Ret. General thinks Ukraine’s missile proposal is ‘a wonderful thing’

In an effort to overcome Biden administration resistance to providing it with a new set of powerful, long-range rocket systems, the Ukrainian government is now offering the US full and ongoing visibility into their list of intended Russian targets, multiple officials familiar with the discussions tell CNN. Retired General Wesley Clark and ex-CIA Chief of Russia Operations Steve Hall weigh in on the latest news out of Ukraine. #CNN #News


  1. “An attack on these areas is essentially an attack on Russia.”
    Uh, they are at war with Ukraine. So how is this different?

    1. I’m sure it will be interesting to you. My name is Lee. I had a friend Michael at university. I changed his name on purpose, and you will understand why. We haven’t seen each other for more than 10 years, I was very glad to have our meeting…
      We had something to remember and discuss, we drank our Maker’s Mark whiskey decently… What he told me shocked me. Here is a brief,  retelling:
      Me: Michael, I still don’t understand where you work?
      M: In Langley.
      Me: What kind of company?
      M:…. CIA
      Of course, I could not help but ask him the most exciting questions for me, and not only for me.
      Me: Will there be a war with Russia?
      M: God forbid.
      Me: Why Putin attacked Ukraine…
      M: Putin did not attack Ukraine. He woke up too late…
      I: I don’t understand you…
      M: We attacked Russia, but with the hands of greedy Ukrainians…Everyone has already forgotten, in 14, with our help, a coup d’etat took place in Ukraine.  People in eastern Ukraine, where Russians live, did not agree with him, but at the same time, they were ready to negotiate with the new government… But we have forbidden Ukrainians to negotiate with the separatists. Then they began to be exterminated…Putin wanted to persuade them to peace for 8 years. Do you remember Minsk 1. Minsk 2. He came up with the settlement plan… Putin constantly interferes with our plans, he’s damn smart… In the spring, Ukrainians were supposed to capture Donbass… We actively trained and armed their army… But Putin was ahead of us…
      Me: But he attacked Ukraine…
      M: Lee, if he hadn’t done that, our troops would have already been standing on the Russian border.
      I: God, why do we need this?
      M: This is politics, dear Lee. Russia is the largest and richest country in the world…We need her resources… Don’t you know we’re bankrupt…Our printing press works 24 hours a day…
      I: So it was we who blew up the gas pipeline?
      M: Lee, let’s not talk about politics anymore..
      Me: OK Michael.
      M: Don’t trust anyone, especially the press…
      P.S. We have to stop this crazy war!!!!
      Tomorrow it will be too late.

    1. @Stephen Michaud Look at his last name. It’s a joke name. Anyone posting under a joke name like that can’t be very serious. Or if he is, he can’t be very smart. He’s just screaming for attention that he doesn’t deserve.

  2. Dear Mr. Vlad Putins : Thank you for being the single best RECRUITER for NATO/OTAN Membership with once neutral Sweden and Finland signing up & soon joining and hopefully Ukraine will follow likewise and join NATO/OTAN. Once again thank you very much cause we couldn’t have done it without your input. Sincerely yours, the people of a FREE & Sovereign Ukraine!

    1. @Bruce Wislofsky if you don’t know why ..then you must have been hiding under a rock…then you should remain there and don’t bother to find out why 😂

    1. @Funny is Subjective what a stupid idea haha – people’s decisions can be criticised, including how they vote

  3. Excellent interview. Thanks!
    At 4:31 there is a small error on your slide for the M777. It is 155mm NOT 115mm.

  4. i think usa is right about the long range missile But the Crimean bridge must be destroyed before winter, and the attrition plan fits the war strategy against Russia, because Putin fears that a long war will lead to the loss of his power !

  5. Imagine this happening in your country, being invaded by a hostile foreign power and then being told you have to join the army and fight your own countrymen!!! To die for Putin is just beyond idiotic!

    1. @gamingthunder the real problem with nukes is that it is a bit of an overkill. Usually you want to capture the towns and facilities, otherwise what have you got. Where are your invading troops going to live when there is nothing left. This has always been the purpose of war, to capture things that you can use for your own advantage.

    2. @gamingthunder One solution, give Ukraine their own tactical nuclear weapons, Putin would definitely think twice before making threats of using nuclear weapons.

    3. @Liivei Sr study more history? Study more reality rather… It’s like selling a car, get a recipe, and take it back by force a few days later 🙃

    4. @Tony Cook It’s more about intimidating your opponent into submission. If Russia had no one to answer to, rest assured they would’ve used nukes already

  6. Listened to Labi Siffre….Something inside so strong, today…thoughts immediately went to the Army and people of Ukraine, Slava Ukraine 🇺🇦, …The UK is wishing you well.

  7. Always inspiring to hear Gen. Wesley Clark. He’s great!
    I imagine how he wishes to be in Zalushny’s position right now 😉

  8. Russia’s border with NATO has doubled since Putin invaded Ukraine. As a strategist, he is brilliant, like a bag of hammers. 💙💛🌻🇺🇸

    1. It makes me think of having time on a supercomputer, like the kind some universities and the department of energy have or having time to access the Hubble or James Webb space telescopes.
      It seems a waste to schedule access to both at the same time. You couldn’t possibly use both of them to anywhere near their full abilities at the same time.

  9. Russia doesn’t have many options on how to respond – their army is in a sad state with seemingly very limited resources to equip new conscripts. So we, the united West, needs to give Ukraine the arms they require and allow them to be used as Ukraine see fit to regain territory occupied by Russia.

    1. @Ibrahim Joel They might, but two points: 1. We should let ourselves be threatened to act suboptimally and 2. Using nuclear weapons would put Russia in a much much worse position compared to now – they will only use it if they stand to benefit from it and there will be no benefits, not to Russia and definitely not to the world (including India and China).

    2. @Ibrahim Joel Then they get leveled, hope you understand that. Half their basic missiles can’t fly, you expect more from their nuclear arsenal?

  10. God bless Ukraine and all allies 🇺🇦❤️🙏🙏🇺🇦 No to Imperialism No to War, Yes to life freedom humanity peace and sovereignty of nations ✌️

  11. Deep condolences to all mother, father, children and family who lost their lives in this war. Slava Ukraine🇺🇦🇺🇦

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