Fox News’ Rupert Murdoch Expanding Disinformation Empire To Weather

Climate-denying billionaire and owner of Fox News Rupert Murdoch is starting a weather channel, and we can’t think of a worse person to trust with information about the weather.  
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  1. When spreading political misinformation isn’t enough, Faux Noise taking propaganda to a new level

  2. Trump has the answer.
    Remember how his sharpie was able to redirect a hurricane.

  3. Those fools are about to get a massive wake up call. 😊

    1. Yes you’re so right; especially since our Pacific Northwest states have gotten really hot this past week. These “fools” are no doubt Trump fans too. They like him because he pushed for reductions in the capital gains taxes.

  4. Is this new channel going to be called the Fox Sharpie United Channel for Klimate Scoops?
    Is THIS the big media news the Stable Genius promised us??

  5. He should hire Trump as a meteorologist for his weather channel. Any man that can change the path of hurricane by drawing on a map with a sharpie would be perfect for his weather channel. 😅😂

    1. Send all the deniers to live on Florida Keys and build a fence around it. The water is already rising there. If they don’t believe in the heat they may believe in drowning!

  6. It is time for every decent person who cares about our nation and our planet to fight back against FOX… boycott their advertisers and boycott any cable package that has FOX in it…

    1. Posting this on MSNBC is preaching to the choir—you need to take your message to Fox’s channel(s)

    2. Good idea. We need a world wide protest against murdoch and his lies. Maybe a movement like “our grandchildren lives matter”

    3. Yes, we have to shut down Fox. I just cancelled my cable provider over it. Spectrum. Shut them down.

  7. Note that regional news and journalism in Australia is undergoing reduction and to be replaced with Skynews. The potential to fool those that, in general, have lower levels of education is mind boggling.

    1. I have a bumper sticker on my truck that says: Fox news Channel, the more you watch the less you know

    2. The people you’d say that to might not even know who Murdoch is. They don’t watch or trust mainstream media… though apparently MSM is only bad if you don’t sing praises of ScoMo and/or Don Trump.

    1. @david cooley I lived in London about 20 years ago. I remember seeing people reading the Sun and other tabloid rags and thinking ” Some of these people are so gullible. Thank God we no one takes that crap seriously back home.” Fox had been around for only a few years. I’m sad to say history and the machinations of Rupert Murdoch proved me wrong.

    2. @david cooley John Major lost in a landslide after he told Murdoch that – unlike all other Tory PMs in recent history – he would not be taking instructions from Murdoch. That’s about the only thing in John Major’s favour I know of.

    3. @Sheila Boston I have seen some of that Sky News Australia (I use the word news only because it is in the title), and it is just right-wing propaganda.

  8. I could see them completely ignoring all the horrible temperatures right now and making a point of how it’s snowing in Tierra Del Fuego today. (It actually is.)
    July is winter, there. Duh!

    1. Consider this – The Atmosphere is our defense. Almost 90% of life on the Planet is PLANT Based, not Human.
      How are Solar Panels and Wind Turbines going to save the world when OXYGEN is Produced from Co2 Consumed by Plant Life that is being stripped away at alarming rates?
      It is not about Climate Denial, its about Solution stupidity.
      Co2 is Not the enemy of Man, it is the byproduct of Mans destruction of the every life structure of the Planet.
      The Most spoiled Generation in the history, enjoying all the fruits of generations past while blaming them for destroying their future. Yet they do so using their Modern Technology from I-phones to Automobiles. Tablets to printing supplies, often from the Comfort of their Modern comfort filled Homes sitting where Plant life nice existed.
      Next Gen zero emission Nuclear Energy and intensive reforestation. <<<< Far more efficient than wins/solar that is still in its infancy.

    2. Why not they want to change HISTORY Change Schools Change Weather there At least other Countries are smart enough to Ban Merdock. Ours is to gullible to look for any truth. No wonder many rich people left the Country the last 5 years.

    3. @crxess As with almost all chemical cycles in nature, too much of something can be catastrophic in one way, while too little can be catastrophic in another. Yes, plants just _love_ all the carbon dioxide, but too much of it increases temperatures to the point where _all_ life, including plants, is in danger. You have to understand that life depends on long-term, stable _balances_ of factors.

      And not only does increased CO2 cause warming, but that process can become a runaway phenomenon. Increased temperatures cause an increase in the amount of CO2 being liberated from carbonate rocks in the earth’s crust. There’s a point where even if we _completely_ stop pumping greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, the runaway cycle can take off on its own. If that happens, ALL life on this planet will be exterminated. For a good example of runaway greenhouse effect, read about the atmospheric conditions on Venus. It is much hotter there than its distance from the sun would indicate, because its atmosphere is 96% CO2. Oh, it’s stable, now — at 100 times the atmospheric pressure of the earth’s and at an average temperature of 847°F. Plants wouldn’t love that.

  9. What good can come from a man devoted to pandering to people’s worse tendencies? Murdoch tries to come off as a media genius, yet all he does is pander to and encourage the worse people on the planet.

  10. And now the hurricane report, directly from Florida: One day, it’s like a miracle, it will disappear.

    1. & if the April miracles doesn’t work out we can always hit it with a nuclear bomb.

    2. Remember trump told one of the summits of world leaders that he doesn’t believe in global warming he said that it’s going to get cooler. The world is still breaking their arses laughing at his stupidity and ignorance

  11. “Plants don’t breathe in carbon dioxide and give us oxygen”

    He didn’t pass 5th grade science, did he. -_-;

    1. My mom was born in 61′, she told me Algebra wasn’t required for her to pass high school. >.<

  12. The rule of law regulates every aspects of our life. Why is there not a minimal standard of rules that news organizations like the Murdoch empire is suppose to abide by?

  13. Isn’t it amazing how those who tell you “don’t trust the mainstream media”, fake news, etc, will not question those who are really faking the news , like Murdoch

  14. The U.S. should heed the words of the two politically opposite Australian prime ministers who took the effort to warn us of the corrosive effects of Murdock’s propaganda. They see the damage Murdock has wreaked in his native Australia, and they see the worrying effects of his propaganda, issued nonstop from Fox News, here, as well. If the U.S. doesn’t soon re-institute some form of the “Fairness Doctrine” for the dissemination of actual news, then we will succumb into the anarchy that Mr. Trump is trying to nudge us into. It’s no surprise, then that Fox News front-ran and contributed to Trump’s inventory of lies and disinformation, the very ones he spouts to this very day.

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