‘You’ve done absolutely nothing for me or my family’: See this woman’s message to Rubio

Alexandra Forseth, a relative of two Americans freed this weekend in a prisoner swap with Venezuela, called Sen. Marco Rubio's criticism of the exchange "unpatriotic and unhelpful." Sen. Rubio told CNN the exchange was a "win for Maduro" and put "all Americans in the world in danger." #CNN #News


  1. An prime example of what the Republicans thinks of the common person. Not worth lifting a finger to actually help, just sending “thought and prayers” lol

    1. @Jason Lucas a democrat politician help someone? With what? Healthcare? A living wage? Secure border? Crime? Will dems help women codify R vW like they promised for 30 plus years? Any politician helping people…..laughable.

    2. @Josh Barker The people that know the least yell the loudest. Look, if someone can’t use proper grammar, I doubt what he/she writes is worth reading. 5th grade is not difficult my comrade.

  2. I went to college with Marco Rubio. He was on a football scholarship and he never played a single game. Like back then, he does absolutely NOTHING. Rubio is a complete disaster when it comes to politics. I simply do not understand why he is in politics, other than the fact that it helps him line his pockets with money.

    1. @TommyK About as much as Elizabeth Warren! My mistake, you said Chippewa not Cherokee. Hipocrisy bleeds Blue.

    2. @Jonathan Goodell 🤣🤣you guys hear what you want to hear don’t cha? He never said he played, he said he went to school with Rubio. So busy trying to be spiteful and nasty that you didn’t even understand the comment

    3. @jorge alvarez I disagree. Prisoner exchanges in this country have been done since Grant and the civil war. I think Americans who go abroad to countries with dictators know they might be put in prison for anything. If it was my relative I’d want them home.

    1. @Lizbraham Lincoln and trumps been posting hatred on social media for 6 years. But I guess you overlooked that huh? Because you’re ok being spoon fed hate just so he can get the trailer dwellers little coins. You can’t make this stuff up 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    2. where there is a will there’s a way…so I say that I pray No one has the will to rather than the ability to 👨‍⚖️

  3. She said Rubio did absolutely nothing to get her family home and he was unpatriotic… I would agree.

    1. @Vicky P Try and keep up, “Vicky.” The last of the matters were wrapped up last week and you lost. It’s all over. Mr. Durham is a failure. 😀

    2. @John Thomas I don’t even know what that’s supposed to mean. Are you saying that I’m saying a Senator should help his constituents only if he’s (the Senator) is a Republican & I wouldn’t expect the same from a Democrat?

    1. @kay armstrong Kay Val Demings is a highly decorated very well respected former “Orlando Police Chief”!!! She comes from a good honest family with multiple generations of Peace Officers…

  4. Anti American politicians need to be voted out. Not only this issue but Republican Sen. Marco Rubio and U.S. Rep. Ron DeSantis “voted against aid for Sandy victims, Matt Gaetz votes against hurricane relief money in home state of Florida after Hurricane Ian devastation, Sen. Rick Scott was among of the minority of 25 Senate Republicans who voted against this legislation, as did every Florida Republican in the House, including those representing storm-torn areas.

    1. @Gene Robinson That would be hard to do considering we don’t have a party called Qpublicans!! just sayin’….

  5. WOW! Mic drop. Lets see the soundbite senator answer that. This young lady gets all my respect. She is intelligent and informed. Those traded for convicted criminals will never ever come back to the U.S. but the illegally held prisoners will be back with their families who had to suffer this political chess game with the lives of real people is a win for them. very happy for your family Alexandra.

    1. Aren’t all Latins little compared to you white and blacks in the USA? Don’t tell me you have 6’6 Mexicans and 7 foot Thai?

  6. And no one can ever say Rubio helped us Floridians in any situation where we all benefitted. However he sure has gotten alot richer since being our Senator thats for sure.

    1. She is all our daughters. Yes, we are proud of her, Toni. We’re all in this together. Right on, Sister Toni!

    2. If this articulate young woman were your daughter, she would not allow you to get away with saying the words “hella proud”….

  7. She gives me the slightest bit of hope for the future. We desperately need more logical people like her in charge.

    1. @Islandstyles Oh. You mean like taking bodily autonomy away and threatening to jail you if you pursue your own health choice? That kind of “small government”?

    1. @Sherry Hannah It is well. Cherish the memories and make them never recede. Keep breathing. I wish you the best.

    2. @Black Hibiscus his name was Tom I talking about my dad he was Polish and Irish and mama was German I hope you will reply to this

  8. Leaders perpetuating a myth. Gee, who knew? Glad these people are home. We’re very happy for you! 🇺🇸

  9. Incredible! I can’t even imagine what families go through with their loved ones imprisoned without cause.

    1. How many US citizens are imprisoned IN THE U.S. who are there without cause? Or for stupid and irrational laws and unjust prosecutions? We need to clean up our own house.

  10. Kudos for this young woman and all the best to all the freed hostages and their loved ones.👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  11. What a well-crafted interview. This newscaster is very good at his job ; thoughtful and powerful open-ended questions, allowance of space for Ms. Forseth to answer, excellent follow-up probing, and wonderful empathy.

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