Gen. Barry McCaffrey On U.S. Military Covid Vaccine Mandate 1

Gen. Barry McCaffrey On U.S. Military Covid Vaccine Mandate

Retired Army General Barry McCaffrey comments on the U.S. Military Covid vaccine mandate.

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  1. I would like for them to make the number’s public of how many got sick after taking the second shot. I can’t find information anywhere, all I hear is horror stories. Of course, they are all in good shape so that will effect the number’s. But, it may help some people that aren’t getting vaxed to change their minds about how safe it is to take. Yes, if your in the military they own you and you have to do what they say.

    1. The CDC is running a dozen (or two?) cohort studies on this very subject instead of relying on reported data. Keep checking the CDC website for that info – it’ll be there first when the studies have yielded conclusive results.

    2. You actually don’t have to do what they say. It has to be lawful for one and/or face consequences. You always have a choice.

    3. Have you heard of the Nuremburg trials ? Look for evidence of deaths that the CDC puts out on the Vaers report. They change the numbers to a lower number after they are posted though. Do you know what’s in the C vax ? No, most people don’t unless you know where to look. Don’t
      rely on Youtube for that information. Bitchute is a good source for more accurate information.

    4. @Micah DeVries Individuals don’t get to declare official regulations as ‘unlawful’ on a whim, particularly when the US Supreme Court has already upheld this. The real life choices are to follow it, or get a court martial discharge, or take an administrative separation.

    5. @G Harris if you have seen the memos coming down through the dod, you can see they are all worded the same way.. its not mandatory yet, but will be soon, so you should just voluntarily get it before I make you, oooh and from now on if you arent vaxed you need a negative test every 3 days so you can work… its hard not to notice this is coercion trying to get people to become “voluntary” participants as to alleviate culpability later because they can say they didn’t FORCE you to do it, you did it of your own “free will”

  2. I never saw anyone refuse to be vaccinated during my time in the army. We were just marched in and took the vaccines and there were extra vaccinations before going to another country. It’s likely that other countries will soon demand all US personnel be vaccinated before entering their country. Right now there’s a quarantine period for some countries.

    1. @chewface I concur FDA being pressured to approve this means absolutely nothing in this case. I’ll make my son a protein shake after his football practice tonight.

    2. @chewface As it stands, these covid vaccines havent undergone the same studies as other FDA approved items. They are still being studied in clincal trials, yet over 200 million people got a shot. It’s ironic how they claim to get a shot for your health, yet there is no long term study to show how it could affect your health later on down the line. That’s why FDA approval doesn’t matter. It’s insanity. It’s delusion. In other words they are taking the approach: shoot now, ask questions later.

    3. Oh, its coming.
      You know, I wanted the approval from the FDA as well, but then I thought about it. Once it gets approved, more mandates will come, more defiance from the people. Next thing you know, jail will be an option if you go against the government.

  3. It Doesn’t Even Have to be a Mandate, It is Our Responsibility to do what in Any Other time would ‘ve 0been the most Normal thing to do ( Vaccinate ) But with the Deathly Political Atmosphere that we Have, with the Most Horrific, Misleading NEGATIVE Information that Any Ears Can Here, The Consequences For FALSE Information are Severe…

  4. Just goes to show how shallow minded people are, you want to mandate and push a vaccine, but not mandate people to wear a mask. Even when people who are vaccinated are still getting COVID be for real! Lol idc what they say I’m getting out military just so I won’t take this shot.

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