Fox News host corrects Trump on ‘looting, shooting’ origin

Fox News' Harris Faulkner asked President Donald Trump about his defense of using the phrase "when the looting starts, the shooting starts" and had to correct him on its origin.
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  1. Bruh, when she said “Oh interesting” in a sarcastic manner, that killed me lol, basically my expression at that time XD

    1. Oh, no. I watched Harris Faulkner’s recap on Fox with Bret Baier following the meeting. She is enamored with Trump and said it was a fascinating conversation.

  2. Can we take a moment to enjoy the third guest. He came up with the best way I’ve ever heard to call Trump a moron

  3. When she said ” How interesting “, sarcastically… Trump didn’t even realize it. That’s how stupid he is. Lmao

    1. @Mr Deplorable2020 whichever started with another murder amongst other murders. I’m sure you’re okay with that.

    1. They can’t.
      It’s all a hoax and fake.
      Or, it’s a secret plot by the “elites” to reduce as many of the rest of us….
      Blah blah blah

    2. *Good luck getting votes with your confederate lynch mobs and racist democrats legacy of Jim Crow.*

    1. He went from one racist to another one. I guess he thought one was better than the other. Smh

  4. Reporter: “How interesting.”
    Trump: “uh uh uh uh Jimmy Carter”
    Cooper’s facial expression “Putz”

  5. I love his response: “No, I wasn’t aware that it was actually a Southern racist who originated the phrase that I quoted on Twitter, because it was actually my intention to quote a different, Northern racist that I admire.”

  6. Oh come on America, are you really surprised 😱. Get your legs moving in November, vote,vote,vote

  7. “That’s an expression I’ve heard over the years.” Thank you, Dotard Donny, for telling us exactly the kind of company you keep.

  8. it’s fascinating to watch his fat face when a woman- a black woman- corrects him and explains so thoroughly why he’s wrong

    if he lied on camera and got caught by fox news, what else is he lying about

    1. When doesn’ turd 45 not lie? When he’s talking about doing Ivanka or bragging about crimes he got away with.

    That is what trump said and has nothing to do with “looting leads to shooting” those are different words and trump is changing what he said.

    1. He should of just came out from the beginning of all this and said “please stop looting”.

    2. And, this makes it how many times he’s changed what he’s said?
      (Sorry, yeah it’s really two questions in one)

    1. The difference between the Republicans and the Democrats is that the Republicans march in lockstep with their wannabe dictator Trump, whereas Democrats welcome or at least tolerate discussion regarding a diversity of ideas and action.

    2. Jamir Bingham Your second comment is irreverent, his political party affiliation has nothing to do with his actions. What do you say to the liberal media that supports riots and white shaming?

    3. @Garrett Guerra when will you learn that taking responsibility for your actions does not equate to you being small and wrong

      It’s when you defend and deny your errors is when you are small and wrong

      When you admit a mistake people will admire and respect you for having such courage

      Republicans have been in charge of the country the past 3.5 years… look at the state of the country for gods sake, just LOOK AT IT!.. When will you ever admit that you too are humans and you too make mistakes

      Nobody is perfect dude there is no shame in admitting failure, the only shame is when you deny failure exist as it tears down this country

    1. That was need to know we have a new president now, and for the next 4 and a half you know how to read?

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