Four Arrested After Guns And Drugs Found In hotel Near MLB All-Star Game 1

Four Arrested After Guns And Drugs Found In hotel Near MLB All-Star Game


Four people have been arrested on gun and drug charges after a hotel maid tipped off authorities. These arrests occurred at a hotel in Colorado near the site of the MLB All-Star Game. NBC's Erin McLaughlin has details.

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Four Arrested After Guns And Drugs Found In hotel Near MLB All-Star Game


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  2. Let’s not jump to conclusions. We don’t know they were going to shoot anybody. Holy cow that’s a lot of drugs! Are you sure they couldn’t have been illegal dealers?

    1. @Riley Senn Perhaps they were terrorists who like taking drugs? Hard to say with MAGA constantly promising the Civil War to start “soon”.

    2. @Jarry Sciligo. Don’t you think we’d start the war if we wanted one? We’re the ones with the guns we are obviously the ones practicing restraint we are the ones that obey the laws.

    3. @Jarry Sciligo are you saying military experts are Trump supporters? You know the military think tank people. They were the 1st to say civil war could be in the United States future.

    1. @Mick Swagger What does that have to do with what is going on in 2021. It was bad then and it’s bad now. Today

    2. @Mick Swagger Yes. until the 1964 Civil Rights Act was signed into law. Learning history is important.

  3. Kudos to the hotel employee who alerted their boss about this. May all gun nuts meet the same response.

    1. Kudos, sure, but IMO the media didn’t have to identify her as a hotel maid which potentially makes her a specific target for those involved. They could have just said a hotel employee or even an anonymous source. Bottom line, why tell the criminals who ratted them out?!

  4. And to think, the guy who mistakenly voted cuz he didn’t know he couldn’t after spending 9 yrs in prison for robbery. He was given16 YEARS of parole in 2004 he didn’t know wasn’t done. His bail was set at $100,000. He had a clean record since 2004 and was working 2 jobs. Did we mention this is in Texas and the guy is black?

    1. go fund me got him out, but yeah. Meanwhile a former representative who KNOWINGLY committed voter fraud got 3 days in jail. This guy? looking at 25 years, which is life. This is a travesty that the DOJ should look into, particularly since they are planning on taking it out of harris county and into montgomery, the whitest county surrounding harris. All white jury. IMHO, a warning to all black folks what happens to you when you vote, so don’t risk it. And AG Paxton? under endictment 5 YEARS ago! why isn’t this addressed? Also under FBI investigation. So folks, where IS the justice???? Garland???? Bueller????

  5. Law abiding citizens or exercising their 2nd amendment rights? Those are the two reasonings from gun nuts.

  6. Democrats and independents.

    If you do not vote for governors and mayors and city councilman who can actually govern, in other words… Republicans, then this sort of crime and insecurity will continue in perpetuity. And eventually it will all collapse. There is a point of no return in the history of every civilization. You need to stop voting along party lines and start voting for the right people – Republicans.

    1. Pass, I’ll never vote for the reliable Republican Recessions that lead to crimes of necessity and the bigotry and rage that make you feel like no education is the best answer to life.

    2. @E E it’s democrat run cities. For generations. They’re the most crime ridden pits of despair.

  7. The same thing was found, roughly, in a hotel overlooking a very popular beach in downtown Chicago last week. Is the FBI investigating?

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