Texas Dems Block GOP Voting Restrictions Based On Trump’s Big Lie 1

Texas Dems Block GOP Voting Restrictions Based On Trump’s Big Lie


Political Journalist Elizabeth Drew tells Lawrence O'Donnell that as Republicans try to push sweeping voting restrictions across the country, this may be remembered as the period in which "our system of democratic elections was broken."
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  1. America has always had a group of people who feel okay with benefiting at the expense of others. Such people only want democracy for their own in-group. This makes our democracy an easy target for hostile foreign powers who want to ruin our system because our enemies have support from within our system, people who view egalitarianism as the enemy.

    1. And it was always some rich and powerful white guys with supremacist ideals and/or an insatiable greed

    2. It is a way of thinking of a fellow human who doesn’t share you views or skin cover. Slavery, colonialism are all trademarks of some people but those very people ‘preach’ the greatness of democracy to those they subjugated. Can you believe it- the torch bearers of some of the worst things humans have done to humans to about talking about human rights and democracy…

  2. If Baby Cheesus comfortably won Texas in 2016 and 2020 with nobody red screaming about election fraud either time, why are the Texas GQP trying to pass the exact same set of laws they passed in Georgia and other red states?

    1. Following Suit!! That’s all it is!! These are the Red States!! Republicans trying to changing the Laws to suit the Republicans!! Hope they all lose!!

  3. I like the fact that the journalist brought up the Electoral College which should have been done away with and still should be.

    1. True. It was the Elrctoral College manipulation by the Russians that made Trump the president. That alone should be grounds for its abolition.

  4. It’s amazing to read the Republican whining over this. Everything with them is Voter ID when that’s not even the big issue with these authoritarian bills.

  5. I want to add to this conversation by allowing people in other states to know that during the last general election, we in Texas were not allowed to vote for individual judges for the Texas Supreme Court. You either had to vote for republicans or democrats which makes for a very unbalanced Supreme Court for this state. I mean geez, we weren’t even given the privilege of writing in a candidate for any part of the ballot. There are many ways to suppress people when it comes to voting.

    1. And they removed ballot boxes from Harris county to make it harder for people to drop off their votes…Abbott is despicable and the Republican party in TX keeps deflecting to not address major issues such as the power grid fiasco that was deadly

    2. An argument for de-politicising judicial positions of all kinds, really? How can justice be fair, and political? The GOP has been outed as Totalitarian, at best. Fascist in fact. They now know there is no room for retreat, as America is not going to forget they voted to overturn a democratic election DURING a violent insurrection. They know they must destroy our democracy before the 2022 Midterms. This is a Clear And Present Danger, people.

    1. Dementia Donnie now holds the record for spreading the most misinformation about Covid-19. No wonder Dementia Donnie got Covid-19!

  6. Republicans are strange people, they want you to have an ID card to buy groceries or vote, but it’s OK for the Koch Network and other billionaires to anonymously hand out seven figure checks to PAC’s like candy.

    1. Because they’re not like-minded like the rest of us, which makes them so dangerous. They’re bullies. And it’s our duty to stand up to those bullies.

    2. @Debbie ohmyorgan on 10 October 2014 at a rally in Lake Charles, Louisiana. Trump said
      “You know, if you want to go out and buy groceries, you need identification. If you want to do almost anything you need identification. “

  7. the GOP can’t get over the fact that younger generations are voting. and they see the lies. you can try and stop them from voting. But all it will do is motivate them to vote even more..

    1. @First Last There sure is…only I’m a conservative Democrat. We’re still here too…

    1. Exactly! The Republicans cannot except a legal loss. They will perpetrate a lie as another excuse to deny equal voting rights to a segment of society. Democracy is precious and rare commodity. Today ours is at risked!

    2. The only way to explain what is going on in the GOP side is that they don’t see a path to winning elections without voter suppression a stealing elections. That is why they got conservatives in SC (they are NOT voted in .. they are just approved by senate). Looks and feels like desperation and do anything to win. That means anything.

  8. Simple solution to “The Republican Problem”…just have ATF start enforcing the gun laws. I guarantee you that half or more of registered republicans have illegal weapons on hand.

  9. Democracy is broken.
    When you have approximately 20% of the population dictating National and state law, how is that democracy? Republicans can win an election with a fraction of the votes, how is that democracy?
    …And when they don’t get their way, out and out rebellion.

  10. “Nice democracy you got there. Would be a shame to lose it.” – The party of the Orange Don with their extortion racket

  11. Want to be able to open carry with no restrictions, but want more restrictions to vote. Such patriotism, such love for country and democracy.

  12. Officer pulls over car: “License and registration please”
    Driver: “Don’t have them officer, I’m on my way to vote”

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