Former Russian diplomat: Putin’s ‘situation is growing worse and worse every day’

Boris Bondarev, who resigned from Russia’s diplomatic service in May, tells CNN’s Becky Anderson why he thinks Vladimir Putin’s position in Russia is weakening. #CNN #News


  1. Helpful perspective from an honorable and experienced diplomat. The interviewer did well, asking her questions and getting out of the way.

    1. I didn’t feel that from her, she kept uh-huh ‘ing him. He has some real insight to offer, perhaps much fuller than her bullet list of questions. JMO

  2. In Russia, when people like this resign…… They usually end up having an accident or disappearing all together.
    Brave chap too stand up and be counted, fair play.

    1. I’m sure he was able to go to a safe country before he resigned, thus saving his life. He has money to do this.

  3. Deep condolences to all mother, father, children and family who lost their lives in this war. Slava Ukraine🇺🇦🇺🇦

  4. Its hard to believe that Zelensky was a stand up comedian. No matter whos side you are on, this man deserves respect for his powerful leadership under strenuous circumstances. Bloody amazing!

    1. The American President, Ronald Reagan, was an actor in the movie, “Bedtime for Bonzo,” which starred a chimpanzee. Perhaps, leadership requires a sense of humor.

    2. @Janzzen It is good to people from Ukrainian side asking for proof of the claim 😌 I wonder then why people believe anything on what West says without asking for proof and when someone from Russian side claims something they need proof.

  5. This man should be lauded as a hero. Very few russian government employees are brave and selfless enough to speak the truth and separate themselves from this tyrannical regime.

    1. Maybe 🤔 I’m a little bit confused on this 😂😺🫂

    2. @T-Rex there is a difference. Snowden leaked military information, state secrets. Public dissent, protest is honorable. Snowden crossed a line.

    3. @residentgrey protest are not an act of war. They are a vital part of public discourse. To protest things you disagree with are legitimate in any free country.

    4. @E. MCLAUGHLIN _”Those who can make you believe male menstruation, can make you commit atrocities”_
      – Voltaire

    1. But you have no choice now and you’re still 🏡😸📱

  6. Well, i congratulate this man on his courage and his decency. Not many of his colleagues chose the same honorable – and dangerous – route.

  7. That’s a truly honourable diplomat. As a Russian I am proud of him and also of all people who oppose Putin or at least don’t play along with him. It’s extremely dangerous to be against the regime in Russia. Peace

    1. Please excuse me For my stupidity I served between 1977 to 81 aboard the uss ???- and we were all rushin to rushing to kick booty lol lighten up we can’t fix anything from here

    2. @John R being against your government when you disagree with it is not treasonous. That is a major problem with Russia. They do not promote public dissent. This leads to a powerful government that abuses its authority.

    3. @Jerry Bell No, I asked John R to explain. I know what a traitor is.
      I would like to see him explain within the context of this subject.
      Thank you anyway.
      And, btw, if you refuse an unlawful order, you are not a traitor.

  8. Mr. Boris, from one civil servant to another, I thank you for your honesty, and I thank your candor, and most of all, I thank you for your humanity. We are in a new world, I am proud I had the change to help many countries transition to democracy from dictatorship, FYROM, Africa and South and Central America. You are a brave man, God bless you and your family, stay safe, Comrad.

  9. Great insights and fair play to this brave, conscientious, true Russian patriot. It’s hard to believe there are not many more who can see Putin and his crazy paranoid ramblings for what they are… the scary thing is millions of decent, intelligent Germans fell pray to a similar psychopath 90 years ago… let’s hope more Russian people wake up and stand up before history repeats itself.

  10. In spring I read in the news that a Russian diplomat resigned and his reasoning. Very impressive and nice to hear from him again.

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