‘Foxitis’: MAGA Rioters Use Fox News Defense To Fight Criminal Charges | MSNBC

One of the alleged rioters who stormed the Capitol is claiming Fox made them do it, his lawyer coining the phrase "Foxitis" for his defense. This defendant is not the first rioter to blame the conservative outlet for their actions on January 6. MSNBC's Ari Melber discusses how the network's misinformation affects Americans and how a "Foxitis" defense may play out in court.

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    1. @Jeni Toten Unfortunately the half million lives lost to the virus are due to the lies of the orange puppet and his enablers. His cult of followers are indoctrinated to take the false claims of their fearless orange leader as the truth. They are questioning reality. 90% of the lives lost to the virus could have been prevented. But he was never going to stand up to protect humanity. He just did what he has always done.

    2. @A Man With A Brain These Q-Idiots thought they were going to succeed. That’s exactly why they did it. Fascist SCUM. They knew what they were doing. They knew FQX was in on it. Lock them ALL up.

    3. @Power corrupts Exactly! And it’s interesting how the people who were there and got arrested are now claiming that as their defense, while the rest of the cult – not in jail and facing potential serious charges – continues to push the same nonsense, consequence-free.

    4. @A Man With A Brain Sure. Life must be easy when you can make sweeping generalizations and not have to try to understand differences. As they say, belief is easy, knowledge is hard. Your conspiracy nonsense is something to grow out of. Good luck!

  1. MAGA Defense- _”Look, it’s not my fault, I honestly thought I would never get caught!”_

    1. At some point the United States will have to address the first amendment in regards to the freedom of the speech and of the press. Media is a commodity and their alot of money in it. In America anything sold has to have a country of origin and the ingredients


    3. @Lindsey Stein What does that letter signify? Whatever it is you’re referencing, it seems thou does protest too much. I am aware of ww iii going on in the tunnels across this world to rescue children/young adults from demonic/satanic/diabolical torture & cannibalism. Look up ‘in 5D dot com /tom hanks’. This is a war between good & evil. God Bless all of the victims & those who are face to face with horrific evil. God’s got this!💜🙏 ps brace yourself, the details are jarring. Shalom.

    4. J R www3, satanic cults, and children being cannibalized? Riiiight. Interesting theory you have there. Sounds exactly like the letter you apparently have no knowledge of. And the quote goes “The lady doth protest too much, methinks.”

  2. I love how they couldnt be bothered to question things before hand and then blame everyone around them for it. I thought “personal accountability” was a buzz word for the right.

    1. The GQP doesn’t know what moral high ground is. They just make it up as they go along.

    2. What really seals the reasons they committed the crime on the capitol was one basic fact that came out after the attack. Many of the “Stop the steal” people at that rally on January 6th were not even registered to vote, much less many more did not even bothered to vote. That says a lot!

    3. While they call everyone else sheeple and other similar insults and telling others to wake up and educate themselves.

    1. He also said hed have to run as a Republican – because Democrats arent stupid enough to vote for him.

    2. Yes because when he looks at them he’s looking in the mirror. He’s the stupidest most ignorant con man that ever grifted and thieved his way into the White House. Well the first probably. May we never have to sink so low again

    3. He also said “I’m automatically attracted to beautiful — I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. They let you do anything” then he says ” grab em by the p**sy. You can do anything”

  3. If I was the judge, I would say, “Sounds like you have a civil case against Fox. This is a criminal case, however…”

    1. @Troy Cote That’s funny… because you said, “They hated Trump because he was against it.” And that’s EXACTLY Q’s catch phrase… WHAT A COINCIDENCE! LMAQ You’re not sneaky, bro. People hate Trump because he’s a literal fascist. And you fell for those delusions and that propaganda that you’re repeating.

    2. @Troy Cote
      Mandatory vaccinations v the United States Supreme Court

      Jacobson v Massachusetts 1905, it was in regards to a Small Pox vaccine. They AGREED with a lower Court’s decision that States HAVE the LEGAL authority to make a vaccine mandatory.

      Zucht v King 1922
      Schools HAVE the LEGAL authority to deny a student if they have not gotten the mandatory vaccinations.

      Reality v totally clueless Republican fantasies, guess who wins, AGAIN!!!

    3. @Troy Cote If you were to ask Trump — or me — what “NICHOLSON 1968” was about, we’d say, “Jack’s breakout year?”

  4. No one is interested in their lame excuses, just lock them all up and throw away the key.

    1. I’ll take their lame excuses if I can get a bigger conviction from their bosses, like senators, or money men.
      Otherwise, give them chain gang for a few years for nonviolent offenders.
      Big hits for violent offenders.

    2. I disagree. I want to hear their excuses. “But Judge, I had Hannity-Insanity!” is a kind of insanity plea, and we all know it. We all know “that person” in our lives that watches nothing but Fox when they aren’t complaining about “what they’ve done with the new _Walker, Texas Ranger_ reboot.”

  5. “Fox News made me stormed the capitol. I was dumb enough to believe in the big lie. I’m the true victim here.” He’s trying to deflect the blame onto Fox to try to avoid consequences. Like..what ?

    1. @Dandsw97 do you know who Danny Obrien is? Even the dumb trumpers know. Yet here we are on the left.

