Fox News’ Vaccine Denials Should Not Go Unpunished Says Obeidallah 1

Fox News’ Vaccine Denials Should Not Go Unpunished Says Obeidallah


COVID-19 anti-vaccination rhetoric from the right is now seeing a reversal from many GOP leaders. Dr. Bernard Ashby and Dean Obeidallah join Jonathan Capehart in for Joy Reid to discuss.
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    1. Ebbrush3
      Rupert Murdoch was first in line to get the vaccinated in England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 from the NHS.

  1. Probably why some at Fox are starting to change their tune – lawsuits on the horizon. They do this sort of s**t all the time and end up getting away with it.

    1. Like CNN, ABC and the far left medias. These far left medias don’t tell the whole truth, like covering up who is really in charge not Biden everyone can see that. Just keep doing what your covering up, we the Americans already know!

    2. I look forward to the day when Fox News, Chump, and Republicans are sued by the families of those who died of covid-19.

    3. It’s so hypocritical listening to liberals whine about Fox. The Left runs over 90% of all media, owns ALL the double standards and yet its followers still moan.. jealousy no doubt that Fox crushes the competition. And the line that Fox is the “dishonest ” news cast is just do laughable. Your obviously too brainwashed to see the daily lies of CNN,MSNBC, NPR,CBS ABC,NBC…
      Enjoy looking up at Fox!

  2. Fox News, Trump and his loyal followers will be judged and forever linked to the downfall of the Republican Party.

    1. Downfall of the Republican party…. that’s is about as stupid comment I have ever heard, somebody needs to get out of their parents’ basement and get a job and open their eyes and see what’s really going on in this world

    2. @Cheryl Harvey I hope youre right but i must say “you greatly underestimate the power of the dark side”.

    3. @Bobby Johnson I also think the Democrats and prosecuting attorneys are playing the long game to build a rock solid case against Trump. Trump wasn’t smart enough to realize the vast difference between the public sector and the private sector. He bullied people and threw his weight around in the private sector because no one could stop a wealthy, entitled white male. But those who are speaking out against him and revealing who he is cannot be punished by him. Therefore the truth will out and Trump will go down!

  3. Pulling up FTC site now to add my name. My stepfather was a Fox News junky and he’s dead now. Yup, Covid 19. Thank you sir!

  4. They’re causing a public health crisis through misinformation. Let’s petition charges with this lawyer.

    1. Misinformation?!
      How could the virus be super-contagious, yet 22 months later, with over 60% of the population already vaccinated, it can still be “spreading at an alarming rate”.

      That’s just impossible.
      It can’t be all of those things.
      One of them HAS to be a lie.

      And you morons are too dumb to see it.

    2. @William Masters Freedom of speech and expression has its boundaries, for example, libel, slander, sedition, incitement, classified information, copyright violation, trade secrets, etc.

    3. @celine dussault misinformation is just an authoritarian government’s excuse to silence dissent. I mean you really want people censored everytime they’re wrong? Which right and wrong is usually subjective anyway

    4. @William Masters Well, misinformation is also used by some elements of society to fulfill a personal agenda, political or financial – not just by ‘’the establishment’’. History has shown numerous dictators who seized power by misleading the population through cheap propaganda – and it seems that it is still working. The results have been mostly disastrous in basically all cases for the said population or the rest of the world. It is true that, somehow, we are all biased to a certain point by the environment and conditions we grew up in and we live in now. What we think we know.
      One thing is sure though, to base one’s opinion uniquely on feelings instead of facts makes you an easy target, a perfect ”subject” to brainwash this is why ”feelings” are the favorite propagandist’s tool. Misinformation is fraudulent and it is dangerously used to exploit people’s ignorance in order to profit to the few at the detriment of the many – therefore, it is intrinsically bad. In short, our freedom and liberty depend on the reliability and diversity of the sources accessible to us – not on lies – and our capacity to be open mind, intellectually mature, and rational enough to be able to change our minds if facts prove us wrong. Nobody needs misinformation except people who intend to manipulate us.

    5. @celine dussault who gets to decide what is “misinformation “? You? Pharmaceutical billionaires? Dictators? It’s not even a slippery slope. The boundaries on freedom of speech that you listed are enough.

    1. Love Tucker and Fox news, the far left media just keep protecting the most destructive President in history. I don’t believe he has full capability on what’s going on, the radical left is in charge of telling him what to do. Open your eyes, you should be very scared for America.

    2. @Kia K
      Most destructive and corrupt president in all of U.S. history is Trump.
      Which is why he left with the absolute worst approval rating by any president in history.

  5. If enough people start filing complaints to the FTC like this guy did eventually something will happen.

    1. @dawn hogwart ‘Imo, got to hit Fox in the pocket.’ Only advertisers can punish Fox with falling commercial revenue. But advertisers adore herdable idiots. Do you see a problem there at all?

    2. @Chris ONeill The problem is that FOX is included in basic cable TV packages and therefore makes its money with or without the assistance of sponsors. To really hit Fox will be if the consumers demand FOX out of these packages. Then Fox will hurt!

  6. Everyone heard the man, go file complaints, call politicians we have to somehow reach these disillusioned “patriots “

  7. Families who have relatives who have died and listen to Fox and any other people should sued for damages

  8. The chickens are coming home to roost for the Republican Party. Free speech has its limits. You can’t always lie about things for personal gain.

  9. There should be protests outside Fox studios waiving pictures of the Covid dead they are responsible for.

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