1. Hello 👋 I hope you’re safe over there? I hope this year brings happiness, love 💕 and prosperity all over the world 🌎🕊🕊
      I’m Jefferson from Alabama, and you where are you from if I may ask?

    2. No matter how you look at it, or play it. America’s legal & political system is broken. It needs fixing. Cops and politicians must be held accountable for all illegal actions. Can’t be like trump with two sets of books. One for the government and one to suit himself. Has to be fair for all and equal.

    3. Start with the Bidens especially Hunter President Trump not getting locked up keep dreaming delusional liberals….

    1. @loren T are you really dumb enough to compare not reporting payments from scraping cans and 30+ years of skipping out on millions of dollars in taxes? My god. I wondered how we could be dumb enough to vote for Trump as a country, but then I realized we have too many people like you alive.

    2. @Younqin List Biden literally used a loophole to avoid Obama’s tax plan WHILE he was his Vice President 😂

    3. @loren T and sorry but law and order is really fun when it results in locking up your fake hero. Oh, and have fun losing every election in your lifetime. I’ll come back to rub it in every 4 years 🤣🤣🤣

    1. He probably doesn’t I mean imagine a billionaire worried about one of his many workers car payments lol

    2. @Frank Cabanski how do you know the man did nothing, even if he didn’t that blind love is just or more annoying then the opposite

    3. He’s a billionaire if you think theres no skeletons in that closet you’re lying to yourself

  1. Media: “Trump going down!”

    Investigators: “Psych! But this other dude may have committed tax evasion to a tune of a fraction of a percent of their annual earnings. Probably a small correction and fine to fix it.”

    Media: “Booyah! And there’s more where that came from!”

  2. I’m more worried about Conway’s children. Only CNN would bring a founding member of the corrupt Lincoln project to accuse somebody else of corruption. Hilarious

  3. Id be worried if i was kid and saw this guy around wonder how long him and his freinds knew about John Weaver

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