Taliban Seizes Afghan Cities As U.S. Exits | MSNBC

A brutal new chapter is rapidly accelerating in Afghanistan, where the Taliban is taking over more land – and cities – after the U.S. withdrawal.
Former CIA analyst Matt Zeller joins Yasmin Vossoughian to discuss.

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  1. How is it that after years and years of training the Afghan security forces can give up so much ground in such a jiffy?

    1. Government corruption. The Iraqi military fled like 🐩s and left military hardware for ISIS.

    2. Not corruption or lack of education, but lack of ideology. The Taliban gives young people something to fight for (a combination of patriotism and religious zealousness but also a sense of belonging), which the government forces don’t know how to battle. Democracy is too vague and meaningless unfortunately and the government is seen as foreign puppets by many. This doesn’t look good, it feels like those 20 years will have been for nothing.

  2. surprising exactly zero people, the taliban are taking back over and the people we abandoned are going to be murdered. 20 years an hundreds of thousands of dead just to go back to exactly where it was before.

    1. We can’t be there forever.

      Why didn’t those Afgphanistan people learn to protect themselves for the past 20 years? Why do they keep making themeselves weak & rely on another country for protection? That’s very pathetic.

      Don’t they want sovereignty?

    2. @jade such a narrow minded viewpoint. When you go away and further understand geo political landscape come back.

    3. @John Smith
      If you have nothing to contribute maybe you should keep it shut because I can insult you the same way without saying anything of substance.

    4. @jade Very narrow minded to say “why don’t they learn to protect themselves” I stand by my substance. Its very narrow minded to make that assumption. You were offering nothing but a judgemental accusation that the people don’t care or don’t try.

  3. You mean to say the U.S. was in Afghanistan for about 20 years and the Afghans STILL dony know how to defend themselves?

    1. Exactly! I’m so amazed we can’t learn from history even from just 45 years ago. It’s been a 20 yr catastrophe.

  4. I can’t believe Conald lists as one of his accomplishments, dismantling the Taliban? Watch the video.
    Really? What a lie.

  5. EVERYBODY saw that coming. We warned. Everyone got told by our military experts. For our next trick, the US will now start shoving metal forks into light sockets with our bare hands.

  6. OMG, this is shaping up like the fall of Saigon in Vietnam, or worse – those Afghans who supported us are going to be slaughtered by the Taliban. We must be able to cut through this red tape to save their lives? Disgraceful !!!

  7. The curse of fall of empires. US should never set foot over there.
    First the British, then the Soviets. Now with an infinite debt burden and money printing, everybody is talking about THE BIG RESET and the strange idea of ‘you own nothing but you’ll be happy’.
    Don’t really understand what they are, but sound like another empire about to crumble.

  8. This military guy is saying some stupid stuff jargon until the end when he says we are losing. Why don’t he just save us time and say we lost so let’s just pack up and move on. Lol.

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