Gaetz ‘Grenade’: Trump Loyalist Battles Sex Allegations As 45 Bails On Defense


    1. I mean your right but here’s the thing.

      If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck its pretty safe to say its a duck

  1. Jimmy Neutron’s problem is that he keeps opening his big mouth. His lies counter his other lies. It’s like a kid trying to lie and eventually all of them don’t sync up. Welcome to the Adult world Gaetz.

    1. sorry guys but it’s JIMMY NEUTRON and pleaseee it’s not good to insult Jimmy by comparing him to such a guy like gaetz….

    2. Yeah, like when Gaetz denied “sleeping” with any minors. Notice the choice of word “sleeping”. That was the wording in his official denial. “Sleeping”. 😴. Geesh. I wonder what else “sleeping” could mean. Perhaps, it’s literal meaning of falling asleep. Weasel wording at its best.

    3. LOL Jimmy Neutron! He should learn from his mentor, tRump. Tell the SAME lies over & over and HOPE that works!

    1. @Cherie Wood The Pharisees and Sadducees was going to church and having families too but still they reject Christ for Matt Gaetz ..I mean Banabas!!

  2. Women for America First invited Gaetz to speak at a rally. OMG what is wrong with these people , did they get bought with some kind bribe or promises , or is it plain old black mail ?

    1. Here is my theory about the “women for trump” crowd. They must hate themselves. Either they are married & are disappointed in their “I have a very small one that hardly ever worked & now is as flaccid as my financial status, so get me another beer” husbands, or are still single & looking to find a winner in the “I’m no sugar daddy; shut up & get me a beer, woman” category.✌️🤦‍♀️ Solution: stay in school or go back so you can support yourself.

    2. Life was so depressing for them that they knew Gaetz would bring a little Ecstasy into their lives.

    3. Maybe he can illustrate his talk with a slide show from his phone beamed to a big screen, they might learn a trick if he forgets to clear his search history first.

    1. *🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 now that’s funny and so, so, real*

    2. It’s not about him being white. It is about entitlement and rich privilege. Stop with the racism charges. It’s only dividing us poor folks of any color.

    3. @Carthy Grickwirt Matt Gaetz and Tucker are racists though. Gotta call a spade a spade. Also poor people of different races will never be united until white people give up their fears of a darkening country. Ignoring this issue won’t bring unity.

  3. Oh Tucker. You remember that dinner date with Gaetz and his “Baby girl”. Saying how weird the interview was won’t protect you. Prepare for that subpoena little buddy!

    1. March 2019, tucker defended a guy convicted of arranging child brides marriages. So you’re correct “I dunno” won’t save him

  4. Trump is laying low because he doesn’t want to be asked about Gaetz. So, at least in that respect, Gaetz has done the country a favor.

    1. He’s laying low because no platform will carry his message. He could care less about Gaetz unless he had something that could help him. He cares about Gaetz as much as a truck driver does about roadkill on a highway. Terrible to look at and smell… better speed up.

    2. There’s court papers about Donald Trump doing something far worse… still baffles me that its never discussed

    3. @Roberto Nungaray Drumph was just on Newsmax last night babling about the election… but coincidentally Newsmax won’t cover the Matt Gaetz story 🤔

    1. @db morton Let’s hope the crowd inspires and encourages him to speak freely, frankly and at length about his philosophy, his wishes, desires, his needs, his accomplishments in every single one of his life’s endeavors. A little chemical fortification might even help.

    2. When this “woman” comes forward… it’ll probably do with the lawyer to sue him blind… 😁

  5. the GOP bailing on Matt Gaetz is the most noble thing they have done. I must say it surprises me. and then it makes me laugh and laugh . . .

    1. Right? They tend to circle the wagons around their own, but Matt is being left to twist in the wind. Lol

  6. Zippy’s pin has been pulled! I repeat: Zippy’s pin has been pulled! 😮😮😮😮😮😨💥💥💥

  7. I can’t wait for Trump’s official statement. “Matt Gates? I really don’t know him well. Only met him once. He liked me but I thought he was shifty.”

  8. I just cant get enough of carlson’s dumb face when he realized that gaetz is trying to pull him under the very bus he is being run over by. 😅

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