Former Trump Aide Flynn Seems To Suggest U.S. Needs A Coup D'etat 1

Former Trump Aide Flynn Seems To Suggest U.S. Needs A Coup D’etat


Trump's first National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn, seemed to suggest at a QAnon conference that the U.S. needs a coup similar to what occurred in Myanmar. MSNBC's Brian Williams discusses with our legal analyst Neal Katyal.
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    1. @Wear a Mask I love Black people= My best friends are!!! Black people have woken up to the dogma coming from the main media stations=TREASON

    2. @Choose Wisely and that election was stolen from Clinton…we would be living in a much more secure world had she been rightfully inaugurated as POTUS. Everyone knows the Russians did everything they could to get him elected. I think that’s why he wouldn’t utter a negative word about Putin…he also was doing business with Russia while president which violated many laws.

    1. He doesn’t have to be in active duty to be court martialed, it just goes to shows your ignorance.

    2. @Pedro Henrique It reminds me of the Archie Bunker character from the old show ‘All in the family’ but the ignorance is worse because these idiots believe it.

    1. They don’t want to get sued. But threats aren’t protected speach. A lawyer could try to go after Flynn. The Supreme Court has deemed threats a free speech exception.

    2. @Team Red Shirt : Flynn is on the active duty list. No Civil or Criminal lawyer has ANY power over a Military Tribunal. They thought about Court Martial last year, and deliberately leaked it, to warn him off his Sedition. If Flynn’s fans think he can hide behind a maga funded battery of lawyers, Flynn ought to know better. They may well just drop the hammer on him? And there’s not a power in the land that can stop them.

    3. @Lisa G : I think it’s time we all wrote to the Pentagon, and start asking the generals to either take Flynn off of the Active Duty list, or use it and recall him for his Court Martial? They were seriously considering it, last year. Time they acted!

    4. @Team Red Shirt slander is classed as “transient communication” (usually speech) and libel is “permanent” communication – writing. Hope that helps!

    1. @Michael Williamson – That’s him walking back his treason ex post facto, Trumpanzee – he said we need to do what Myanmar has done. Period. Plain as day…

    2. @Michael Williamson The quote you’re using “There is no reason it (a coup) should happen here (in America).” was written by Flynn after the backlash when he was trying to walk back what he actually said. You claim others are “ridiculously gullible”, yet you’re quoting something he wrote afterwards and not something he actually said.

    3. Yeah, remember the VP demanding he be “unmasked” with crossfire hurricane during that peaceful transition of power.

  1. The guy misses having a club to belong to and people in the news noticing him. I hear that Leavenworth is giving auditions for their glee club.

  2. “Seems to suggest”?!? That incompetent will start a war like his worst president ever boss almost did 10x

  3. Soon as the words ‘At a QAnon convention’ were uttered, you knew you were dealing with a nutjob…and a dangerous one…

    1. @David Braun It just shows that there is no middle ground. For 4 years all I could hear was “not my president” I think of it as a married couple that is always fighting. It’s probably time for a divorce. You have Hollywood for the last 4 years talking about asassnating Trunp. Probably for the best.

    2. @Michael Williamson there are literally a lot of people proving that you just wrong in other comments and how you are using a comment that Flynn made after the whole thing.

    3. @Pedro Henrique
      Proving me wrong?

      “There is no reason, I mean, no reason it should happen”

      That’s literally what he says. You’re not proving me wrong. You’re proving me correct in the ignorance and inability to listen of you all

  4. Maybe he should go to Myanmar where they have real coups, complete with the torture and murder of political opponents and dissidents.
    The man is a disgrace to the uniform and to Democracy in General.

    1. Apparently, trump and his supporters think they’re in Russia because this is exactly what the Russians would do. Apparently his supporters want him to be a dictator just like Putin

    2. @Robert Wahl Russia is basically a trailer park with nuclear weapons and ruled over by an oligarchy/kleptocracy that lives in luxury above the law of the land, only accountable to the Russian Mafia Hierarchy presided over by Putin the KGB agent

    3. @J . P Goodwin that’s exactly what Trump and the GOP would like us to be. Trump and the GOP are nothing but Russian sympathizers

  5. Don’t forget that Flynn’s brother was at the meeting of the Pentagon when the Capitol police requested the deployment of the national guards, meanwhile Trump ordered not deploy them, and that was why the deployment of the national guards was delayed.
    Flynn was also very active on the Twitter, encouraging Trump supporters to take action, along with other Republicans, Roger Stone, George Papadopoulos.

    1. @unityisthekeytostrength Even though Capitol police officer Brian Sicknick who was killed by Trump supporters rioting at the Capitol had voted for Trump, he still did his duty and protected the Capitol before he was murdered. Some people still have honor and take oaths seriously regardless of their politics.

    2. @Anony Mouse
      Well Anon, that is a somewhat valid response. But there are thousands of tyrant cops that should get wasted, even though they claim to be on “my side.”
      Not that he was a bad cop, but I think you’ll get my point.
      Many cops take oaths and violate often if not regularly.

    3. @unityisthekeytostrength You violate your name, your oath and your country every single day, you doap.

    4. @anita martini
      You spelled dope wrong. But that’s ok it happens.
      Only oath violator is Creepy Joe.
      Kamala really wants his job.

    5. No, you are a disgrace to our country. Have you noticed the cyber attacks from Russia, the intentional release of COVID from China, and the Navy in Iran taunting ours in our waters. Good job at being distracted and brainwashed, though

  6. These are the same people who shout “Get over it” and “Love it or leave it!” whenever a Republican president wins.

    1. The GQP is the new clown party! You’ll never win with trump or trump’ers and we are grateful for that

    1. @Seppi Jessup He put himself into that position in the first place. Have you ever heard of responsibility and suffering the consequences for one’s actions ? Or is all that new to you ?

    2. @cheese Wiz Biden okay’d a pipeline that Germany wanted in the first place. What foreign government okay’s our pipelines ? Why would a conservative want our country to interfere in another country business ?

    3. @Seppi Jessup “They were going after his family…” rings as rather a curious choice of wordsmithing. Flynn and his son were involved in criminal activities some of which might reasonably be construed as “aiding and abetting the enemy.” Your turn of phrase suggests that corrupt prosecutors (persecutors?) acted in nefarious ways to ensnare hapless Michael Flynn, poor soul, and his dear child. And that’s just bollocks.

      Michael Flynn committed quite serious crimes, ergo he is a criminal. Judge Emmett Sullivan, pre-sentencing, told Flynn that he had disgraced himself and. “…arguably sold out his country.”

      So Mike Flynn does not resemble some sad sack who finds himself manipulated by an overly ambitious DA–played by Gary Oldman– planning a run for higher office. Rather, Fkynn has earned–and fully deserves–jail time and mandatory psychiatric counseling.

  7. “Seems to” is some lightweight jab nonsense when it comes to actively formenting a military coup in your homeland after already being exposed as actively entangled with foreign powers.

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