Former Senior Member Of Probe Explains Investigation Into Trump Org. CFO

NBC legal analyst and former senior member of the Mueller probe, Andrew Weissmann, breaks down the New York Times' report that the New York attorney general is criminally investigating Trump Organization chief financial officer Allen Weisselberg. Plus, NBC's Peter Alexander shares his latest.

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Former Senior Member Of Mueller Probe Explains Investigation Into Trump


  1. Time for one of the biggest criminals in history to finally face some justice for decades of crime. The system is broken when it takes this long for justice…assuming it will actually be done.

    1. @jsean g
      Dislodge the comedian from the otherwise vacant area between your ears!

    2. Rich white man may never be held accountable! Black men, get brutal Street justice! Something needs to change!

    3. @No Show Joe oh yeah! Trump had press conferences every day! Never had anything useful to say either! Blah blah blah! Dumbest most ignorant president we’ve ever had.

    4. ​@Lightning strikes twice
      “Black men, get brutal Street justice!”
      Yep, killing each other right and left.
      “Trump…Dumbest most ignorant president we’ve ever had.”
      Says an anonymous dweeb…

  2. Funny reminds me of how they finally could convict another gangster. Al Capone went to jail for tax evasion

    1. Donald Trump wrote a $25,000 CHECK from his former charity’s account to Florida AG, Pam Bondi, to squash a lawsuit over his sham “university.” (He was successfully sued in another state over Trump U, and his charity was shut down for what the NY AG called “a shocking pattern of illegality.”)

      He ostensibly paid a bribe with a CHECK from a CHARITY. He’s not careful. The people in his circle aren’t careful. Look at Giuliani. “Hey, everybody, I’m off to Ukraine now to get dirt on Donald’s opponent from a foreign government AGAIN.”

      Trump paid off two women to keep quiet about his marital affairs with checks. (The story had already come out years before, too). He directed his lawyer to set up a sham LLC in order to make the payments, committing bank, tax, and FEC fraud in the process. He couldn’t use cash? Jewelry?

      I’d bet he left paper trails all over the place. He’s screwed.

  3. Trump will soon realize the reckoning that he never has had to face…..CONSEQUENCES FOR HIS OWN ACTIONS…..

    1. Doubtful… he will die without realizing this.
      This is a man incapable of learning lessons the rest of us learn by age 6, or of assuming accountability for anything whatsoever.

    2. You guys start getting the popcorn ready the show is about to begin. You couldn’t make this up I think it will be an academy award.

      The Trump Presidential Library has burned down. Tragically, the fire consumed both books, and Trump hadn’t even finished coloring the second one.

    2. Neal Katyal………. along with…….. Glenn Kirschner………… amongst many others……… will be 

      indicted and charged with: 

      Criminal Conspiracy to commit Crimes Against Humanity.

      They will be convicted and serve consecutive terms of life imprisonment.

      Speaking for a knowledgeable friend.

  4. Great answer to ‘It is what it is’ by Il Ducé Don, Alan spoke to the ‘Deal Maker’, by saying ‘You are where yo are’; let’s prey ‘You can run but not hide’!

  5. Somewhat ironic that his kids did not want him to be president. Maybe he should have listened to them as they are all going to pay for it.

    1. I am looking at closing also for Trump & his children (they now have proof of crimes) but not yet for the former AG but that will becoming later. I believe it won’t be a surprise at all for many citizens of the USA or even other world leaders but the huge bombshell surprise’s will come from others who are still inside USA Federal & State Government, etc. as highly respected citizens of the USA coming from also church, local law enforcement, news media & even other countries I believe that will also be charged that made it possible for Trump & his children to be charged with many crimes. It will be a real wake up call to everyone & especially the current Trump Republican Party that Democracy is still alive in the USA. The big question will be why didn’t the King & his children get out of the USA when they had the chance instead of just hanging around Florida & the golf course?

    2. ​@billycarson
      This is like déjà vu.
      Same nonsense you America-bashing non-Americans were spewing when this channel had Michael Avenatti on for months almost every day. Avenatti was your Trump Slayer, your Crown Prince…

  6. Methinks that Trumpy can NOT spin out this court case in the hope that the other side will concede thinking that its costing more than its worth!!!

  7. His father told him not to leave Queens, Sheepshead Bay and Coney Island. Big doofus shoulda listened to old Fred.

    1. @Woody Guthrie Word is that Fred Trump had similar psychological problems to Donald.
      He was smarter though and more business savy.

    2. @Erika Ives Woulda, coulda, shoulda. The Petulant Putz has benefitted from society’s negligence since he was born.
      He is a disgrace to the U.S. and the planet.
      He is a debit on the balance sheet of life.

    3. @Woody Guthrie New York Military Academy was actually a very reputable boarding school at that time. I attended in the 80’s when it still had a decent name. My point being, it wasn’t a place where you sent anyone with learning difficulties and emotional problems. (Those issues were exploited by the student body). NYMA was considered a solid conduit to college. Having viewed Trump’s school photos, the first thing that struck me was his cushy rank and lack of any medals that demonstrate real achievement. In all likelihood, his father made things easy for Trump financially, allowing him to reach the rank of Staff Captain. My point here, is that he was likely silver-spooned and sailed along unremarkably within a pretty tough prep school that was very effective in bringing out the best of high achievers. (If Trump wasn’t Trump, guys like him generally didn’t achieve the rank of Captain, much less any officer).

    1. And I’ll be the happiest woman. We can celebrate together. I plan on breaking open a good port.

    2. mario – I will be happier than you ! I will have happiness oozing everywhere. But I need to pace myself in happiness. So many crooks, so little ooze.

    3. . . . And her brothers, Melania, her husband . . . there’s not a decent person among them.

  8. Omg that photo of the three of them looks like a promotion pic for a really bad mafia B movie

    1. Perfect description. And Weisselberg in that photo also manages to really resemble Grumpy Cat (anyone remember that?).

  9. Dumpster is going to find out that you can’t buy loyalty forever, especially when you are well known to not give it back

    1. And now he’s not in a position to give anyone a pardon…so why would anyone be loyal to him?

  10. Allen Weisselberg is going to regret not having retired earlier. I can’t imagine how stressed he must be from the whole saga. Neither jail time nor stress-related heart failure is something to look forward to at over 70 years old.

  11. It’s assumed wealthy developers are fudging their taxes but Eric Garner died for untaxed cigarettes.

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  12. I would say claiming election fraud months before an election, would be ranked high up in the corruption department.

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