US considering responses if Putin uses nuclear weapons

With concerns growing that Vladimir Putin will escalate Russia’s war in Ukraine, the US is considering how to respond to a range of potential scenarios, including fears that Russians could use tactical nuclear weapons, according to three sources briefed on the latest intelligence. #CNN #News


  1. Deep condolences to all mother, father, children and family who lost their lives in this war. Slava Ukraine🇺🇦🇺🇦

    1. @Abdu R I apologize if that came out as hostile, it’s just we already have historical precedent on a situation very much like this. If Russia wants to genuinely negotiate *in good faith* I’m certain there are those who would listen. In the meantime, NATO must do what it can to prevent Russia from moving any further in Ukraine.

    2. @Wait What no. I mean.. Russia is the hostile ones.. not u. wtf

      Im just questioning the role of US and UN, especially UN..
      I thought UN is a peacemaker broker or something..

    1. I 100 percent agree. I don’t understand why Ukraine hasn’t attacked Russia back. I mean it’s weird I think. 😕

  2. The worst consequence of using battlefield nuclear weapons is that many non-nuclear nations would come to the conclusion that the only way of every being truly safe is being in possession of nuclear weapons, leading to a global nuclear arms race.

    1. That happened already and it is true. The US wouldnt invade North corea, but did invade afghanistan, vietnam, iraq etc. Nuclear arms make countries safer from invasions.

    1. @Real Napster that is a very good point, but as we know the POTUS doesn’t have the guts to say said things.

  3. Having “contingency plans” and “nuclear weapons” in the same sentence tends to not have a sunny outlook attached to it

  4. Just to give some european perspective: most discontent (except on the far right) is about our governments not taking enough countermeasures against the inflation that is happening first and foremost due to the war and only partly also because of the sanctions. Except for the far right parties (that happened to sign cooperation agreements with and take funding from Putin for many years) no one is calling to end the sanctions. We would like our governments to get their heads out of their arses though.

    1. @Coops199 erm… that’s an almost hilariously misinformed statement. Merkel was the leader of Germany’s conservative party, aka centre right.

      And I’m not talking about trade agreements between countries’ governments for the sake of profit, however misguided they were, I’m talking about political cooperation contracts between far-right parties in european countries on the one hand and on the other hand Putin’s party “United Russia” for the expressed purpose of spreading nationalist far-right sentiment in europe.

    2. @Coops199 sorry, but that’s not how classifications on the political spectrum work, they’re not based on whether a party is left or right of your own personal views and you cannot classify a party’s overall political position based on a single policy. The CDU/CSU are textbook centre-right parties.

      (And just to add – Germany’s immigration policy is very far from open. Immigration to Germany as a non-EU-citizen is limited to skilled or highly educated workers and their immediate family members. Germany does however have quite liberal refugee protection laws – again, looking at them on the political spectrum, no matter what I personally think of them – even though they have also been limited in 2015.)

  5. People speaking as if they’d going to walk away from a nuclear exchange between Russia and nato. 😂

  6. If the world cannot draw a red line on nuclear weapons use,.then wtf is even a red line at this point.

    1. His point is that drawing a red line amounts to, “if you do this, we’ll do that”, but stated before you even know all of the circumstances. Example: “if you launch a tactical nuke, we’ll ____”, but Putin launches one that turns around a returns to the launch site. Or he launches one at Kyiv but it goes to some uninhabited area of Kazakstan. It’s too easy to step in it by declaring a red line in this situation.

  7. I remember listening to a piece on NPR a few years ago. They were trying to calm their gentle listeners telling them that Trump could not start a nuclear exchange with Russia on his own.

    Now we have the same media pimping war with Russia.
    This is repulsive to me on so many levels.

    1. Ikr. Now we have rule by whoever writes uploads something to the teleprompter or speaks into Joe’s earpiece.

      It seems that they have become so accustomed to feeling all powerful with social engineering etc that they want to provoke nuclear conflagration.

  8. we all lived nearly 75 years in peace and just survived a freakin pandemic with millions of dead. Instead of beeing grateful and working towards a better future we chose the path of destruction. Whats going on with people these days…

  9. Imagine if western leaders in the cold war were to consider striking Russia with conventional forces after Russia went into Hungary. They would never, its such an insane idea.

  10. People better start paying attention when the media is calm and casually discussing things such as this. It means obviously preparing people for a very real situation possibly happening. Not saying it is gonna happen. Just saying pay attention and be on guard.

    1. @Leo Nazz not a smart to survive. A army is always practicing for war. You could at least have a back pack ready for few days. Survival food, warm clothes, tarp for shelter, waterproof boots or rain gear, some tools light weight or plan with a group. I’m definitely going to order some stuff that can be carried, hide, store and plan.

  11. Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has the Red Line down to Russia and being ready for the escalation of this current situation adding another scenario of a weapon that could knock out all electronic equipment that should be a serious fear for all NATO Countries… mindset would be extremely important here…

  12. As one of the security consultants previously said on this channel:

    “The wind is mostly blowing West to East.”
    So, yeah; good luck with the fallout. 🤌🙄

  13. It’s so hard to ask this question because honestly it should be classified info and we don’t want Russia to know what we would do if they use nuclear weapons.

  14. was there any consideration how this would impact the preparation between U.S. and China?
    will this delay the set up and execution of the next conflict. and if U.S. engages with Russia, how will that limit U.S. engagement with China once they invade Taiwan before 2029?

    1. This is why we need to check these foreign policies. China also has hypersonic nuclear weapons which he cannot stop

  15. There is a reason the nuclear deterrence plan for the last 70+ years was referred to as MAD. Any response in kind can only escalate. Estimates are 80 million in the first day, double that by the end of the first week. Then life gets very, very difficult.

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