Gen. Colin Powell remembered in remarks by Sec. State Blinken | USA TODAY

Secretary of State Antony Blinken delivers remarks following the death of Colin Powell, former U.S. Joint Chiefs chairman and secretary of state.
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Colin Powell, the trailblazing military commander and first Black secretary of state, died Monday of COVID-19 related complications.

Powell, 84, was born in New York City and joined the Army after graduating from the City University of New York. He died Monday at Walter Reed National Medical Center. His family said he was fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

"We have lost a remarkable and loving husband, father, grandfather and a great American," Powell's family said in its statement.

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    1. @2bRealist most that die are not vaccinated, don’t let the anecdotes distract you from actual statistics

    2. So what? You get flu vaccine but still get the flu! No vaccine is 100%. Sometimes u get the bear, sometimes the bear gets u!

    3. @2bRealist if they didn’t have Covid they’d most likely be alive. Just too much for the body to fight both!

    4. @Maytag The same could be said about the flu…. but we have never blamed cancer deaths on the flu, as we HAVE covid deaths.

      THAT is my point

    5. @Maytag There are a number of different flus.

      Flu vaccines work as long as the flu vaccine matched the flu that you are exposed to.

      the so called covid vaccine is the only one that simply…. does not work.

      And that is fine as it is NOT a vaccine to began with, no matter how much they call it that.

      It is mRNA therapy, and it seems to only lessen the severity of covid…. if that.

      This therapy will NOT protect you from infection.

      This therapy will NOT protect you from getting sick.

      This therapy will NOT protect you from dyeing.

      This therapy has no long term studies

      This therapy DOES have potential for SERIUS long term side effects.

      This can not be disputed… but you can try if you like lol

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