Freedom of Speech Violation? | TVJ News - July 27 2021 1

Freedom of Speech Violation? | TVJ News – July 27 2021


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  1. A criminal Dem fi go hall n pull n low unarmed youths, people all over the world display criticism towards leaders from prime minister to president n kings smh Jamaica Jamaica

    1. Yea and some get killed and locking away for years, Jamaicans aren’t as bad also he asked them to come for him lol so they did

    1. @TheJamaican777 fi true enuh , memba when dem did a cuss bad wud afta each other ina big big parliament house

    2. @T M I’ll show you how it is relevant T M. I understand very well your retort to the comments above as it relates to di yute giving out address and name for police to catch him like a damn eediat as opposed to clever criminals who don’t disclose info.
      However, my retort to your retort was to expose the hypocrisy in it which you may not be aware of. In spite of the yute’s rude remarks, it exposes the govt’s great hypocrisy into going after dat youth when u have politicians being as foul mouthed with impunity right in front of Holness.

    3. @amanda lindsay : The Authorities still need to do better and Prioritize duties. They can stop the criminal activities, violence, and massive murders if they want to . So, keep justifying Bull Isht if you want to
      Play p#$sy and you gon’ get fcukd

    4. @amanda lindsay : Say that same SHYT and keep that same energy when bad mind ppl come knocking up your door

  2. This is madness, people are entitled to their own opinion. Y did he have to apologize for how he feels. The police them nav ntn better fi do wid them time?

    1. I Wouldn’t Of Apologised Dem Fi Go Nyam Lick & Bite Out Dem Mumma & The Officer Filming Should Be Fired Everything Is A Joke In

  3. Should school children exercise their freedom of speech by calling teachers nasty names.. capital punishment is exercised on them?

    1. He not in school and the sweet pepper nose is not his teacher..
      The man’s rights been violated..

    2. @It’s deard Out a road. U live in a country follow the rules if you don’t like it leave, you can express your disagreement respectfully

    3. “Capital Punishment” ?
      Some you people hear words and don’t know what they mean then you come on social media using the words trying to make it seems as if you’re intelligent when intact you’re making yourself look real dumb.
      Stop it yo !

    4. @GODFALL Unu think Andrew n JLP going to be government forever? If a next party became government and start locking up laborites for “disrespecting the PM” unu would be on here bawling free speech.

  4. They need to put in a go find GUNS, GUNMEN AND KILLERS IN HOURS MOVEMENT in Jamaica and stop there madness in the police force

    1. So tell the gunman dem fi put up dem video and send dem address to and u will see then … follow rules and protocols bcuz when unu go other country we affi falla rules and laws

  5. Now they, the foolish gov, will praise and award this officer for violating another persons rights

    Always awarding wrongs calling it right or correct

    Rather educate and edify, they choose to stronghold and entrap a person to be subjected to their demise if this is not publicly done

    Then foolish and naive citizens laugh and not standing up against wrong

    1. Man a don him don’t need to apologize him take people fe fool and then them ago say is not what him say about conjew why them go fe him this is not the first someone say something about him and police go fe them but look pon conjew to look how people do trump and u never hear say a person was held and made to apologize for any comments that was said about trump , PJ Patterson or Portia Simpson Miller the police them a waste man and only a collect tax payer money for doing nothing them and conjew fe go way

  6. With such a high crime rate which cripples the country. How do the police find time for such pettiness? Shouldn’t the time be spent on capturing criminals? Citizens can’t express themselves no more?

    1. @Dayelite Musik he is sending the wrong message in these covid times .. covid on the rise again … 8 o’clock off the road ..

    2. @GODFALL I agree but freedom of speech should not be compromised. Unless he was being threatening

    3. @Chadwick Mallette I agree that he didn’t vent his frustration in a good enough manner. Still this is not a matter for the police especially when the crime rate is so high.

  7. If he didn’t make threats, how’s this breaking the any laws? I wouldn’t have conducted myself in this manner, but I feel as if we’re heading into dictatorship. Police nuh ave real criminal fi guh ketch? Unnu ave nuff trent fi fooliniss eeen man.


  9. I guess this is top priority while the murderers are taking lives and planning their next course of action.

  10. Jamaica needs to get back the revolutionary spirit like Paul Bogle , Marcus Garvey etc .
    Get up , stand up stand up for your rights .

  11. The former prime minister’s insult hurl at them in the most degrading way and they never send any security personnel to go for them because we live in a democracy country freedom of speech WE DONT NEED A DICTATORSHIP JAMAICA!!! THIS GETTING TOO RIDICULOUS

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