unfortunately, many proposals for ending the war on Ukraine ask the Ukrainians to repeat the same actions they have tried over and over with disastrous results. Those advocating for trying these approaches yet again bear a heavy burden of explaining why this time would be different.

    Many outcomes that may sound plausible to those uninformed about Putin’s history quite rightly look disastrous to Ukrainians. For example, Putin has said he wants a neutral, “demilitarized” Ukraine. Russia had that beginning in 1994, when Ukraine surrendered the nuclear weapons it inherited from the Soviet Union in exchange for guarantees of its existing boundaries from Russia, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

    Rather than allow this neutral, demilitarized Ukraine to live in peace within the longstanding boundaries Russia pledged to guarantee, Putin exploited Ukraine’s weakness to intervene in its politics and fix a presidential election for his deeply corrupt crony. When the Ukrainian people overthrew Putin’s puppet, Putin again took advantage of Ukraine’s weakness by seizing Crimea and a large part of Ukraine’s industrial heartland in the East.

    At some point, outsiders may tell the Ukrainians that they should accept a ceasefire at any price, even if it leaves Russian forces in their country. Ukraine did this after Russian’s 2008 invasion, with the promise of peace talks.

    Russia responded by stalling, shelling unoccupied parts of Ukraine, setting up two corrupt puppet regimes in its occupied territories — one of which shot down a Malaysian civilian airplane — and ultimately disavowing its agreement, to invade yet again.

    Nor are these isolated intrusions. Throughout the region, Russia has repeatedly seized parts of its neighbors’ territory, agreed to a ceasefire, and then continued its occupation without serious negotiations. It has occupied two regions of Georgia and one in Moldova for decades. Ukrainians know these “frozen conflicts” mean an indefinite loss of sovereignty, the indefinite subjugation of Ukrainians to Russian misrule, and a constant source of instability draining the country’s human and financial resources.

  12. I am so disappointed in hearing one of the most respected statesman in modern history of American politics and Administration talking about a realistic option to Zelenski to give up territory to Russia for an end to hostilities. He says Ukraine has to look to his people and soldiers and ask how long should we fight.
    I doubt very much if Mexico wanted Texas back and after a few months of bloody stalemate slaughter he would consider giving Texas back to Mexico! I doubt that very much.

  13. Putin seriously underestimated the patriotism of the Ukrainian people. People defending their home will always fight harder than those invading someone else’s home. Love is stronger than greed.

    1. We have already seen interesting tattoos of Mariupol “defenders”. Tribunal will be coming soon, with cams and silence of rats. Ukranian people will condemn you.

    2. True. Hence why the largest ethnic minority group in the world the Kurds, without a state of their own, are still around after persecution and attempted extermination on their lands by the occupying countries around them inspite of which powerful country attempted to

    3. Nope, Russia is very close to complete victory, and most Ukrainians do not support Zelensky.

  14. “Are you a military genius?!” “No, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn!” That is a great description of Putin!

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