  6. So they have the same mania like when that lady said, “The best! Is yet! To coooomme!” 😂

  7. Technically, he’s not “alleged” if he is using the defense that “Fox made me do it.” That’s an admission of guilt.

  8. “I’m so stupid I believed the lies of Donald Trump being amplified by Fox News” – is a strange defense.

    1. @psycobleach46 tullis They burned over a 1000 businesses and killed over 70 people stupid!!

    2. @Shad Rock Oddly enough, no one is making that claim. Although “I’m so stupid I believed Trump…” has been used multiple times by the traitors defense attorneys.

  9. I do not have not one tiny little tear or even a bit of sympathy for the people that followed a monster and committed a crime that ruined their lives

    1. I find it hilarious that the people who got belligerent in their defense of Fox news whenever anyone warned them how dangerous it was to watch that corrosive extremist drivel are now saying it isn’t their fault because Fox news is toxic drivel.

  10. It was a choice to watch Fox News knowing it is tainted with hate for random groups and engineered to create division, but it is overshadowed by their real life crimes that they actively chose to go out and commit as well. It’s called consequences and real morality.

    1. It’s about angry bigoted people who have made poor life choices and are looking for someone to tell them it’s not their fault. It’s someone else’s fault it’s ( insert racial bigotry here)’s fault.

    2. Champagne, I totally agree with your description of FOX News, but what keeps me up at night is the insane fact that around 40 percent of Americans see nothing wrong with it, and they still do and always will support Trump. Sadly no matter what I don’t see that changing, so the question is how does America deal with it.

    3. @William Unknown We rational people have to support the legitimate news networks and keep pushing reality in the faces of the irrationalists by asking them why they believe stuff that is obviously lies. I think after the DOJ indicts trump and his cronies with evidence that they were crooks and criminals, we should see a slight shift in some. We should also vote in every election to elect better educated public servants that realize public office is not there for their profit but to serve the people’s interests.

    4. Danny Obrein is vp of fox. Who is he? Bidens former chief of staff. Propaganda is propaganda. If fox actually gave truth, it would be banned just like all the others.

    1. So far the privilege is working pretty well for them. The 6th would have been a blood bath if they weren’t white.

  11. Fox News needs a new tagline…
    “Fox News: Your source for the things no reasonable person should believe.”

    1. A giant flashing marquee needs to appear on every Fox News segment, blaring every second, “No reasonable person should believe this!”

    2. I think the Fox lawyers actually said no reasonable person WOULD believe anything Carlson says but people who’ve been raised in the alt-right echo chamber are capable of reasoning. They’ve just been handed a pack of lies to work with and trump let all the implicit racism of Republican politics get very explicit while people were mad about other stuff — job loss, lousy jobs, a plague he made sure they didn’t understand. All that mad is now legitimized as hate and violence toward people of color and the “Radical Left.” Now the lies, hate and violence are beyond Republican control and they’re being threatened by their own voters if they don’t go along with trump lies. This country is in a lot of trouble. I don’t have answers but I’d start with some means of holding powerful liars accountable.

  12. IF the courts rule that “Foxitis” is a thing. that should set a precedence for shutting down Fox, OAN and News Max, or at least restraining them. We have free speech, but these guys are yelling “Fire!” in a crowded theater.

    1. If Foxitis is a thing we need medical experts in there.
      I know of one, ….. big orange guy. 
      I heard he’s outa work, down Florida way somewhere.
      He’ll get right on it with a gallon of Clorox and a rubber hose.
      Then comes the special light. He’s gonna shove a light up there.
      The best light. Nobody has lights like this guy. 
      Trust me. He’s a stable genius. … The best !

    2. Either way, they should most definitely face consequences for the filth they’ve spread and the damage they’ve caused. I hope Dominion doesn’t let them off. I hope other groups they’ve damaged with their lies and hate and propaganda, also bring suits against them. They wouldn’t like it if I was a judge they had to stand in front of.

    3. You might be indoctrinated by a false ideology if you dont understand fox and msmbc are one in the same. Its just division propaganda outlet. Even those “trumpers” know that. Its created not for them, but you. Danny Obrein is Bidens former chief of staff. He is also vp of fox. Who gets played? Fools? Why do you continue to let them play you?

  13. “If someone told you to jump off a cliff would you do it?”
    If you watch Fox news, you would.

  14. When Maria Bartiromo says an “intel source” told her that Trump won the election, she means a Russian intelligence source.

    1. Maria Barteromo hash no bushinesh being in any short of broadcasht media with her obvioush shpeech impediment

  15. Kids in 2099
    …Now kids turn to page 135 and read the chapter “insurrection and the Big Lie”.

  16. Every time someone is jailed, I’m going to get up from my couch, place my hand over my heart and sing “America the Beautiful”

    1. @Joel Bizzell lol. At first I thought I’d have a glass of wine. Then I thought I’ll definitely get liver problems 😂

    2. I’ll hook up a PA system on my car and blast the Michael Cohen podcast to my trump supporting neighborhood!

  17. Reminds me of Bart Simpson defense: “But Lisa, the only reason I lied is because it’s the easiest way to get what I want.”

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