Pelosi Criticizes House Members Who Choose Not To Be Vaccinated | MSNBC

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi spoke to reporters about mask requirements and reopening the Capitol to the public, criticizing those who have chosen not to be vaccinated against Covid-19 for "selfishness" and a responsibility to make sure the House floor is not a "petri dish."

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Pelosi Criticizes House Members Who Choose Not To Be Vaccinated | MSNBC


  1. “Do you want them breathing on your face? ” spot on.
    Also when she says ” I know a lot of things, as Speaker of the house ” man that gave me chills the good ones haha she is literally sending a message.

    1. She’s a liar through and through wake up you sheep. Maybe she should be fined for not wearing a mask at the salon. Double standards you all refuse to see them

    2. @Thomas Armsworthy Jr Okay, keep all your bodily fluids in your body & out of the air. Stop exhaling.

    3. @David Gray The problem is variants of Covid. They breed & mutate in your nose.
      If you’re vaccinated you aren’t using your nose as a Petri dish.

  2. You tell them Nancy put them in a box all to themselves. They can cough on each as they please up there! 🙄👍👏🏽🤡🤛

    1. I would like to know if you have an STD? We A M E R I C A N S have rights and one of them is HIPPA, no one will ask me if I’m vaccinated or not!

    2. So your supporting segregation…ummm
      Btw the most common way to contact the virus is by contact, its not a air borne virus. .your only wearing mask so hospitals dont run out..
      If your not using a medical mask dont say sht about stopping any spread cause your not. Sheep…

    3. @Just call me Moze WOW! We’re did I say trump developed it? You must have TDS. Trump did say, it would be ready by the election, and everyone else said no way. Trump was right and the scientists were wrong. Again trump isn’t a scientist not did he develop the vaccine. Let Trump go, Biden is president now.

  3. wow, it’s weird seeing interviews with people not wearing masks. I’m glad to see it but my brain is broken trying to process it. lol

    1. @Dop3 MoveMint there’s an important element missing from the “honor system” in Congress, and it ain’t the system.

    2. Yea, like the 175 that voted against a House Investigation, because they don’t want to know how things unfold! That is just crazy, we wouldn’t let a crash go without totally examining it!

  4. Funny. They probably won’t even go up there for fear of being singled out. Let’s not forget Rand went into the pool and was a contagion!!! Told no one and just powered on!!! He and his fellow idiots are ,the biggest danger ,that follows the BIG LIE!!!

    1. Yeah. She seemed pretty cynical about that. Can’t say I blame her, since this latest batch of wackos, also necessitated metal detectors at the doors.

  5. The strength of *some republicans breath can be deadly, apparently. They finally went full Alex Jones.

  6. They want to give trump credit for creating the vaccine but won’t take it. Yup that sound about republican to me.

    1. Trump created the insurrection, but not anything useful to humanity. What intelligent do we think mr Clean Coal can do for science? Nada de nada…

    2. Trump gets no credit for ‘creating’ any of the vaccines; he had NOTHING to do with it. The research was well underway MONTHS before anything Trump did.

    3. @Per-Einar Dahlen it was already proven he didn’t create the ” insurrection ” do you stay in your echo chamber all day?

  7. I guess they also stand out in thunderstorms with umbrellas and never use seat belts and refuse to wear life jackets when ships sink. Wow they are dumb.

    1. And then they say “my body my choice” as their excuse while at the same time trying to ban abortion and have strict drug laws for personal users,… the hypocrisy is unbelievable.

  8. If you can catch the virus from someone that’s not been vaccinated after you’ve been fully vaccinated yourself, then the vaccine doesn’t work.

    1. The vaccine is more about trying to get things back to normal
      And keep people off of ventilators!!

    2. @Thomas Ferguson No. Your immune system does that. If it can’t protect you from the virus. Then it’s stupid to get that shot.

    3. @cindy Says who??? Where are the years of studies and clinical trials?? What happened to the lab rats that were injected with this vaccine?? How come they ALL died?? Smh

    4. @Blue Patriot No they have not! Right now, people who have taken the vaccine are the “longitude study.” That is why the CDC is keeping record in VAERS. That is why it is not fully approved by the FDA. Because it hasn’t even been developed and around for a year and it’s impossible to “guess” the long term effects. It could be fine, and that would be awesome, or it could be horrible. We literally have no way of knowing, and anyone who say’s otherwise is lying! Or, should I say, full of bs….

    1. the worst part is that they need to do anything just because some group of idiots decided to politicize medicine and science. Since these slim wits are making others wear masks longer, maybe the penalties should amp up over time.

    1. @derek schnabel really? You can’t vote unless you are registered at a particular polling place in a certain City, in which you reside. Because of driver’s licenses and addresses, the state knows who you are, they also have your social security number because you pay taxes every year. So if you try and vote twice, you will be caught and it is a felony so you will be thrown in jail. There is really no honor System about voting. Why are you so very determined to be ignorant? Do you ever actually questioned any of your assumptions? Do you suppose the people who do understand the world have not asked these questions about their assumptions and about history? And do you suppose that not understanding the world is a good thing?

  9. Those members can wear a mask to work and observe all the safety protocols.
    Edit. Someone said to put them all in A box so they can caught on each other … maybe cut the cheese together 🐷

  10. A lot of them in Congress are over 60, you can’t blame Pelosi if they want to be sure and protect other people and themselves, they are vulnerable.

  11. The part “Now as Um I know a lot of things as Speak of The House I know a lot of things” because “They share them with me” lmao I loved it! <3


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