1. To be fair the tank is a prop from a movie. The thing would be almost 100 years old if it were an original. So I’m not too surprised that there was only one. I am surprised there were no modern tanks but then again all the new ones have probably been destroyed by Ukraine recently. And there was no jet fly past because they needed to keep the sky’s clear for security reasons although also because fly by ‘s are expensive and they have no money anymore.

    1. To be fair, you are talking more crap than the woman commenting🧐😂. There are thousands of modern Russian tanks ready for actions and you will see them very soon 👍

    2. That tank is a T-34 and they made them up until 1958 and it is not a movie prop, please stop stating things that you are clueless about as if it is a fact.

    3. To be fair, people will laugh at the T14, Leopard II and the Abrams one day too. Without that T34 tank, things would look very different today. Anyway, it is sad to see how Putin has ruined the Russian nation as Stalin did before him, as for Tsar Peter, Ivan…. The list can be long written. It will get worse before it gets better is my guess.

  2. Ilya Ponomarev deserves more attention, he can explain a lot about russian politics.
    Kudos to CNN to give him airtime.

  3. A military’ parade shouldn’t be about showing off your tanks and weapons it’s about honoring those who gave their lives for their country

    1. They did. Did you watch it? I certainly don’t see the same honor in this country for our WWII vets, in fact, we are told on a daily basis how they and their descendants are hated by the media, government officials, and a portion of American citizens. My dad was one of them, he would have been in awe of the honor and respect given to Russia WWII vets, and would have puked and cried once reality set in looking at our own current government and ungrateful citizens here. They should never have lifted a finger and fought any war not for this government nor this pathetic and ungrateful American population. They wasted their lives and those that lived through it their time, for nothing. None of you deserved their service.

    2. In the small town I grew up in, every year they hold a 4th Of July parade. At the start of the parade there is always a complement of veterans in full uniform, carrying the Flag of the United States, the Flag of Washington State (my state) and the Flag of whatever branch the complement of veterans were the flag guard for that year. When I was a kid, everyone (thousands) would fall silent as the flags went by, stand up, and remove their hats. After they went by would be locally built floats on hay wagons, vintage cars, horses, tractors, and pickup loads of little league teams. Some marching bands even, and cheerleaders and prom queens. A good time for all.

      The last time I went to it ten years or so ago, I was so disgusted I’ve never been back. The town has increased by a factor of 10 since I was a kid, all of them newcomers seeking to raise their kids in a “small town environment.” Never realizing that by coming there they have destroyed it. I met a woman around the same time at the post office, who told me proudly she was an “Old (town name) resident! I’ve been here _ten years!”_ Lady, I was born here in 1966.

      But the real kicker was at the 4th parade. When the three flags came by carried by the three veterans, nobody stopped talking. A DJ was blaring terrible music across the street. You could tell the real old time residents because they stood up and took off their hats, but it was a poor showing. Just a few here and there. I estimate one in fifty.

      I can’t stand to go into that town anymore.

    3. Many countries around the world have full military parades. The US is one of the few that doesn’t..

    4. @tarmaque You best leave the US entirely, the majority are ungrateful, and highly doubt any new comers going to appreciate what our WWII Vets did. Might as well find a more worthy people and cause to rally around you won’t find it here in the US.

  4. 1:16 In addition to the lead T-34 tank, there are 2 T-34 tanks in the back ground. Not being used in the parade
    I guess. That’s three. Who knows what’s going on over there.

    1. Maybe the other 2 broke down??? Or directly taken from the Kubinka Tank Museum and can’t be run.

    2. They were needing spare parts on standby, just in case the one in the parade broke down,

      Remember what happened to the New T-14 Amarta in 2015, when they couldn’t even move it with a specialist Military Engineering Vehicle?

      🇷🇺🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♂️ 🤷🏼🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏻‍♂️ 👈🏼🤣👍🏼🇺🇦

  5. Russian generals were reportedly saying, “ Hey, can we get that tank? We need it for Special Military Operations.”

    1. Do not worry. Russia has enough tanks for crashing Ukronazis.
      Why do you think Zelensky keeps begging for NATO tanks?

    2. ​@Yuri because they stole the Russians tanks and realized that they are Rolling bombs and want something that won’t explode for 4 score and seven years.

  6. I guess an unpublished photo was taken to Steven Seagal on the Ruzzian parade. We can probably see him in the image from left to right on a landscape view.

  7. That is a cute little tank, impressive. That explosion over the Kremlin looks like special effects from a Godzilla movie. Russia staged the whole thing.

    1. Russia blamed Ukraine, than USA.. they are pathetic… I’m glad, USA, is our ally, the democracy with the strongest military power in the world ✌️… but our task now is, is to help Ukraine to defeat Russian fascists… most of our T72 tanks and BMP fighting vehicles go to Ukraine, unfortunately the Soviet technology doesn’t make a difference, but HIMARS, M777 howitzers and Patriots do… God bless USA🇺🇲 … From a Czech mate 🇨🇿

  8. At least the engine didn’t fail, the way their T-14 Armata did in this parade 8 years ago.
    The next main battle tank will be a Lada sedan with a gun strapped to the roof.


    1. Dat: Putin sounds like a bratty toddler denied another kid’s toy and claiming they were picked on.
      I wish Russian could someone in power who is more interested in doing what is best for the people than invading sovereign nations.

    2. Mind Begs the Question:
      If in a World
      X oppose occupation – Heroes
      Y oppose occupation – Terrorists
      World governed by – Righteous,Evil?

    3. @macformeback a feral cat in to a corner and what do you expect the outcome to be? I don’t agree with the guys policies but I can see how it might be justified

  10. That tank rolled over when they tried to load it after the parade. It may have rolled over onto some guys standing nearby. The Kyiv Independent has a video on the blue bird chat thingy.

  11. If governments and world leaders really love and support their military workers, they would make sure they’d never have to go to war in the first place.

  12. Have you seen the video of that tank toppling over as they’re wrapping the parade up onto a flat bed truck ? 😂😂😂😂

  13. Thank you for your coverage, more please

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